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Removing the Moach

by mystery_island111223


"But why not?" asked Junglecat.

      "Because I don't want you to. And trust me, pouting doesn't look nearly as cute now that you're a mutant Koi!" I turned to Junglecat. He had recently been morphed into a mutant Koi and was already asking for more weapons.

      "But how will I beat Chiazilla if I don't have good weapons? You sold all my Kougra stuff!"

      "Firstly, you couldn't defeat Chiazilla with a Wand of the Dark Faerie. Secondly," I paused. Junglecat sniffed a little. "Fine!" I said. "I'll get you something when I go shopping. Now be a good Koi and don't scare Apoc. You know how mutants freak him out!" Even as I said the last sentence I felt pretty sure that Junglecat was thinking up a way to scare his little brother.

      Two hours later I came back.

      "Hello, Junglecat?" I said. "I'm back!"

      Junglecat ran screaming. Unfortunately he was still not used to his Koi body and slipped, slamming himself into the wall. After he came to, he jumped up panting for breath.

      "Relax!" I cried. "Here!" I threw him a pair of Koi Battle Gloves and a Koi Amulet. Junglecat grabbed them and ran off. Two minutes later a Christmas Bori came in crying.

      "Junglecat!!!" I screamed, holding the Bori in my arms. Setting Apoc down I went off to look for him, soon finding him crouched under a table.

      "What did you do to Apoc!?" I asked. Before he even answered I held out my hands. Junglecat put his Koi weapons in them. With one last glare I headed off to the bank to put the weapons in my safety deposit box.

      Upon my return I found Junglecat on the floor playing with his Bearog Licorice. Junglecat was holding a piece of cookie and Licorice's three heads were fighting for it. Relieved that he was staying out of trouble I sat down and opened the latest issue of the Neopian Times. Junglecat ran up and snatched the comics from me. I sighed and started reading an article.

      Two minutes later Junglecat dumped Licorice in my lap. I screamed and jumped up, unfortunately sending the Bearog across the room. He landed in a bag. Junglecat ran over and scooped him up.

      "Hey Junglecat, is that bag alright?" I walked over and looked inside it. "Oh no!"

      "What is it?" Junglecat asked.

      "I had a Moach in here! I was going to sell it, too! Where is it?" We began searching the floor. Finally Junglecat looked over at Licorice, who was busy scratching himself. Junglecat picked him up and glanced closely at his fur. Then he set Licorice down.

      "MI? I think Licorice found the Moach!" I groaned.

      Forty minutes later Junglecat walked into the living room, where I was busy searching Licorice for any sign of the Moach. It was extremely difficult due to the fact that whenever I found it, it hopped onto another part of Licorice. This would surprise Licorice, and he would begin to bite me. I would then have to calm Licorice down and start over again.

      "I give up!" I cried. "This Moach just won't come off! We need help!"

      "Well, we always could ask Sarah!" Junglecat pointed out. I agreed that Sarah seemed like the most logical choice, so we packed a lunch and headed off.

      After a brief walk to the outer regions of Neopia Central we came upon Sarah.

      "Excuse me, Sarah," I began. "We'd like to get this Moach off!"

      "Bad luck there!" she said, after a brief examination of Licorice. "A petpetpet stays on the petpet you attach it to!"

      "But I didn't attach it. It was a mistake. Can I get it off?"

      "No. Now can you leave? I have appointments to keep!"

      I sighed. I had spent thousands on the Moach and now it was stuck on a Bearog who didn't even like it.

      "Come, Junglecat. We're visiting that Usul in charge of the petpet shop!" I started to leave. Junglecat stopped me.

      "MI, what's the point? Sarah said it couldn't be done, so who are we to question her? She's an expert on Neopia, you know!"

      "Please, how can she know absolutely everything!?! In fact, maybe she uses sneaky underhand tactics to get all this information. Maybe the whole helpful Zafara bit is all a cover-up! Come, Junglecat, the battle begins!"

      "I'll tell you what," Junglecat responded. "If you agree to forget about your crackpot conspiracy theory, I'll go with you to the petpet shop!"


      Junglecat sighed and muttered something about how lucky those pets in the pound were before following me.

      After another walk to another part of Neopia Central we stumbled upon the petpet shop. Junglecat opened the door and walked in, muttering, "Let's get this over with!"

      "Hello!" I said to the Usul at the counter. "I have a bit of a petpet crisis. You see, I have this Moach attached to my Bearog. I was wondering if you could get him off?"

      "Sorry!" the Usul replied. "Our top scientists are looking for a way to removing petpetpets, but so far we have nothing!"

      "C'mon you must have something! Do it for my Koi over here. He really has quite the crush on-"

      At that point my sentence was interrupted by Junglecat throwing a cage full of Spyders at me.

      "You. Anyway," I got up slowly. I was going to drag Junglecat to Defenders Of Neopia headquarters for doing that but for some reason my arm didn't seem to be working properly. "If you don't do something for Licorice here..." I pulled something out of my coat. "I will force feed you this Grundo Transmogrification potion, turning you into a crazed mutant, a hideous Sloth minion!"

      Junglecat threw another cage of Spyders at me.

      "So then," I continued, struggling to stay on my feet. "Do we have a deal?"

      "The bottle's leaking!" the Usul pointed out.

      "AAAAAH!!! It's on my hand! Get it off! Call a doctor!" Junglecat threw another cage of Spyders at me, and I collapsed.

      I woke up in the Neopian hospital. A green Gelert was standing over me.

      "Good, you're awake. We managed to remove the potion from your body in time. Your Koi will see you now!" Junglecat walked in, grinning. Licorice followed behind, scratching feverishly.

      "Hey MI! How are you?" Junglecat grinned. I slowly got up and was about to yell when I had an idea. I limped out of bed and to the front desk. I returned with the Grundo Transmogrification Potion. I grabbed Licorice.

      "What are you doing?" Junglecat asked.

      Too busy to respond I searched for the Moach and dribbled the potion on it. Soon the Moach became a surprised mutant Grundo. It grunted and ran off.

      "You did it!" Junglecat hugged Licorice. "The Moach is gone!"

      "I hope that Grundo will be alright," I said. "It has no idea as to what life in Neopia is like!"

      "He'll be fine!" Junglecat grabbed Licorice and ran home, me slowly following.

      "Hey, where were you all afternoon?" Apoc asked when we came through the door.

      "We had a little problem. But it's alright now!"

      "Well, have you read the Neopian Times? Something about a huge mutant Grundo terrorizing the petpet shop!" Apoc glanced at us. "Exactly where were you?"

      "The chocolate factory!" Junglecat grinned. "And we didn't bring you anything cause MI said you needed to lose weight!"

      "What!?" I glared at Junglecat.

      "Whatever!" said Apoc. "Hey MI, can you give me a hand over here? My Kookith has a Vernax stuck in his fur!"

The End

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