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The Day The Plushies Took Over!: Part One

by poopdoo134


Why hello there new reader. I am poopdoo134 and you might have seen my stories in issues 211 and 212. If you have then you know I love adventure. Well guess what? This one is also adventure but more of a comedy than a serious atmosphere as in my last story. You will encounter a very odd trio of plushies, a wacky first aid kit and an extremely clumsy neopet. So be ready and make sure you have something to stitch up your sides after. And if you don't, hey this is a story about plushies- I am sure they have some needles and thread. Hope you enjoy it and remember stay away from the mspp plushie. Its eyes have been known to blink and could attack at an- aaaa, it's an mspp plushie, RUN!!!!

     Here we are, looking in on an unknown Neopian’s plushie gallery. It has a baby blue roof, whose dim lights shine on a dark blue and white checkered floor. As our eyes adjust, we see a room filled with shelves from ceiling to floor on all four walls. There are very few shelves that are not filled with a variety of plushie toys. There is a tall beige ladder leaning against the wall of shelf fourteen, no doubt to fill the five empty spots on shelf fifteen. Suddenly, you see movement on shelf fourteen. It is two of the gallery’s plushies. They are best friends.Our hero, Sasha, a Green Grundo Plushie, is whispering to his best friend Billy, a Blue Ruki Plushie. Sasha has long-awaited a chance to escape from the square room, known as "the plushie shelves". Let’s watch as their saga unfolds. . .

     "Ssssshhh! The Draik guard plushie may hear you, and if he does we will both be busted! Here, get the ladder," said Sasha.

     "I am trying to, ok? I am just very hungry right now, and it is hard to work on an empty belly," replied his best friend Billy, a blue Ruki plushie.

     "You just ate; how can you be hungry?" Sasha said as he grabbed onto the first rung of the ladder.

     "How do you know I just ate?" said Billy.

     "Well, one thing that says you just ate is, YOU'RE a plushie, you're stuffed," Sasha said with a slight chuckle.

     "Heehee... Guess you got me there." he replied looking at his seams and stitches all over his body.

     Billy began to climb down the ladder, thinking about how he and his best bud would sneak past the Draik Guard plushie.

     "You know, I don't understand why they put that guard there. I mean what are we going to do if we get out?" said plump little Billy.

     "Well, if you remember last time a plushie snuck out it was one of my relatives. He got all the way to a cloud in Faerieland and after that we have not heard of him since. Guess it did not help much that he could only say 'dot dot dot' and maybe a few other small things but that is very rare," explained the green Grundo plushie. "Now let's get going or the guard will wake up and we will never make it out of this gallery."

     There was always a little mischief in Sasha's life. Ever since his cousin left to "find adventure" as he called it. Sasha was quite the talk around the gallery. He'd sat on shelf fourteen on floor three ever since he arrived in the gallery. He always sat next to his best friend, Billy. He also sat under his pain-in-the-stitches rival Kolmai, who thought she was so much better than every other plushie because she cost five hundred thousand neopoints and was the most expensive plushie in the gallery. She was an extremely vain rainbow Ruki plushie.

     "Where do you think you're going?" said Kolmai, pushing her antenna out of her eyes. She did this as a way to say 'look at me, how pretty I am'. Even though she told no one about it, everyone knew.

     "We are going out of the gallery for adventure. I am tired of sitting on this cold shelf, watching pets walk in and look at us, and squeeze us, and talk to us, only to leave us here and come back six months later," said Sasha.

     "Well, you better let me come with you, or I will yell and wake the guard," said Kolmai.

     "NO, we will not take you!" replied Billy and Sasha in unison.

     "But, but, bu- why not? I won't be mean or obnoxious, or even stuck up with you guys. Ok, well maybe I won't be mean and obnoxious but I can't promise not to be stuck up," she replied with a sigh and hint of sadness. "I wanna get out of here just as much as y'all do. Oh come on, pa-lease please please."

     Kolmai began to beg; Billy and Sasha loved it. They let her beg and finally gave in. The three of them climbed down a nearby ladder, passing by many other plushies who seemed to be curious about what the three were doing.

     "We are just about at the bottom of the ladder so we really need to be as quiet as possible," said Sasha.

     "Ok look, I know I said I want to come but well, what's in it for us after we get out of the gallery? Where will we go? Neopia is a big planet. What if something happens to us?" wondered Kolmai.

     "Well I had a feeling something may happen to us in the future so I brought a first aid kit with us," replied Billy.

     "Oh, yeah? What's in it? Some bandages and medicines?!" replied Sasha in a sarcastic voice.

     "NO! A needle and some thread. HELLO... did it occur to you we are plushies, not pets?" said Billy with a comedic tone.

     The group continued to bicker like this for a while until Kolmai hit Sasha with a rolled up issue 3 of the Neopian Times.

     "Hey! What was that for? I didn't do anything!" exclaimed Sasha.

     "Oh yes you did! You started this mess. If I could I would unravel you!" Kolmai shouted back.

     "You two hush!" said the blue ruki plushie, Billy.

     The two plushies stopped bickering and helped their friend Billy open the door.

     When they opened it, a bright light from the sky filled the gallery, waking the guard. The three friends quickly got Kolmai's Neopian Times issue and whacked the guard silly until he resumed his sleeping position. The plushies stepped outside waiting to feel the hot grass from the sun's rays and smell the crisp air of neopets running about the city, but they didn't. They felt plushie under their feet, and heard nothing but the flopping around of plushie feet and plushie all over. Something was not right, and Billy, Kolmai, and Sasha noticed it as the door flew open more and more.

     "This can't be. Where is everything? Why is it all plushie? What's wrong!" shouted Kolmai.

     "Something is not right and if we have to, I know the pefect pet to go see. She couldn't have possibly succumbed to this madness," said Sasha.

     "And how do you know this?" snapped Kolmai

     "Well one reason, Lorana is already a plushie cybunny, the Ruler of all plushies. Maybe she can fix this for us," replied Sasha.

     "Looks like we are off to see the plushie queen. Now where is she?" sighed Kolmai.

     "On the outskirts of the Neopian bazaar, she has a castle. It can only be seen with the eyes of a true plushie. She had Fyora coat it with a magic spell," Sasha shared.

     "So, can we see it then? I mean after all, we are plushies! But what do they mean by true plushies?" asked Billy.

     "We should start our way over to the plushie castle right now," exclaimed Billy. "But first let's get something to eat."

     "We can't, ok?! Before you ask why I will tell you. It's because if you have not noticed, everything is plushie! That means food too. Oh sure, you can eat a tchea fruit but you will only get stuffing!!!" shouted Kolmai as she crumpled up a paper she tore off the door of the gallery.

     "Why are you so mad all of a sudden, Kolmai?" questioned Billy.

     "Because... read this." She handed Billy the note that was now crumpled and slightly torn at the top. It was a light yellow colour and had very beautiful handwriting on it. A very big 'T' started the letter:

     "To whom this may concern,

     I have one-hundred thousand neopoints and a rainbow ruki plushie.

     This amounts to six-hundred thousand neopoints total.

     If you are willing to accept this offer for a baby paintbrush I will gladly accept.

     I can wait, as the pet I am looking to paint has no release

     date on the option of painting it baby. Please send a neomail to me ASAP!


     An eager Neopian."

     "We have more things to worry about right now Kolmai! It's Neopia or you and I think that Neopia comes first!" exclaimed Billy.

To be continued...

Author's Note: I dedicate this story to Peggy, a true friend and a real fan. The guild will miss you. Rest in peace 3/25/06

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