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On Winning the Pet Spotlight

by michellejeansmith


When I won the Pet Spotlight award for my Snow Wocky, Chloe21403 (that is her birthday) I was overwhelmed with mail asking how I won. As this month is Trophy Month in my guild, I thought I would write a little something to help others win this extra special trophy! The Spotlight trophy is my favorite trophy above all others because it highlights your special pet in a way no other trophy could! Even the Beauty Contest does not compare. The reason I believe Chloe won the spotlight is because she truly is my most special and beloved pet! She was my very first pet when I started playing Neopets over 17 months ago….

I remember it like it was yesterday! *swirly colors blur the screen and you are now back in time 17 months* I was asked to pick and name a special pet to play with, and Chloe practically created herself! From the very beginning she took on a personality so loveable and unique that I fell in love with her right away. I could tell she loved reading and making new friends so I bought her some books like A Wocky Lullaby and Ultimate Wocky Manual. After that, she was reading all the time! I also got Chloe the cutest little Snow Snorkle petpet to play with. Chloe and Snoeball were fast friends and spent their days watching Christmas movies and making cookies.

The pursuit of knowledge and friendship are just two of Chloe’s passions. Another of her passions is winter! She adores everything about it: sledding, ice-skating, snowball fights, sleigh rides and hot chocolate! She requested every snowy and Christmassy book from the library over and over again! I just knew she would not be happy until I painted her Snow. I scrimped and saved and gave up my daily coffee until I could afford a Snow Paint Brush.

One beautiful winter morning, I woke Chloe up and surprised her with her very own snowy coat! Imagine her pure delight! This was her moment! She was finally being painted to look on the outside what she felt on the inside! Chloe spent the first few hours posing in front of the mirror with her new white fur. She and Snoeball practically lived outside after that in their snow fort for the rest of the winter. (Don’t worry; I made sure they had a never-ending supply of hot cocoa and a space heater).

*swirly colors cover the screen and you are now back in the present* I am telling you all this so that you understand just how special Chloe is to me and what it is about her that sets her apart from other pets. I believe her unique personality and beautiful friendship with Snoeball are what won her the Pet Spotlight. I see some people who just want any pet as long as it is painted just so they can say they have a painted pet! Of course, painted pets are very nice, but it is what’s on the inside that really matters! A pet’s personality and unique interests are what makes it special even more than how it looks. Chloe was ALWAYS a Winter Wocky, but now she looks like it too.

If you have a pet that is dear to your heart and you love him/her so much that you want everyone to see how wonderful a pet they are I suggest you enter the Pet Spotlight! The most important thing is to convey their uniqueness and your love for them through your story and picture. Ask yourself, “What makes my pet so special? How are they unique? Why do I love them so much?” These are the things you should write and draw about. You want to tell others how wonderful your pet is! Your picture should also convey something special about your pet. It is not about being the best artist or writer. It is about conveying how much you love your pet!

First, I would begin by drawing a picture. Draw a picture of your pet doing their favorite things. If your pet likes the water, draw them at the beach! If they like the desert, draw them exploring Sutek’s Tomb! Just make sure your drawing clearly depicts something UNIQUE about your pet. This is not just the Beauty Contest. Make sure you are focusing on the specific qualities of your pet’s personality or character, not just the way they look. After you have your picture drawn, scan it onto your computer.

Now that you have your picture, start thinking of what you want to write and how. Do a little brainstorming. Maybe you want to make a list of all your pet’s qualities. For example: Are you training them for the Battledome? Do they like to read? Have they visited some exotic places or gone on an exciting adventure? Do they have a quirky personality trait? Try and think of all the things that set your pet apart. After you’ve made your list, decide which things are the most important to your pet. These are what you should write about! How you write is more a thing of personal taste and personality. I like to write to my audience. Be creative! Remember, you are talking about your pet whom you love so much!

Lastly, remember to follow all the Neopet rules for your entry so you are not disqualified for a silly oversight. All parts of your entry must be 100% original. Your picture needs to be a gif or jpg and no larger than 50k. Your story/essay should be between 500-2500 words. Remember, spell check is your friend! Also, remember that you are doing this for your pet, not you. That is why the trophy goes on their pet lookup instead of yours! What better Valentine’s Day or birthday gift could you give your pet than a trophy highlighting how much you love them!

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