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A Hasee Bounce Novel

by mygoodguild


NEOPIA CENTRAL - It is I, Tay! Bwahaha! I am here to help you achieve your goals in Hasee Bounce! Bwahaha! *cough* It’s true. First, shall we review why, precisely, I am making a guide for this game?

I have heard many complaints in my days: There are only guides for avatar games, to help you get those elusive avatars! But what about other games, games that don’t have avatars? Isn’t it possible to need a little help on them, too? Yes. So maybe this guide will help you achieve a higher score than you normally do, which could mean... *super gasp* A TROPHY!!!

Here’s the first rule of Hasee Bounce:

1.) Patience. Practice makes perfect. So you kind of just have to be patient and let the perfection come to you. ;) Don’t worry.

Yay! But now, before you get started, let’s review the basics and the controls of the game so you might be able to get a hang of things.

Use your spacebar and the arrow keys. That’s the best way. Yeah... I was just kind of telling you this so you... wouldn’t try and control the Hasees with your question mark key or anything.

When you want the Hasee to jump, just press the spacebar button. The Hasee that is in the air on the plank will jump. When they land, the Hasee on the seesaw thingy will go flying in the air.

If you push the spacebar and the Hasee is about an inch away from a doughnutfruit you really wanted it to get because you messed up on your timing, this is where those tricky arrow keys come in!

While your Hasee is flying through the air, you can use your arrow keys to control it and make it fly left or right a little more. Just press the arrow keys! You do know what an arrow is, right? *giggle*

Now that we have controls taken care of, I should tell you what the point of the game is: To get a lot of points! :D Don’t send your score if the score is under 100 or the Hasees will cry. :( You should wait till you have a score around 200 after you’ve gotten pretty good at the game.

There are a lot of different types of doughnutfruit. The most common kind is the yellow. It doesn’t really award many points... Then there are also blue, green, sponge, icy, flaming, rainbow, fish, and many other kinds of doughnutfruits. Try to get all of them!

The more unusual a doughnutfruit looks, the rarer it probably is. If you have a blue doughnutfruit and an icy doughnutfruit, which are you going to go for, if you can only get one? THE ICY, OF COURSE! :D If you can, try and get both. You get a couple extra points if you get two or more at a time.

Definitely go for the rainbow and fish doughnutfruits. They reward you so many points it’s practically... Wow! :O Especially fish. You’re really lucky if you get a rainbow or fish. I’ve never gotten a fish, but I’ve managed to get three rainbows in my whole career. :D

Also, you might think that the yellow doughnutfruits won’t amount to much. Trust me, they will. Just get as many of them as you can! ;)

Now that you know of the kind of doughnutfruits you SHOULD get, you should know what you shouldn’t get as well. Or you might end with really bad luck and sick, dizzy Hasees.

If you see anything that you think looks disgusting, the Hasees are going to agree with you. This means piles of dung, puddles of mud, and a ball of lumpy chunky green stuff. DO NOT land on these. It you do, it will make your Hasee so sick and dizzy that they will be temporarily kind of “frozen”. This means they can jump, but they can’t get any doughnutfruit. If you try and make them get doughnutfruit whilst they are “frozen”, they’ll just pass right over it. Too bad for you. :P

Are you running out of time in the game? Do you want to keep playing because you don’t have a super high score yet? Well, when there’s a will there’s a way! And here’s that way:

Do you notice those letters that pass by on your screen, yes, the orange and purple E’s, A’s, S’s, and H’s? Yes, those. Well, for every letter you collect you get +2 seconds of time in your game! I know it doesn’t seem like much but there’s more.

If you collect enough letters to spell out the word ‘Hasee’, then you’ll get a bonus of 20 seconds! Now that seems like a lot more, doesn’t it? It’s really worth it to get these letters.

But if you see an orange A and a fish doughnutfruit, what should you do? Try to get both of them. But if you can’t, I’d still go for the fish doughnutfruit because it’s a rare chance to get one of those and you’ll be swimming in your Hasee Bounce points if you do.

I know this seems all fine and dandy, but there’s a catch. Woogy (your orange Hasee) can only collect orange letters, NOT purple ones! And Jimmi (your purple Hasee) can only collect purple letters, NOT orange ones! This makes it a lot harder, doesn’t it? *tears* ;(

Oh, and if you still think +20 seconds isn’t enough, there’s a way to get 40 extra seconds. But I don’t know if I should tell you or not... *ponders* Ok, ok, fine. If you want 40 extra seconds, you have to be really patient. Here’s what you have to do:

You have to get all purple letters (NO ORANGE): purple H, purple A, purple S, purple E, and purple E. Or you can get all orange letters: H, A, S, E, and E. I know it’s hard. But it’s the only way I know of.

I hope this guide has helped you get a lot more points from the game of Hasee Bounce. :D There are a few more game secrets for this game, but I can’t tell you. You’ll have to figure them out by yourself. ;) Don’t tell me to tell you because I won’t tell you tell someone else to tell you so hah! *roars and frolics in the meadows far away* Um. *cough*

The End.

Author’s Note: Feedback appreciated; thanks for reading. I’d like to dedicate this story to Sammy (lastphenomenon). ;) And thanks to Droplet for accepting my guide, hope it helped you out! :D

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