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Investing in Your Shop

by naomis72


If you have the time, a few spare neopoints and/or items stored away in your Safety Deposit Box, then why not invest it all in your shop?

You can do what I have done and take out all your unneeded items of value and start selling them and make a good profit while doing so.

Since I have had so many neomails asking how I got so many items in my shop I have decided to share with everyone how I got it started and how it has helped me earn great rewards (neopoints).There is no big secret on how I earn my neopoints but I hope to help anyone who is interested in what I do.

It all started when I managed to save 150k the first 2 months of playing on neopets and I had always wanted a plushie gallery, but seeing there where too many plushies to collect I then decided to collect my most favourite. When I realized I had all my prized plushies stored away and unnoticed for such a long time in my safety deposit box I wanted to have a gallery but thought it to be too expensive to keep up with. What I decided to do next was put the plushies all in my shop and checking the shop wizard before-hand, priced them to be on sale. Silly, you ask? Why would I sell my most favourite plushies? Well the reason was I realized that way I could sell them and hope to make a profit from them and then go out and buy the same plushies over and over again and resell it and so on. This has continued to this day and I now find myself not needing to play any games at all (except for avatar and trophy related ones) because my shop earns my neopoints for me instead.

It may sound confusing but below I have outlined the steps I took to be where I am now with my shop and the rewards that I have managed to gain through out my time here on neopets. I only suggest the following steps and tips to ONLY those who are willing to invest all their time and neopoints completely on their shop and that would include a lot of researching and checking prices constantly.

The steps I have taken to be where I am:

1) Save enough to invest in your shop. I had around 150k but you really don’t need that much to start.

2) Choose a theme and/or items you like most. I think it is best to sell items that interest you most since you will be searching for these items constantly to restock your shop. Also if you have a themed shop (e.g. baby) you will most likely stumble upon shoppers who collect and buy a few at a time.

Tip: Out of my own experience, I find plushies and petpets are great as they are good sellers and you can find really great deals on them if you know what you are looking for.

3) Next this is when you can go through and see if you have any items of value in your safety deposit box that you can add to your shop.

4) Try to stick to the same items ALL the time. That way you will become more aware of the value of the item, you will always know what you are looking for and also you will know when you come upon a great deal. You will be amazed at what bargains you can find if you always stick to the same items. (I have found 80k plushies being sold for only 2k and that is a huge profit of over 70k itself alone- that is worth a week+ playing games)

5) Another great tip is to do a lot of shopping AFTER the half price day (3rd of every month) and no, not just in the main shop market but in the shop wizard itself as I find so many people pricing items really low the day after.

Tip: This is the time I buy a lot of extras and put them away until the price has gone up; you will be amazed on how much you can earn during this time. I ONLY advise this if you are certain of the prices you can sell the item for.

6) When you are confident enough of the prices of your items and have enough neopoints to invest, I recommend selling items that are over 1000 NP in value at least. The more the value, the more shoppers will be showing interest. Also, this way you can check through your sales history and know what has been purchased from your shop so you can rebuy from what has been listed in your sales history.

The best thing is you will find more neopoints in your shop till. I have found 850k in my shop till on some occasions but that is because I have a really large shop and items priced over 10k+, but anyone can achieve that through time and patience.

Tip: I find items worth over 10,000 NP are easier to profit from, meaning you can put it a little higher.

7) Make sure you price your items accordingly and know that you are making a profit even though if it is only an extra 500 NP from the amount you bought it for (just think if you had 50 items and sold them for an extra 500 NP; that would be 500x50).

Tip: If you are not sure of prices when restocking, just do one item at a time, checking prices before you go on to your next item.

8) If you are selling items that are worth more than 1000 NP, I strongly suggest you buy the cheapest of that item in the shop wizard and then reprice them around the 3-5 cheapest on the shop wizard. That way you will still get a profit and also sell the item quicker and not get stuck with it when there is a huge price fluctuation (price change).


9) Always remember the larger your shop is the better it is for you and the more customers it will bring in!

10) Just keep researching and checking prices anywhere, anytime using the shop wizard and trades (I don’t suggest auctions as much as they can hold your neopoints for a long time) but you WILL be amazed at what you can find out there in Neopia.

Tip: I find that when bidding for a trade I would usually trade a cheap plushie and neopoints instead of an omelette/jelly that way the person whose item you are bidding for will take more notice with your bids than the other bids, as long as you know that you can make a profit on the item.

These days I find myself confident enough to invest entirely on my shop as well as back up stock, knowing I will get much more than what I had spent. I DO NOT SUGGEST you do this until you have done a lot of research on prices and you know you are ready to invest more.

I completely depend on my shop and it can earn me 150k-300k+ a day and anyone can achieve the same too.

Well, that is what I do with my time spent on Neopets. If you are willing and able as I have been, you will most definitely find it rewarding, and the best part is that there is no end to your rewards; just as long as you keep going, so will your rewards. Out of my own experience and knowing that even my cousin follows my tips, I know this can work for anybody; I have even found out my neofriends have been doing the same things and are now so successful here on Neopets.


A sharing thought to all Neopians;

So often many have asked me questions.

My answer is simple:

"It's what you put in that matters."

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