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How to Enjoy Your Lucky Bone Necklace

by dancingpetal


I entered my neohome with a silly grin on my face. “Annie! Taren! Sarah! Lindsey!!!”

One by one, my pets appeared in the living room, obviously annoyed.

“What now, Jenna?” HasarahLiam asked impatiently.

“You’ll never guess!!” I reached into my pocket and proudly held up its contents.

“Ew, what’s that?” AnnaWillow asked, touching it gingerly.

“It’s a Bone Necklace,” I said proudly, “a lucky one.”

My pets stared.

“It’s supposed to be a toy,” I explained.

“A toy?” Lindsey asked incredulously, “What do you... do with it?”

What does one do with it indeed? This question I could not answer for my pets.

Normally, figuring out how to play with a toy is quite simple. Most are obvious—such as a ball, or perhaps a doll. Even with the less-obvious ones—such as keyrings—one can discover a fun use. But a necklace? And one made of old bone, at that! This requires a bit of head work. So my pets and I did just that: we put our heads together and came up with quite a few great (and not so great) ways to have fun with your Lucky Bone Necklace instead of just throwing it away. Enjoy!

The first fun use is to play dentist and have the necklace be that scary tooth-scraping tool! However, this may not be so fun for the person playing the patient... *rubs gums*

Another use is to unfasten the necklace string and let your petpet skip rope with it (go, Snookums, go!).

Other uses...

3. Swing the necklace back and forth like a pendulum and hypnotize your petpet to tap dance for you.

4. Swing the necklace back and forth like a pendulum and hypnotize your petpet to attack the down-for-maintenance Pteri... hehe.

5. Swing the necklace back and forth like a pendulum and hypnotize your petpet to shake that annoying fortune teller Kau by the shoulders, dunk her head into a bucket of water and force her to tell you what—oops, heh, never mind...

6. Put it on and pretend to be the warrior chief of Tiki Juppies. Hut hut hut hut hai!!

7. Tie it to a stick and go fishing, with the bone as the hook.

8. Use it as a tongue scraper (hey, it’s fun to me!!).

9. Pin up your hair with it and pretend that you’re Jhuidah going to a... erm, jungle party!

10. Put it under your pillow before you go to sleep and creep out the Tooth Faerie.

11. Chisel out its insides and blow it like a (really old-fashioned) whistle.

12. Play catch with it! Note: this is not recommended (Catch, Sarah! “OW, my eye!!”)

13. Boil it into a soup and force feed it to your petpet (why, of course this is fun!).

14. Whirl it around your finger like a propeller. Caution: it may fly off (Sarah, look out! “OW, my eye!!”)

15. Use it to ward off angry pet Ixi with injured eye (okay, this may not be oodles of fun, but trust me, it can be very, very handy *glances behind*).

16. Put it in a box and rattle it around. Whoopee!

17. Hollow it out and use it as a snorkel in a (shallow) lake.

18. Put it on display and make people pay to come see your Ancient Skeletous Matter on Fibrous Cord (old bone on a string).

19. Have someone bury it and then go on an archeological hunt for it.

20. If all else fails, wear it!!... although how this is fun, I haven’t quite figured out yet *scratches head*.

However, after trying out the uses I have here (many, many times) and tiring of them, my neopet Lindsey and I decided to go interview people to get some more ideas. First we scouted around Tyrannia, that seeming to be a prime area of bones...

Me: Okay, Linds, are you ready?

Lindsey: Yep, let’s go!

Me: (stops somewhat menacing-looking Chia passing by) Hello, Sir! I’m doing an interview for the Neopian Times. How do you play with your Lucky Bone Necklace?

Cave Chia: PLAY?! UGG BA “PLAY”?

Me: Playing, sir? Well, it’s like having fun, really. How do you have fun with your Lucky Bone Necklace?

Cave Chia: FUN?! UGG BA “FUN”?

Me: What is fun? *scratches head* Well, I guess it’s the outcome of leisurely actions... yeah, that’s it.


Me: (exasperated) You know... actions done for pleasure—



Lindsey: Uh oh...


Me: (surprised) Why, you, of course. Tell me (takes out pad and pencil), how do you know what overgrown means, but not fun?

Lindsey: Erm, Jenna... ?

Me: Did your parents also have irregular vocabulary? Did you do poorly in neoschool? You know, this would make a very interesting Neopian Times article—

Lindsey: JENNA!

Me: What?

Lindsey: Shut up and run!!

(Here I noticed that the Cave Chia didn’t care the least bit about his quaint vocabulary and was still quite vexed about my “overgrown” comment)

Cave Chia: GRRAARR!!!!

Me: Oops.

(Lindsey and baffled journalist run away screaming)

After this little scenario, Lindsey and I decided Tyrannia wasn’t the best place we could scout, and headed for the Lost City of Geraptiku, that being the place we found the necklace.

Me: C’mon, Linds!

Lindsey: Can we go home? This place is creepy...

Me: Of course we can’t, Lindsey!! We’ve got a duty to our readers! Where’s your sense of adventure?

Lindsey: (extracting a dark wriggling vine from her fur) I think I left it with the Cave Chia.

(Lindsey and adventurous journalist come to a clearing in the thick marsh. Journalist hears a low muttering.)

Me: Lindsey, I know that you’re still upset about Tyrannia, but will you stop grumbling? It sounds a little menacing.

Lindsey: It wasn’t me.

Me: *rolls eyes* Not you, huh? Then who was it?

Lindsey: M-m-maybe him?

(Lindsey points to a very short creature who just stepped out of the brush. He is carrying a spear twice his size and is wearing a mask that looks surprisingly similar to a skull... .)

Me: Aw, lookitim!!! He’s so cute!

Lindsey: Jenna, are you quite sane? He’s carrying a stick big enough to turn us both into a Meat A La Twig!!

Me: Oh, now you’re just being silly. I’m just going to ask him a question. Why would he attack us?

Lindsey: Hmm, I don’t know... maybe because he’s HUNGRY?

Me: Oh, stop being so morbid. (to short creature) You’ll have to excuse my Zafara-- she’s a little C-R-A-N-K-Y.

Lindsey: Oh brother...

Me: (ignoring Lindsey) Now, Mister... . Might I ask your name?

(creature grunts)

Me: ... Mister Gruh, I’m doing an interview for the Neopian Times. You don’t mind if I interview you, do you?

(creature is silent)

Me: I didn’t think you would. Now tell me Mister Ruh, how do you play with your Lucky Bone Necklace?

(creature is silent)

Me: (giggles) Oh, don’t be shy.

Creature: yaSA...

Me: Yasa? What’s that mean?

Creature: (creeps closer) yaSA...

Lindsey: (backing away slowly) Erm, Jenna, just a hunch, but I’m pretty sure yasa means—

Me: NO WAIT! Don’t tell me! I’m good at this kind of thing. Let’s see, does yasa mean bone?

(creature raises spear)

Me: Oh, oh! Does it mean “weapon?”

(creature licks it’s lips)

Me: Does it mean “eat?”

Lindsey: JENNA! Yasa means “FOOD!”

Me: Oh. Well, what food? I don’t see any—

Creature: YASA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: (gulps) Oh.

(Lindsey and not-so-adventurous journalist run [screaming] from the clearing)

Well... there you have it!! This is how you can have oodles of fun with your Lucky Bone Necklace. Don’t have one? Well, I have two things to say to you.


and 2), A necklace of this kind can be obtained in the Deserted Tomb, located in the Lost City of Geraptiku. Or, if you have about as much sense of adventure as Lindsey, you can buy one using the Shop Wizard for about 5-9 neopoints.

Oh, and it’s important to keep in mind—your Bone Necklace is lucky, yes, lucky. So put it on and go try out some luck-based games like slots or scratchcards. Remember—winning is ALWAYS fun ;)

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