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The Ultimate Guide to Usuki Frenzy-ing

by mixboy91


Welcome to my Ultimate Guide to Usuki Frenzy-ing! Using this guide, you can accomplish that flash game trophy you always wanted or getting your username onto the high score table. You can even acquire world challenge puzzle pieces! Once put together, you get 2,000 NP and a rare item as well. Anyway, now to the guide part, shall we?

The Quick Story: With her parents screaming at her to leave, Sally the Usul has two minutes to run about her house and pick up her ten favourite Usuki sets to dress her Usuki Dolls. Are you up to the challenge?

The Goal: To collect all of Sally’s Usuki Dolls before time runs out.


After playing Usuki Frenzy a billion times, I am using the best information possible for this guide. However, I myself have not gotten that trophy I always wanted. Why? Simply because I'm not good enough yet, but I'm trying hard using this guide of my own. Sooner or later, I am hoping I get that wonderful trophy!


Now that you know what this game is about, I think it's time for you to start playing. There are three important factors that will contribute to your overall score: time, memory, and luck. You will find explanations of these three factors further below. You also need to know the basic controls, which will be explained below.


Use the Arrow Keys to move Sally through all 5 rooms of her Neohome. If you pick up a wrong set, quickly place it back on the shelf before you continue.

I'm sure this part is self explanatory. The UP arrow moves Sally up, the DOWN arrow moves Sally down, etc etc. Many players press one arrow down at a time, using twice the time needed to get to a Usuki Doll. Don’t do that. What you need to know is that by moving in diagonally helps your speed increase, which will later on affect your score. Here is a little diagram to help you better understand this concept. The ‘o’ represents Sally and the ‘x’ represents the Usuki Doll Sally needs, while the lines represents the path that Sally is taking:






In this one, you are holding the down and right arrows at the same time.





l _ _ _ _ _ x

However, in this one you are first press and holding the down button. Then, you have to make another move by holding on to the right button. See the difference?

It may not seem like much, but the time it takes to travel to the Usuki Doll is cut in half. And time, like mentioned above, is an important factor.


So you start off with two minutes to get all ten of the dolls, and you think that’s plenty, right? Well, you are indeed correct, it is plenty of time. However, taking 20 seconds to get all the dolls and taking 1 minute to get all the dolls is a BIG difference. Time is what affects your score the most. It can determine whether you get a 199 or a 145. So what exactly do you do to increase your speed? Use the information in the CONTROLS section above, and that will basically explain most of it. Getting around the Usuki Dolls that you don’t need quickly also contributes to a faster time. Don’t go up and around an item blocking your way to the next room. Instead, use a ‘V’ shaped path and head towards the door. Memorizing items that you need is a crucial factor in time-saving as well, and in the next section, you will see why.


If you memorize all the items that you will need, you don’t need to waste time checking the bottom of the screen to see if the item in front of you is one you need. Instead, you can just quickly collect them all without having to look at the bottom. Cool, huh? It’s not hard to remember which ones you need; just look through them a few times and you’ll soon have an idea of which ones are useful and which ones are not!


Ok, so many people say that Usuki Frenzy is all about skill and all that good stuff. But it's not. Luck plays a major role in getting a good score. Knowing that there are five different rooms that you need to go through, having all the items in 2 or 3 consecutive rooms is much easier than going though all five rooms to get the Usuki Dolls you need. Although you cannot control luck in any game, it is nice to know that you can wish for it. =)


There is one route in going through all the rooms that myself and many other Usuki Frenzy players find easiest. You start off in the bedroom, so from there head right into the bathroom, go up into the dining room, then left into the kitchen, and finally continue left into the living room. It is a simple way that will not force you to go through a room more than once.


-While the items are loading in the first room (bedroom) check the items that are scattered and look for the ones you need. Therefore, when the game starts you can automatically get to the ones that are needed.

-If you pick up a wrong Usuki Doll, then I would suggest hitting F5 on your keyboard and start the game all over. If you want to get a good score, it's best to avoid picking up the wrong item.

-Don’t give up easily. Giving up just puts a negative attitude towards the game, and trying to get a trophy or high score will not be so easy now. Take things one at a time, and remember practice makes perfect!


Well, that is about it! I really hope that you have enjoyed this guide and will soon put it to good use. This is mixboy91, over and out!

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