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Thanks, To and From Illusen

by star_29791


Dear Illusen,

You don’t know me but I know you. Everyone in Neopia knows you. I’m just one lowly orange Shoyru. My name is Flash if you were wondering. I don’t know whether you receive a lot of fan mail or not and whether you reply or not. This, however, isn’t a fan letter. Don’t get me wrong, I like you and everything… I just have better things to do than write fan mail.

Oh great, now I’ve probably offended you. Please don’t be offended. I didn’t mean it in that way.

Let me get to the point. I am the eldest of a family of four pets. After me there is Greta who is a faerie Lenny and I’m sorry to say, quite vain and proud. I do not really talk to her. It sounds terrible but the truth is if I did talk to her, it would be like talking to a giant Spyder (yes she’d probably bite me). After Greta, there’s Maggie who is a Pteri. She also chose to be painted Faerie as she absolutely adores her elder sister. She is a bit silly really. She hangs on to everything Greta says, with no shame. It is rather embarrassing to watch and hear. If Greta had said, “Jump in a pit of Slorgs!” then into the pit of Slorgs, Maggie would’ve jumped.

I bet you are horrified that I am talking about my sisters in such a way. And you will be even more horrified when I say that I have a favourite sister. And I know it is a terrible thing to have favourites, love everyone equally blah blah blah. Forgive my bluntness but you do not know my sisters. If you did you would immediately realise why I love one more than the others.

After Maggie, there is my favourite little sister, Penny. She is an adorable Poogle. She is also a faerie which I’m glad to say she chose of her own accord and not because her sisters are painted so. I have to admit, when it comes to Penny, I start talking like a girl, which embarrasses me shamefully.

But if you could only see Penny laughing when I play Peek-A-Boo with her or when she first learnt to use her faerie wings to fly. She brings a smile to my lips, joy to my heart. She is probably the only living creature I can talk to in my house, besides my petpet, Marcus. And although she is the youngest of us, she is far more intelligent than Greta and even more so than Maggie. I guess you can tell I love Penny very much.

Without my Penny, I don’t know how I’d survive. I was barely alive until the day my owner brought a bundle that was baby Penny into the house. Forgive me for sounding so poetic but Penny brings out the softer side of me.

Oh dear…I’ve ranted on and on about Penny and my sisters. I tend to do that a lot. I’m talking about neggs and then the next thing you know, I’m talking about Queen Fyora’s hair. See, I’m doing it now.

Anyway the whole point of me writing is to do with Penny.

You may not know this but Penny painted herself Faerie because she wanted to be like you. She adores you. Since the day I brought home a poster of you I picked up for a bargain (1NP! Thank goodness for Safety Deposit Box clearings out), and tacked it up on her bedroom wall, she’s been your number one fan. I suppose a lot of people say that to you. But most I’m sure aren’t being totally sincere.

Penny doesn’t just collect items with you on them but also writes to you a lot. Only you never reply. Well, I can understand that, seeing as you must be so busy. And I don’t even know if you are still reading this. Or if you even started. I hope you have.

I’m not asking for a reply. All I would like is for you to write a letter back to my little sister Penny. She acts like she doesn’t care that you never reply but I can tell she is upset. She spends hours drawing and colouring in beautiful pictures of yourself and writes pages and pages of letters. It sounds like she’s stalking you. But she isn’t.

I know it’s a bit bold of me to demand a letter from you to my sister but it would mean the world to Penny.

Well…the truth is, she is ill and no amount of medicine can help her. The doctors have tried everything. Please could you do a sick pet one last favour?



P.S. The stains on the page aren’t tears…they’re splotches of water.

P.P.S. It’s Illusen Day soon!


Dear Penny,

I would like to apologize for never replying to your letters. I just never have the time. I read them and have tacked up all your pictures! You are probably the only pet who writes regularly to me. I always try to write to say a big thank you but then I start only to be called away on a quest or whatever.

I read Flash’s letter to me and I thought what a wonderful brother you have. He loves you very much and I feel awful that I have to write to you now when you are so ill.

I also would like to tell you that I am not just writing to you because your brother told me to. He gave me the push that made me make up my mind and say, “I will write her a letter and I won’t do anything else until I have!” I thank your brother for it.

I have sent you a parcel, containing an apple. Please eat it. It is my way of saying both thank you and sorry.

I have nothing else to say…I’m not really the talkative type. But thank you very much for writing and I hope to see you in the near future.

    Yours truly,


P.S. Get well soon!


Dear Illusen,

Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!!!

You made Penny so happy! You should’ve seen Penny’s face when she received your letter. You made my sister smile for the first time in a long while. I admit that I have also not smiled for a while! I thank you once again for the kind act you did for my sister and me!

You are a bringer of smiles!




Dear Illusen,

Thank you for visiting Penny today. We really enjoyed your visit! You are so kind. Penny says she is sorry she burst into tears when you arrived. She assures you they were tears of happiness!

This is only a short letter, as we have to go for a walk soon. Your apple worked wonders! Thank you!

    Lots of love,

    Flash and Penny


Dear Flash and Penny,

Thank you for your wonderful portrait of the three of us. It was a wonderful Illusen Day present! I thank you.

My, what a lot of letters I’ve been writing lately! And what a lot of thanks have been exchanged!

Hope to see you soon.



P.S. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ;-)

The End

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