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The Perfect Gift

by puppylover2333


If you are like me you always want to give your neofriend a great Christmas gift, but sometimes you don’t want to spend a ton of neopoints. Well, I have found a great balance of quality and price. So sit back and relax and you may find the perfect gift.

The perfect gift for your friend really depends on their personality. For instance if they hate Dr. Sloth the worst gift would be an I love Dr. Sloth T-shirt. If you are their friend you probably know their likes and dislikes, but buying the perfect gift isn’t as simple as you think. Your friend may hate their gift, but will say they like it anyway, like you haven’t done that. Sorry, back to the point. As I was saying the perfect gift depends on their personalities. Just keep that in mind, it might come in handy.

Even if you have known them for like a million years their personality isn’t all you need to know to find the perfect gift. Quality is an important part in gift hunting. You don’t need a rarity 98 item, but Christmas is a special time and deserves a special gift. I will get into prices later, but sometimes a nice but inexpensive petpet or piece of furniture would be a great gift.

If you don’t have many NP to spend that is all right. I have two solutions. One solution, and the most obvious solution, is games. You can get a nice gift for 500 or 1000 NP. Even if you are not so good at games you might be able to manage a few hundred NP. The second solution is the almighty Safety Deposit Box! Who knows what treasures lie in your SDB? I was once a plushie collector and I now have tons of plushies to spare. Sometimes what’s in your SDB may surprise you. I found a petpet that I deposited a few months ago. I totally forgot about it. I then gave it as a b-day present. It couldn’t hurt to take a quick look through your SDB. If both of these things don’t work, be creative. You might be able to trade an item you got from the advent calendar for a different item you could use as a present at the trading post.

I am sure you have been waiting for me to talk about prices and gifts I think are great. If you weren’t, I am an idiot. Believe it or not, I don’t think food is a very good gift unless you have a gourmet food in your SDB and your friend is going for a gourmet club trophy, which is very unlikely. Why? The only thing they can do is put it in a gallery (which would make food a good gift if they have a gallery of food), feed it to their pet and lose it forever (not so good thing when you can get free food from the Giant Omelette), or sell it (which they would probably feel bad for doing so unless the gift was given to them for that purpose). If you don’t agree with me, give your friend food; it is just my opinion.

Now that I have said what not to give, I will tell you what I think would be a wonderful gift.

-Anything that they can put in their gallery. If your friend collects Kau things anything with a Kau on it or Kau in its name would be great. I can personally tell you this since I once had a gallery. A bonus for giving them something for their gallery is if they have a wishlist give them something from that. You know that they want it and you don’t have to go through the trouble of picking out the item. All you have to do is type the item in the box at the Shop Wizard and search for the cheapest one.

-A toy or grooming item. A toy or grooming item is a good choice, because it is usable and every time they play with or groom their pet with that item they will think about you.

-Furniture for their Neohome. Furniture is a great gift. Although a lot of furniture can be pricey, some are cheaper. These prices may have changed, but here is some cheap furniture:

-Pawkeet Pillow (Price 1200 NP)

-Fungus Ball Bean Bag (Price 700 NP)

-Floral Shell Curtain (Price 1100 NP)

-Rebuild Maraqua Poster (Price 50 NP)

-Full Length Mirror (700 NP)

-Round Green Table (900 NP)

Furniture is great, but not great if it doesn’t match. You really don’t want a Pawkeet Pillow if the whole room is all about Fyora. Don’t forget to check their neohome before buying.

-Petpets. A Petpet is one of the best gifts because they are pets for your pets. Anybody who cares about their pet would probably like a petpet. Now most people think petpets are expensive. That can be true, but you can get some for under 3,000 NP. You just have to find the best one to suit your friend’s pet.

-Stamps or Trading Cards. Just like a Gallery Collections of Stamps or Trading Cards are treasured and viewed often. Each stamp is a step toward a complete collection. If your friend has a very old collection, first ask if they would like a stamp or card, because they may no longer pay attention to these collections and it would be meaningless to give a stamp or card if they abandoned their collection.

-Anything to get an avatar. Avatar items can run on the pricey side, but if your friend is an avatar collector, every avatar counts. Try getting them a cheap avatar item if you are low on NP. Maybe even a codestone they don’t have if they are going for the codestone avatar. It doesn’t hurt to ask which avatar they really like.

I really hope one of these gifts sounds right for your friend, but you may be wondering how to find a bargain. If you have the time, try trading for it at the Trading Post. It doesn’t hurt to start shopping early so you can get a bargain. If you are in a rush, use the Shop Wizard. You can always refresh to find the best price.

Well, here we come to the end. I really hope you will take my advice. Happy gift hunting!

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