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The Lost King of Geraptiku: Part One

by violajunky


"Did you get him, Selwin?"

     "He's right here in this bag, master," said the little brown Karren, patting the bag and smirking.

     "Great. Have you sedated him, Selwin?"

     "I knocked him over the head with a rock, if that's what you mean…" Selwin rolled his eyes, which, luckily for the Karren, his master did not see in the eerie darkness of the firelight.

     "Have you performed the memory-loss charm?"

     "Yes, master."

     "Excellent. Our plan is working perfectly. Hand him over."

     Selwin attempted to pick up the bag, which was twice his size and fell over, knocking his little green fez-like hat askew. Selwin quickly grabbed the tiny hat, plopped it on his head, and dragged it across the shadowy room to the velvet chair in which his master sat. His master swiveled around and fixed his glowing red Krawk eyes upon the bag that stood, limply, at the ends of his dark violet cloak.

     "Excellent, excellent…" he muttered.

     With his large red eyes glistening in anticipation, he untied the rope that held the bag together and peered inside to reveal the dark blue creature that lay unconscious within. "Good work, Selwin," the Krawk said, giving Selwin a pink frosted donut that was sitting on his cluttered desk.

     Selwin quickly gobbled down the sugary treat and said, "What now, master?"

     His master plucked the bag off the floor as if it didn't weigh much more then a large potato, and walking out the large wooden doors to the garden outside, he pulled his hood down over his eyes and said, "Off to Neopia Central."

     And with a swish of his cloak, and a soft whoosh of his tiny companion's leathery wings, they flew off into the gloomy night sky.


     "Alright, Selwin, do you see anyone in there?"

     Selwin peered around the corner of the Neopian Hospital and stared at the Neopian Pound, his unusually strong, muddy-brown eyes scanning the area that he could see through the shiny windows. Nothing was stirring within the Pound. The only thing he could see was a small table lamp emitting a flickering glow.

     "I don't see anybody, master," said Selwin, turning around to face his master's glowing eyes.

     "Good," said the Krawk, drawing himself up and taking a slightly firmer grasp on the bag, "You wait here, Selwin, and if you see anyone, just whistle."

     The small Karren nodded, which sent the golden tassels on his hat wiggling fiercely up and down, side to side. His master walked swiftly towards the door of the pound as Selwin kept watch from his post behind the hospital. The dark red Krawk set down his bag at the front of the pound, and pressed his paws against the doors, muttering a few words under his breath. Suddenly, the doors glimmered florescent orange and slowly creaked open. The large Krawk picked up his heavy bag. He walked through the large oak doorway into the lobby, and as he did so, the doors returned to their natural color. Selwin blinked, his eyes seeing spots from the bright light. Meanwhile, the Krawk inside the pound could see very clearly, and he saw that a little old yellow Techo was snoozing, resting his head on the desk in front of him.

     Never trust a Karren's eyesight… he thought, setting the bag on the floor next to the sleeping Dr. Death.

     The Krawk reached into the left pocket of his cloak, took out a scrap of parchment, and sat it gently on top of the burlap bag.

     Dear Dr. Death,

     The creature inside this bag is very dangerous. Do not, I repeat, do not let anyone adopt him. Oh yes. His name is Donis.

     Sincerely, Lord Vagio


     One year later…

     Donis sat on the hard cold floor of his cell, rubbing his hair with his small blue paws.

     What time is it? Donis thought, walking groggily to the barred window, through which a beam of warm light shone onto the lumpy pillow on his bed.

     The Chia clambered onto his rough, scratchy cot, and peered down at the ground outside. He blinked a few times, and then took a pair of navy colored spectacles out of the front pocket of his tan T-shirt, and peered down through them.

     "Noon," he said, noticing how everyone's shadow was very short, just like him. "Great. I've slept through breakfast… again. This is absolutely spiffing."

     Donis sighed, and slumped down onto his cot. Just then, he heard footsteps coming down the hall, followed by the sound of a thousand scampering Neopets, who ran to get to the fronts of their cells, wanting to get the first look at the petite blonde girl who now stood in front of Donis' cell.

     "That one," she said pointing directly at Donis, her aqua eyes glimmering in the sunlight streaming from his window.

     "You want that one?" Dr. Death questioned, raising his eyebrows at the girl.

     "Yes. He seems nice and kind," she said, folding her arms and smiling at Donis, who was looking at her with utter surprise etched in his bright green eyes.

     "Seems nice and kind!" exclaimed the Techo. "He's dangerous! It says so right here!"

     He pointed his wrinkled, gnarly finger at a sign that hung to the side of the cell, which read, Dangerous! Do NOT adopt!

     "Has he ever done anyone harm?" the girl asked, raising an eyebrow at the Doctor.

     "Well, no, but-"

     "Then I'll take him. I'll even pay 1000 neopoints extra."

     The Doctor's eyes shone with greed at the prospect of more neopoints, and he fumbled in his pockets for the key in his excitement. Once the door of his cell was open, Donis ran up to the girl, who gave him a large hug and clasped his paw in her hand.

     "I'm Hana," she said, looking down at Donis as they walked to the lobby.

     "I'm Donis," he answered, taking off his glasses to stare at the girl with his bright green eyes.

          At the front desk, Donis stood in anticipation. Just as the girl put the money on the table, the Doctor passed her a piece of paper, and ushered them quickly out the large oak doors.

     "Buh-bye now and take care! Have a nice day!" he said, waving at them as they walked towards the rainbow fountain and sat on a bench.

     "Here," the girl said, handing Donis the paper that Dr. Death had given her.

     "It says," he said, putting his glasses back on, "To Miss Hana, for the successful adoption of Donis the Chia, we award thee this certificate of ownership."

     He smiled at Hana and she asked, "Well, are you ready to go?"

     "Ready to go where?" questioned Donis, taking off his glasses and stuffing both them and the document in his front pocket.

     "To go home, duh! Where else would we be going?" she laughed.

     Just then, an image of a throne with an ominous red Krawk sitting on top flashed in front of the small Chia's eyes. Donis shook his head, and looked up at Hana.

      "Well?" she asked, smiling.

      "Of course!" he replied.

      After a half an hour of walking, the girl stopped at a street named Chia Close, and pointed to the sign.

     "I think you're going to like it here!" she laughed, ruffling Donis' hair.

     "I think I will!" Donis giggled.

     After about a minute of laughing, Hana walked on, and Donis trailed after her, keeping himself from skipping in pure joy. Another ten minutes later, Hana stopped in front of a nicely groomed, two-story house. Donis stared up at the pale yellow building, his mouth agape.

     "Do you like it?" Hana asked, twirling a stand of her light blonde hair.

     Donis nodded, and Hana took his hand again. As they walked up the stone walkway to the baby blue door, Donis just knew that he was going to be happy. Hana unlocked the door, and nudged Donis inside.

     "We're home, Fyren!" she yelled.

     The house was filled a soft rumbling sound as a gargantuan fire Lupe bounding down the stairs. He stared at Donis, and Donis stared right back at his slightly dumb looking new brother.

     "He looks delicious," Fyren said, licking his lips.

     "Fyren!" said Hana, glaring fiercely at the Lupe, "That is no way to talk to your brother!"

     Fyren hung his head, and Hana continued, "Donny," she said, giving Donis his first nickname, "This is Fyren. Fyren, this is Donny. Now you two are going to have to behave yourselves while I'm out getting food for dinner today."

     "Why?" Fyren asked, "Dinner is right here!"

     He gestured towards Donis and smiled, baring his sharp teeth.

     Hana shook her head, and said, "Fyren, I want you to show Donis up to his room, and please do not eat him."

     With that she walked out the door, leaving Donis with the now salivating Fyren.

     "Come on upstairs, Donny!" he said, gripping Donis to his chest with his paw.

     They climbed the stairs, took a left, and ended up in front of a door made of a very solid metal.

     "This is your room," he said, pushing Donis inside. "That one over there," he pointed at the door across the landing, "is MY bedroom. Don't EVER go in there. I'm gonna take a nap now, so DON'T be noisy, you get me?"

     "Yeah, I get you," Donis said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.


     Fyren closed the door in Donis' face. As Donis walked towards the soft oak bed in the middle of the room, he thought he heard the sound of a lock clicking. He raised an eyebrow, turned around, and pulled on his door handle. It didn't budge.

     "That ugly brute is smarter then I thought!" gasped Donis, walking back to his bed.

     He plopped on top of the covers, and thought to himself, How am I going to get out of this one?

     "Don't worry," said a voice in his head, "I am here to help you, Donis."

     "What was that?" Donis said, sitting upright in his bed, and staring around.

     "It is I," said the voice again.

     Donis looked around again, and his eyes landed on a Quetzal with piercing blue eyes.

     Donis stared at him and asked, "Who are you?"

     "I," said the Quetzal with his mind, "am Zar. I am here to guide you, and you needn't talk out loud. We don't want to wake up Master Fyren, do we?"

To be continued...

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