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Izalena's Book

by shoshana888


Izalena leaned over her notebook. She would one day be a famous author, she thought. It didn't matter that every time she tried to write a novel, she got bored with it in three pages. This time, she would finish it, because it was the perfect idea for a story.

      The Big Giant Humpleblaster

      By Izalena

      Once there was a big giant humpleblaster named Big Giant Humpleblaster. He liked to stomp around and blow up neopets.

      "Izalena!" called out her owner, Shoshana888. "Come and finish your canned peas!"

      He also liked to stomp around and blow up owners.

      "Come right now!" Shoshana888 called again.

      Izalena sighed and ran to the kitchen. She quickly swallowed a spoonful of the peas, and then threw the rest into the garbage when Shoshana888 wasn't looking. "That was disgusting!" she announced loudly.

      "We can't waste food, Izi," Shoshana888 told her impatiently.

      He especially liked to blast away owners who don't waste food. So one day, Big Giant Humpleblaster burst into Izalena's peaceful home and said, "Where is that cybunny, Julemaria? I love blasting away cybunnies!"

      Izalena, who was the brave and beautiful heroine, stepped in front of Julemaria courageously. "Don't kill my baby sister," she cried. "I will put my life before hers!"

      Julemaria entered Izalena's room, without knocking. "Hewwo!" she said.

      Izalena rolled her eyes. Julemaria could speak perfectly well, but she insisted on speaking what she called, 'waby wangawitch'. Izalena, being the wonderful, kind, and caring sister she was, patiently corrected Julemaria. "No, Julie, say 'Hello'."

     "Hewwo!" Julemaria said happily.



     "No, hello."



     Julemaria began to cry. Izalena sighed and resumed her writing.

      "Actually, I might not put my life before hers. She's a spoiled brat," Izalena explained to Big Giant Humpleblaster. "In that case," he thundered, "I will blast away both of you! Mwahahaha!"

      Izalena considered carefully. She could either have the satisfaction of letting Big Giant Humpleblaster blast away Julemaria, or she could keep her role as wonderful, caring, and kind sister.

      Julemaria began to cry. This was, by the way, typical Julemaria behavior. Izalena said, "Oh no, you won't! I challenge you!" The Big Giant Humpleblaster approached her. He had big and powerful weapons and his strength was over three hundred. Izalena had no weapons, but she fearlessly kicked him anyways. He fell over unconscious in one stroke.

      "You're so brave!" Julemaria said. "You're the best, coolest, most awesome sister ever!"

      "I'm not that good," Izalena lied gallantly. Julemaria, though a stupid and weak spoiled brat, had some common sense and knew that this was not true.

      Alissabella, Izalena's oldest sister, entered. "Are you writing?" she asked. "Let me read!" Izalena proudly handed her the notebook. Alissabella began to read. As she read, she giggled slightly, and then more and more. Alissabella was a quick reader and it was not long before she handed the manuscript back to Izalena.

      "I know," said Izalena modestly. "I have quick wit, a brilliant mind, and a good sense of humor."

      "Izi, this is really stupid and big-headed. No one in their right minds would publish this. Sorry, Izi."

      "No, it's fantastic! How dare you insult my great works?"

      Alissabella raised her eyebrows meaningfully and walked out of the room. Izalena stuck her tongue out at the closed door.

      Then Alissabella, Izalena's selfish sister, entered the room loudly, slamming the door after her. "Has anyone seen my brush?" she demanded loudly.

      "No, sorry," said Izalena. The Big Giant Humpleblaster woke up at the sound of Alissabella's harsh and screeching voice. He blasted Alissabella before even Izalena could do anything about it. The noise was awful, but the explosion was sort of awesome. Izalena, displaying sisterly love, quickly knocked him out with one of her incredible Flotsam whips and then turned to Julemaria. "We'll miss her," Izalena said to Julemaria sadly. "She was a horrible neopet, a mean sister, and a spoiled loser, but we'll miss her anyways." Julemaria made no attempt at response. She was still a bit stunned at Izalena's incredible display of power.

      Just then, the Big Giant Humpleblaster regained consciousness. Izalena stood at the ready to attack, but he put his hands up and said, "You are an amazing and virtuous neopet, and I would do anything to be your slave. It would be a great honor indeed."

      'Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…,' thought Izalena. The thought of possessing a devoted slave was tempting, but no. To have slaves was below her station.

      "No," said Izalena. "Having slaves is below my station."

      There was a knock at the door. Izalena opened it. It was Cinnabery, Izalena's checkered sister. It was still a mystery to Izalena why all her sisters were painted or rare but her. Shoshana888 said she was working on it, but Shoshana888 was not to be trusted, EVER. "Alissabella told me you were writing a story," she said. "Could I please read it?" Izalena gave her the manuscript. Cinnabery read it thoughtfully, giggling softly at times. "It's very cute," she said at last.

      "Thanks," said Izalena. "It's nice to have someone appreciate my cleverness. But correction - you said cute, but you meant awe-inspiring, right?"

      Cinnabery laughed gently and said, "I have to go now, Izi. See you later."

      "However," the wise flotsam continued, "You may be a slave to my sister, Cinnabery. She is kind, although not as kind as I am, and she is lovely, although not as lovely as I am, and she is strong, although of course not as strong as I am. Plus, she lives in my house, so you could come and bow down to me any time you want."

      "Thank you," said the Big Giant Humpelblaster. "What I really want is to serve you forever, but I will try to content myself with your sister. I'm sorry about blasting away Alissabella."

      'Don't worry about it," Izalena told him.

      Then, Cinnabery rushed into room. "You were amazing," she cried. "I watched everything through the window, because I was too scared of the Big Giant Humpleblaster."

      "I was pretty terrified, too," agreed Julemaria. "But Izalena wasn't. Izalena isn't afraid of anything!"

      Then, Fyora appeared in a cloud of purple smoke. "Because of Izalena's great talent, beauty, kindness, gallantry and courage, I will paint her any color she wants. I recommend faerie. I would increase her status but it's already higher than the highest it gets, of course. And I would give her weapons but she doesn't need them, obviously. What would you like, Izalena?"

      "I don't need anything, Your Majesty. I would prefer to just help bring justice and peace to Neopia."

      "Well, I cannot continue being Faerie Queen if there is another suited more for the job. It would be a burden on my conscience." She then turned to Julemaria, smiling gently, and said, "Do you know who that might be?"

      Julemaria smiled happily, and Fyora, Cinnabery, and Julemaria all said at the same time, "Izalena!!!!!!!!"

The End

      Izalena reread her work. It was the first novelette she'd ever written, and if she may say so herself, it is pretty good.

     The Critics Rave:

     Shoshana888- It's cute, but no one will publish it. It's because of all that stuff about wasting food. She should eradicate it - on the tips for Neopian Times submission, it clearly states no controversial subjects.

     Alissabella- Wow. That is just so stupid.

     Cinnabery- Come on, give her a break. It's sweet.

     Julemaria- It's too scawy!

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