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Faerie Foods Galore!

by neowizard1287


So, you want to restock Faerie Foods? Well, you're going to need a pretty good guide to go by to learn the ways of Faerie Foods, what to get, what not to get, and some of the rarer gourmets' worth.

Unbuyables and Their Prices: Most of the unbuyables, a.k.a. UBs, will stock for 10,000 neopoints in Faerie Foods. I say most because when new items are released they are usually unbuyable for a short period of time. Some of the most popular and well known Faerie Foods unbuyables are the Faerie Mushrooms; Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Dark, Light, Soup, Grey, and the most elusive one, Space. Water, Grey, and Space are the most hard to come by; I have seen and restocked very few grey in my year + in Faerie Foods. I still have not seen Space or Water Shrooms stock. There are also a few other elusive items including Deluxe Fyora Day Cake, Faerie Chocodrop, Faerie Sparklecake, Faerie Fruit Salad, and Faerie Dreamwich; those aren't all - there are still a good deal of unbuyables not listed. Unless it's Halfprice Day the some of the better haggles would be anywhere between 9,500 -13,000 neopoints; anything below, might not get you it, and same goes for over the range.

Unbuyable Worth: So you've restocked some elusive Unbuyables and need to know what to sell them for; well, this section is for you.

Air Faerie Mushroom: Despite the trading post price, these are very Hard to Sell (HTS) normally, and a lot go buyable. If you feel like selling yours soon and collecting your deserved profit, it's best to put it buyable for 99,000 neopoints in your shop.

Fire Faerie Mushroom: These are still fairly new, but a good price for them is 500,000 neopoints. I've seen them on the TP for 500k a lot, and that seems to be the settled regular price for now.

Earth and Dark Faerie Mushrooms: These are r97 mushrooms and were some of the first mushrooms created. These normally go for 200k, but they can go a bit higher, or lower pending inflation.

Soup Faerie Mushroom: This r98 Mushroom is fairly elusive, this usually ranges from 300k - 400k, a very nice price indeed.

Light Faerie Mushroom: These can get very rare at times, but the normal price is 500 - 600k. However if only 1 person is selling the mushroom, you either pay what they want, or wait for more to stock.

Water Faerie Mushroom: For some reason, even though they are only r97 like Earth and Dark Faerie Mushrooms, these are exceptionally rare. I have not seen any stock in my year+ of restocking Faerie Foods. Its rarity has seemed to cause confusion on its priceā€¦some of the prices are very inflated; I do remember seeing these for 500k, so anywhere around there is a pretty good price.

Grey Faerie Mushroom: A very rare, r99 shroom indeed. These fetch a very fair price on the trading post. These mushrooms were fairly Easy to Sell (ETS) for me. I got 800k pure on the 3 I have restocked. I have seen them go for more, though, depending on the buyer. These shrooms range from 800k - 1.2million Neopoints; good luck finding one of these.

Space Faerie Mushroom: The rarest item Faerie Foods has to offer. I have not seen this one stock either. The trading post right now lists it at 4million, but that one has been there for ages, no one is willing to pay that much for one, and I don't blame them. I do remember seeing one for 2million once. I guess it sold...

Ultranova Pop: r99, very rare as well, none on TP currently; I believe the average price is 800k. They sure aren't anything in the higher millions.

Dark Nova Pop: Another Very rare and the 2'd unbuyable nova pop. Depending on the inflation or deflation of this item, it can range from 200 - 500k; either way it sells.

Faerie Blockmallows: A rarer and older r98 in Faerie Foods, these can range anywhere from 200 - 600k from what I've seen and sold.

Deluxe Fyora Day Cake: These are very rare currently and you could probably snag one for 500k despite base prices. These were once 200k and HTS at that.

Sugar Coated Leaf: These seem to be very plentiful and can normally fetch 200 - 300k on the trading post.

Faerie Fruit Salad, Faerie Dreamwich, and Faerie Chocodrop: These are some of the oldest r99s in Faerie Foods and have a pretty nice price tag as well. I normally see these for 600k to a bit over 1mil depending the prices

Peachpa Stuffed Potato, Jolly Green Jiggling Jelly and Jhudoras Swirling Cocktail: These can often be buyable pending inflation. These 3 items can range anywhere from 30k to 150k, pending inflation, so its best to just go by the shop wizard's and trading post's prices.

Note: Faerie Foods normally does not accumulate too many items to make a difference in looking for unbuyables in stock. But when this accumulation does occur, most of the unbuyables stock towards the middle or top, with the exception of a few newer unbuyables. It's best to just look for items that stock for 10k Neopoints.

Deceiving Stock Prices: Although most of the unbuyables stock for 10k that does NOT mean anything priced high in Faerie Foods is good; in fact, if it doesn't stock for an even 10,000 Nepoints, its probably nega-profit (Space Faerie Mushroom might be an exception.) Be sure NOT to go for these following items they are either little, nega or no profit:

Fluffy Faerie Hotcakes, Blueberry, Lemon and Lime Nova Pops, Extra Cheesy Cheddar Crisps, Faerie Baked Potato and anything that stocks for below 2,500 neopoints. (When new items get released and are worth a lot that last rule does not apply)

Beware of the Buster! Bacon Belly Buster is a r99 that stocks for 10k neopoints. Despite its rarity it is nega-profit. You lose about 5k on buying it.

Nice Profits: Ok, so now that you know the unbuyables and the not so good profits, it's now time for you to learn the nice profits that get you tons of neopoints in their own way. Be sure to look out for these items:

ANY new item, ANY Fyora Day Item, Blue Moon Sundae, Baked Faerie Corn, Icy Faerie Mallows, Chocolate Faerie Mallows and Taelia Gateaux.

Note: There are some other mini profits that I did not list, nor do I know off the top of my head. Also, I did not list the price like I did the unbuyables due to the fact that these prices are all subject to change; they may inflate and deflate. It's best to go by the shop wizard prices; last time I checked, these all were about 8-20k+ profit. This may very greatly with newer items.

I hope after reading this guide you are ready for any challenges that come up in Faerie Foods, and make lots of profit because of it. Good luck, and happy restocking to you all.

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