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Helpful Hints and Handy Tips: the Auction House

by husky125703


NEOPIA CENTRAL - After weeks of searching recklessly on the Trading Post and Auction House, desperate for that paint brush, playing games every day, earning the neopoints, you click on the Auction Genie’s “Search Auctions” button, and BAM! That Shadow Paint Brush is going for 50,000 neopoints, which is by far a bargain price! After quickly withdrawing the neopoints from your Bank Account, you place a bid. Checking the timer, the auction will end in less than eight hours. Perfect! Since you have the time, you’ll stay on for that long. Then, ten minutes later, another, higher bid is placed. You place a bid. The other guy places a bid. This continues on and on until that Shadow Paint Brush is up to…wow…150,000 neopoints! Constantly jacking up the price, the other guy finally outbids you by a landslide. “The auction is closed!” you scream, after saying some choice words. After all of that work, you didn’t get the paint brush. Sound familiar? I’ve gone through the same thing. So, unless you like screaming and/or swearing loudly, this guide is for you! I have composed so helpful hints to get that bargain priced item that you’ve been saving for!

10. Watch your time! If the auction ends in 24 hours, will you be on then? Chances are, most likely not. So, BEFORE you place a bid, check the timer. If it ends in six hours, you may have a chance.

9. Keep a steady supply of neopoints out with you. Though this may sound odd, it’s a very smart idea. After all, what happens if you are suddenly outbid? Then, you have to make the long trip to the bank, back to the auction, and chances are, the price may have gone up even more! I like to keep about 20,000 NPs out with me. That way, I have a chance of keeping pace with the auction. Also, remember this! You can only withdraw neopoints from your bank account fifteen times per day! I forgot the limit one time and ran out off neopoints!

8. Your Neofriends/guild are your best bet right now. I happen to have a very nice guild, and they helped me when I ran out of neopoints and couldn’t get more out of my bank account. They can help you. So I set up trades and they gave me neopoints to stay in the lead. Also, they watched the auction when I couldn’t. By sending me “Auction Alerts”, they made sure I could keep track of if I was in the lead or not. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

7. Frequently ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” If the price has gone up tremendously, think about it. Check the Trading Post to see if there’s a better deal. If it is worth it, give it all you’ve got!

6. DO NOT jack up the price unless it’s absolutely necessary. This can result in losing more neopoints then you wanted to spend. Example: That Shadow Paint Brush is now up to 100k. And it ends in two hours. That’s the worst time to jack up the price. Wait till the last thirty minutes before even thinking about jacking up the price.

5. Neomail a user who keeps on outbidding you. Ask them two things:

a. Why are you bidding on that paint brush?

b. How long are you going to bid on it?

This can help you get that paint brush. If the person simply replies “Because I can.” Or “It’s an auction. Anyone can bid!” Don’t pester them any further. Although, if they reply “Oh! You really want it that badly?” or “It seems like you really want it. I’ll continue bidding, but I’ll stop soon,” you may have just gotten them on your side, and maybe they’ll let you win it! But remember this when you neomail them, which is what I call “The Three D’s”.

DON’T be rude. This can not only make the other guy angry, it can also get you in BIG trouble with TNT.

DON’T use chatspeak. For those, (like me), who really don’t understand chatspeak, or get really annoyed by it, they may not even bother to reply to you.

DO be polite. A little politeness can go a long way.

Note: Neopets is international! The other guy may speak a different language! So, unless you or a friend is fluent in Spanish/French/Italian/etc., don’t Neomail them.

4. Be understanding. If you already have four painted pets, and someone neomails you asking how long are you willing to bid, think about it. Look at their pets. Are they painted? If not, ask yourself, “Do you really want it that badly?” If not, stop bidding. Also, remember this: R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Treat the other guy with respect! They may have a good reason to be biding on that item. That may be a friend’s gift. Or, they need it for a quest.

3. Don’t get too cocky. If no one outbids you for a long time, be ready to strike! Another user, or even worse, an auction sniper or reseller may be ready to jack up the price!

Auction Snipers are users who purposefully wait until an auction is about to end, then strike back and jack up the price, and then win the item.

Resellers are similar to Auction Snipers, except their goal is to get the item for a low price, then resell it for its full price!

Be on the alert at all times!

2. Check back often. Don’t get too sidetracked. After, say, five minutes or so, check back at the auction to see if the price has gone up. In order to avoid getting bored, play a few games to earn more neopoints. Draw a picture of your pet. Or, in my case, write this NT article!

1. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Even if you don’t win this auction, keep trying! You WILL get that paint brush someday!

Well, I hope this helped you! And if you are reading this, this is my first published NT article! Woohoo!!!

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