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Advanced Guide for Round Table Poker

by aquariss


MERIDELL - Since I have never ever seen a guide for the game “Round Table Poker”, I have decided to make my forth game guide to help others practice and earn another spiffy trophy. This whole article will be a general guide to how you should play the game. Do note that the game is not only about luck. It’s not a game that depends entirely on luck. 60% of the game at least depends on your strategy and how much you can read into others’ cards.

This guide is for any level, but it will suit the tournament 6 people more. When I mentioned that you can earn 10k from this game per win, and unlimited, I am referring to tournament level 6. Do practice through the earlier stages and refer to this guide again for trying for a trophy.

Round Table Poker is a very interesting game. The best part which I like about the game is the strategy, luck and neopoints involved. Although each game needs 5k, you can earn 10k per game! And there’s no limit per day for this game! (No I am not implying that you can be a millionaire through this game). Although you can learn to read other’s cards, if the game is not letting you have that nice 40% of luck, you will still lose the game no matter what. There’s no guarantee in winning the 10k, but if you are lucky and using the right skills, you can earn 30k in 3 games consecutive. (I just got my 30k before writing this guide.) So let’s learn how to win this game with skills and strategy.

Game Type - Luck

Game Description:

“Would you like to enter tournament level 6? It only costs 5000 Neopoints. You can win 15000 Neopoints if you have the most chips after 16 hands of poker.

Be sure to read the rules and understand which hands are good and which hands are bad. Also, watch your opponents' faces closely- it may help you decide to bet or fold. Have fun and good luck!”

Since this is an advanced guide, I shall skip the details of the basic playing of this game. The basics should be learnt through your own experimenting with the game. It will be more fun to explore the game yourself than to obtain every step from me directly, right?

Tips for the game

1. Always read your opponents’ expressions. Although they can be faking a smile or sad look at times, you can still differentiate which is real and which is fake.

2. There are only 2 occasions when you should look at the opponents’ expressions. The first occasion is EVERY TIME after clicking the “Deal” button, and the other time is after everyone has finished changing their cards. Ignore them at all other times!

3. At these 2 occasions, you should look out for ANY facial expression. Most of the time they will either remain “normal” or “smile”. Only Kalandra will not smile, but will give a stern look.

Indications of facial expressions during these 2 occasions

4. At occasion 1 after we click the deal button, everyone’s expression is at their “Most Realistic” moment. Whoever smiles at this time (For Kalandra it means stern look) shows that the person has a good hand. Having a good hand means that they have either 2 pairs, 3 of a kind or above at the start of the game.

5. To know what type of cards this person has, we can see from their “exchanging” cards. If they changed 1 card, it means they have a pair. If they changed 2 cards, it means they have 3 of a kind. If they didn’t change any cards, they either have a flush or above.

6. At occasion 2, after the last person finishes changing his cards, note that Nigel of Meridar’s expression cannot be taken into account. No matter what expression he shows here, he can be faking it. His expression can only be read at occasion 1, so totally ignore him at occasion 2.

7. Here, expressions in occasion 2 indicate whether anyone has gotten a good hand, as in tips 4. TAKE NOTE OF HOW MANY CARDS EACH PLAYER HAD CHANGED BEFORE THIS.

8. If the player had changed only 1 card and had normal expression in occasion 1, it definitely means that this person has gotten a straight, flush or straight flush. It is usually a straight or a flush. If the player had normal expression at occasion 1 and changed 3 cards, they could have gotten a pair, 3 of a kind or above. But it is usually the first 2 scenarios.

Reading people’s cards on hand from their bets.

9. When we see facial expressions in occasion 1, we can expect at least a 10 bet from that player. This would mean that the player has a pair or 3 of a kind. However, if the player increases the bet to 20 at their turn, it would mean that they have either 3 of a kind or above, which would usually mean a straight, flush, full house etc.

10. Also, if the first player to bet “smiles” at occasion 1 but fails to place a bet, it means that this player has a hand of 3 As of a kind or above as that player is confident enough to win, thus hoping for someone to bet first so he can increase the bet to at least 20 in round 1.

Fake bets from players

11. Take note of fake bets from opponents. They are just trying to put on a “show” that they have good cards. To identify this, you will note that they do not have facial expression in occasion 1 and 2. However, they are the first person to usually bid on round 1 and 2. They usually have nothing at all in their hand. Not even a pair. Do not be intimidated by these “cheaters”. Thus reading expressions at occasion 1 and 2 is very important.

12. A general tip is that, opponents will not bid for the 2nd round if they do not have at least a pair. However, most opponents do not even bid if they have a high pair if they are the first 3 players to bet. Only the 4th or the 5th player usually with a pair would try for a bet if no one before them bets.

    The rest of the tips in the game will be left for you to explore on your own. This guide is enough for the advanced players to plan their strategy and how many cards to exchange each round. Also, to earn a trophy for this game, if you have a score of 1600 and above, you can leave the game as it is at tournament 16. Do not finish the game. Leave it until the scores reset at the 1st of the month and finish the game at that time. Make sure that the scores are reset already before you finish the game. The scores usually reset around 12am to 1am NST on the 1st of the month, but it could be later at times. Also, send in the score before 4:30am NST to be in time for the highscore on day 1. Good luck again!

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