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Illusen Day: Showing Your Appreciation

by doughnut215


Happy Illusen Day, reader! As I am sure you have realised by now, today is Illusen Day, the one day a year set aside by Neopians across the globe to show their appreciation for this noble faerie. If you hadn’t realised yet, well, you must be half asleep or something. It is the day when the dark and evil retreat to the shadows, and the simple purity of goodness shines through! It is a day of hope, of celebration!

For those of you who have perhaps not celebrated Illusen Day before, this article will tell you all that you need to know. Firstly, who is Illusen anyway? Secondly, how can you show your appreciation for her? And why should you? What’s the best way? And thirdly… well, you’ll just have to read on. I can’t give away all my secrets now, can I?

Illusen is an earth faerie, and one of the strongest at that. She lives peacefully in a secluded glade in Meridell, surrounded by blossoming flowers and a quaint beauty. You will most likely recognise her by the earthy red and green tones of her long hair, or by her trademark outfits of a rich grass-green shade which complement her flowing green wings. It is not impossible that you first made her acquaintance when you accepted a quest from her, and sought out a toy or trinket for her. Whilst costly and difficult, her quests will bring great rewards to those who are worthy…

Whilst Illusen lives a life of peace and tranquillity, she is most certainly a force to be reckoned with. Illusen and the dark faerie Jhudora maintain a fierce rivalry, the cause of which is relatively unknown. There is speculation for sure, but no firm evidence. Some say it is simply sibling rivalry; however it is this writer’s opinion that it would take a lot more than that for gentle Illusen to be so obvious and vocal in her hatred.

So, Illusen is an earth faerie who is good and kind, and lives in a pretty glade in Meridell. But why is she so much more special than any other faerie?

Well, the answer to this lies in the size of her heart. No other faerie is as sweet and fair as she, or any other so generous. It was Illusen who housed peasants during the Meridell war, and it is Illusen who protects us all from the evil that is Jhudora. No other faerie takes such joy in spreading happiness, nor does it so often. Illusen brings a little more light to the place we know as Neopia, and that is a feat for which anyone deserves recognition.

Being as it is Illusen Day today, I am going to outline a few ways in which you can do just that… Show your recognition and appreciation of Illusen’s great deeds, and rest assured that she will know of and be pleased by your efforts.

Personally, I find that the best way to show your appreciation for a faerie as great as Illusen is to let her know. A simple gift and a heartfelt note will go a long way, and I guarantee that she will feel touched. Just think- you can make her special day even more special! If you spent so much time bringing joy to others, it would feel pretty awesome to have that come full circle, and them bringing joy to you.

Why not use one of Illusen’s avatars to show your loyalty? There are two avatars released (at the time of writing this article) which are suitably pro-Illusen. Either of these would be just perfect for this occasion! Alternatively, if you are not lucky enough to have discovered these two avatars, you could use only Illusen-themed items for the day. Sounds difficult? Well, not really! For breakfast, an Illusen Day Doughnut. Play with an Illusen Plushie, read the story of Illusen's Journey, send your neomail with an Illusen Stamp, take an Illusen Lunchbox for lunch, and eat an Illusen Day Hot Dog for dinner! You get the idea. ;D

In fact, when you think about it, there are an awful lot of Illusen-themed items around. Whilst it is now too late for this Illusen Day, you could create an Illusen-themed gallery in time for next year’s Illusen Day! Just imagine, a great room decked with greens and browns, filled with all manner of Illusen style paraphernalia. Ahh, the Illusen Appreciator’s dream!

If that’s not quite your scene, or within your budget, you could go with an art gallery entry, or perhaps dedicate a userlookup to her. Design and make a site spotlight? Write a story in which she is the undisputed star and heroine? One in which Illusen triumphs over Jhudora? We all know it’s inevitable. =)

Don’t forget perhaps the most obvious thing- you could run an errand for Illusen! She is always on the lookout for ready and willing neopets who are capable enough to complete the quests delegated to them. With a little practise, you and your pets could become invaluable to her, all thanks to showing a little appreciation on Illusen Day.

Of course, if you take the opposite route, you could use the day as an excuse to play practical jokes and tricks on Jhudora in the name of Illusen… This is not recommended, however; since Jhudora is a powerful dark faerie, and all dealings with her are best left to one as powerful as Illusen. I take no responsibility for the consequences if you go for this option, though I do reserve the right to laugh silently at Jhudora!

So now you know who Illusen is and why she deserves a special day all to herself. I’ve also suggested a few different ways in which you can show her how much she means to you, but one thing remains for you to be told…

Illusen is not like any old faerie. Shower her with gifts if you like, but unless you give those gifts out of a true desire to show thanks, she will not be impressed. Illusen has an uncanny ability to know when you are sincere and when you are not, and by giving her gifts in the hope of gaining her favour… Well, she won’t be impressed, let’s put it that way. A favour for a favour, a gift for a gift, that is not the way of Illusen and certainly not in the spirit of Illusen Day.

Illusen is a remarkable faerie who plays a larger part in Neopian society than many know, and today you should all try to show her exactly how much she means to you. Say thank you! That is what today is for.

And if you’re a Jhudora supporter, I would politely suggest you don’t leave your neohomes today.

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