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by driv3shaft


Katie, a young blue Zafara, slouched home with her owner Lisa after a long day of Neopoint saving. They were saving for a Christmas Paint Brush for Katie, who had wanted one ever since she saw a Christmas Zafara Stamp in a shop a long, long time ago. They went to play games every day, but it seemed that after a hard day of playing Hannah and the Pirate Caves or Mootix Drop, the Pant Devil or Tax Beast would come along and they would return to the bank empty handed.

     As they were walking to Neopia Central to deposit their Neopoints, there was a big flash and a loud crash, so loud that the pets waiting at the Money Tree jumped in alarm. Lisa shrieked and pulled Katie into the Auction House, the closest shelter. Katie was trembling and held on to Lisa tight. "W-what was that?" she asked, shivering.

     "I don't know," said Lisa. "Maybe it was..." She thought for a minute, then she laughed. "Oh, I know! It was only the Bruce Day celebrations! I almost forgot it was Bruce Day today, I never get a chance to read the news anymore."

     Katie was still very shocked and they decided they would deposit their NP tomorrow. They carried on walking silently until they reached their Neohome. Katie curled up in her Red Bean Bag Chair that she used as a bed, as they could not afford a real one, and remembered the good old days when she ate expensive food like Neggs and not just Omelette. Lisa used to groom her with her Yellow Glittery Brush and Superstar Shampoo and they used to go to the Grooming Parlour almost daily. But it was different now.

     It was, in fact, MUCH more different than Katie expected.

     Lisa got up the next morning and got some Omelette ready for Katie. She went to wake Katie and was very shocked to see that Katie had now a yellowish tinge to her blue fur!

     "Katie!" exclaimed Lisa. "What happened? You're turning YELLOW!"

     Katie looked down and saw that it was true.

     "I'm going over to the Hospital right now to see if you have a Disease!" said Lisa. "I think you might have Ugga-Ugga or something, but there's usually a cause for it, isn't there? I'll be back in a couple of minutes, the Hospital is just a street away."

     Lisa walked out the door and closed it shut behind her. The sound echoed around the small Neohome. Katie slowly got up and went into the next room where the Full Length Mirror. It was true. There were yellow patches all over her.

     Lisa was true to her word, and came back very quickly. She rushed over to Katie.

     "Oh, Katie," she said. "The Doctor says he's never heard anything like it! He says that we should just carry on as normal and hope it goes away soon."

     Katie was very worried. "Lisa... you... you won't put me in the Pound, will you?"

     "What?" Lisa said. "No, of course not! Come on, let's go to the Healing Springs and see if we can get you sorted out."

     But on the way to Faerieland, they seemed to see a lot of Yellow Chias.

     They stopped at Hubert's Hotdogs in the Neopian Bazaar as Lisa thought that because Katie was sick, she deserved a bit of a treat. And standing at the stall, wearing Hubert's Yellow and Red outfit, was a Yellow Chia.

     "Get em while they're hot!!!" he cried.

     "Where's Hubert?" said Lisa, looking around.

     "I'm Hubert!" said the Chia. "Now, what Hot Dog would you like? I'm told Watery Hot Dogs are very nice on warm days like this!"

     "Oh, it doesn't matter," said Lisa quickly. "We aren't hungry anymore, are we, Katie?"

     Katie nodded.

     They went on to Faerieland, and when they got to the Healing Springs, they had yet another surprise.

     "Who are you?" said Lisa, staring incredulously at the Neopet sitting on the rock in front of them.

     It was a Yellow Chia, who had somehow stuffed itself into a large tail and blue T-shirt. It had long blonde hair that must have taken a long time to grow, secured in place with a Water Faerie Hair Clip. It had obviously tried very hard with its absurd outfit, but it wasn't fooling anyone!

     "Welcome to my home of healing and relaxation," she (for it was a girl) said in a high-pitched voice. "What can I do for you today? Maybe I can heal your Neopets, or perhaps you would like to purchase some of my Trans- I mean, healing Potions?"

     Katie and Lisa just stared in horror.

     "I'll take that as a yes!" said the Chia brightly. "I'll heal you Katie, just wait and see!"

     The Chia whispered to to herself for a moment and then drew a strange-looking potion from behind her. "Use this Wisely!" she said.

     Lisa slowly took the potion from her. "Thanks... we'll just go now..." she said gingerly.

     "Bye!" shouted the Chia after them.

     "What was that all about?" asked Katie.

     "I don't know," said Lisa,"It must be a glitch or something. Let's just go and try to keep out of everyone's way. Why don't we have a special treat day, seeing as it's so close to Christmas? Where would you like to go, Katie? What's your favourite place in all Neopia?"

     Katie thought and thought. There were lots of places she liked in Neopia. The Soup Kitchen, The Chocolate Factory, The Petpet Shop...

     "I know!" said Katie joyfully. "The Hidden Tower!"

     Lisa smile faded a little bit. "Alright, but you do know we can't buy anything, don't you?"

     "Of course!" said Katie. "But I would like to look - I haven't been up there in ages!"

     "Ok," said Lisa, smiling. "And afterwards, maybe we can go to somewhere cheaper, like the Pizzaroo, or the toy shop!"

     "Yeah!" said Katie, "That would be great!"

     They went inside Faerieland and up to the Hidden Tower. Katie enjoyed strolling round the shelves and looking round at the Royal Paint Brushes and the Faerie Dolls and all the amazing Battledome items, while Lisa went to look for Fyora at the back of the shop.

     A loud scream echoed around the tower.

     Katie ran to the back of the shop, where she saw Lisa looking very shocked. And in front of her (and this may not surprise you) was a Yellow Chia. She, like the Water Faerie's impostor, had tried hard with her costume but failed in tricking anyone. She, unlike the Water Faerie Chia, wore a wig, and had not grown her hair. She seemed to be a genuine Faerie Chia, as the wings sticking out of the back of her dress looked quite realistic.

     "My favourite is the Rod of Nova (but I seem to be sold out)!" she said.

     Lisa was shaking. She pointed a quivering finger at the Chia and shouted "What have you done with Fyora?!"

     Lisa had always admired Fyora and had always wanted to make her shop into a Fyora Gallery. But the only Fyora item she had was a Fyora Music Box, that was kept safe in the Safety Deposit Box. It was just about the only Fyora item they could afford.

     Lisa backed away from Fyora's impostor and turned to look at Katie. She screamed again.

     "What?"said Katie worriedly, "What's happening, what wrong?"

     Lisa looked round and scanned the shelves. She spotted Jhudora's Crystal Ball, took it down and held it in front of Katie.

     Katie could vaguely see her reflection in it. But there was something different...

     She looked down at herself and saw that she was yellow. Not just small patches anymore - she was now a yellow Zafara.

     "Help me! I'm turning into a CHIA!"

Later. At the Neohome.

     Lisa was in the Kitchen making Carrot and Pea Omelette. Katie was sitting on her Red Bean Bag Chair and looking up at the ceiling. Lisa came in and sat beside her.

     "You know," said Lisa, "Maybe it's not that bad. We still have the healing potion that the Water Faerie-Chia gave to us!"

     She rummaged in her pocket and brought out a foul-smelling bottle. It was a murky green and blue colour, much unlike the potions that the Water Faerie had given them before. It also had a strangely shaped bottle... almost like a face...

     "I know what that is!" shouted Katie. "It's a Transmogrification Potion!"

     Lisa uncorked the bottle, and lifted it up to her nose. "Ugh, it certainly doesn't smell very nice, but Bubbling Healing Goo tastes like Wallpaper Paste, and it still makes you feel better! Come on, drink it up!"

     Katie stared at her. She must be joking!

     "Lisa," she said slowly, "You do know that if I drink this, I'll turn into a mutant Chia?"

     "Yes," said Lisa. "What's wrong with that? I've always wanted a Chia."

     "But what about me?" cried Katie. "I don't want to be a mutant, I don't want to be a Chia!"

     "Katie, do as you're told!" said Lisa. "Drink that potion right now, or I'll make you!"

     Katie was shocked. Lisa had never been like this before. But she supposed she didn't really have a choice. She had to drink the potion.

     Katie slowly brought the potion to her mouth. She closed her eyes tight and...

     No, she couldn't do it. She couldn't turn herself into a Chia against her will.

     "NO!" she said, dropping the Potion on the floor where it broke, and spilt a horrible liquid over the floor.

     "No, I won't do it, I won't do it, I won't do it... "

     "Katie, Katie, wake up!"

     "Huh?" said Katie. She looked up. She was lying in her Red Bean Bag Chair. "Where am I, what's happening?"

     "Katie, you had a nightmare. It's ok, I'm here. What was it about? You've been yelling all night!"

     Katie didn't know how to sum it up. Hubert, The Water Faerie, Fyora, The Transmogrification Potion...

     "I don't know where to begin!" said Katie. "So much as happened... let's just say that in my dream, I visited CHIOPIA!"

The End

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