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Tricking For Your Treats!

by velveteen


Also by tnumfive

Ah, it’s nearly that time again: carved, grinning pumpkins, spooky cobwebs, undead zombies and of course... CANDY! Naturally, you and your pets will be dressing spooky to Trick or Treat the unsuspecting citizens of Neopia. Well, before you plan your outrageous outfit to spook the living daylights out of your neo-neighbours, make sure you read this article!

Although everyone knows Halloween is a time for munching pumpkin pie, helping Edna on her quests and visiting the game graveyard, WE know it’s really all about the candy, right? Sure! Every pet does. Well, here we are with a handy list of easy to create costume suggestions to trick your way to a maximum Halloween candy haul this year!

You know the usual story: you bound up to the door of your target neohome dressed as a terrifying ghost and clutching your huge swag sack. You knock and as the door creaks open you yell at the top of your voice “TRICK OR TREAT!” But what’s this? A little old Aisha pops her head out and pats you on the head. Ulch! “What a cute ghostie you make!” she coos at you and hands you one measly tooth faerie sweet. Peh! That was hardly worth the effort - that costume took weeks!

Well, we can help you make this year’s celebrations turn in to a candy-filled party by demonstrating the amazing effects of a mere minimum-effort costume change and a bit of trickery! Follow this guide and we can assure you you’ll soon be struggling to walk under the weight of those toffee classics and lemon neodrops!

NOTE: All costume suggestions, although easy to create, require a great deal of cunning, craftiness and a general evil nature to pull off. If that’s not for you, we suggest dressing as a little demon and saving money on your dental bills. At least you’ll make the tooth faerie happy. Now on with the guide!

# 1: Eliv Thade

To start us off, who else is better to dress as for Halloween than evil, vile Eliv Thade? An absolute winner when it comes to candy-grabbing. Knock on your target’s door and yell “Rickt ro Terat!” at the top of your lungs. While they try to figure out what on earth you just said, swipe their sweets and run!

COSTUME: As if that wasn’t enough, this is also an incredibly simple costume to make. First, you need to “borrow” your friend/owner/neighbour’s bathrobe and wrap it around yourself tightly. Next, jump up and down on the spot until you feel seasick to get that authentic Eliv-green pallor to your face. Simply add some sticky tape stitches and you’re set to go!

# 2: Jhuidah

Ah! One of the more crafty ways to get yourself some of that lovely confectionery, dressing as Jhuidah almost guarantees you a sneaky stash of sweets this All Hallow’s Eve. When you arrive at the door, offer the services of your wonderfully mysterious Island cooking pot. Who could resist? When they throw their candy in, just be sure to run far away before they realise you’re not really the island faerie.

COSTUME: Firstly for this outfit, you need to backcomb your hair. If you have no hair, don’t worry, merely borrow your friend’s well-trained walking carpet petpet and train him to sit still on your head for the evening. Grab yourself a wooden spoon and pop a flower in your hair (or petpet’s mouth) and you’re ready to grab that candy!

# 3: Soup Faerie

She does so much good for the poor of Neopia. Needless to say that if she were to ask for something in return, something like buckets of candy for a new chocolate soup recipe for example, most Neopians would only be too happy to oblige. Take advantage of the Soup Faerie’s overwhelming popularity with the population at large by dressing as her this Halloween.

COSTUME: The costume itself will be simple. Just an old pair of overalls, a pink shirt, apron and red bandana. Voila! You are the soup faerie! Don’t forget the ever-important wings. You’ll fool no one as a wingless faerie. We suggest attaching a small faerie petpet to your back for this and explaining how your wings shrunk in the wash. Hey, it could happen!

# 4: Skeleton

Simple, yet effective - the classic costume. Yes, it’s the skeleton. Dress up as a bony spectre and when you knock on a door the owner will take one look at you and is bound to immediately fill your bag with goodies. They will feel such pity at your bony appearance and be willing to do anything to fatten you up a little! Hurrah!

COSTUME: Ah, well, this is a costume for the more adventurous of neopets. Firstly, simply dress yourself in black. Next you need to sink a pirate ship. Yup! A couple of cannon balls to the stern should do the trick. Steal their skull and crossbones flag and attach to your face for an instant menacing skull mask! A couple of brain tree quests for brain tree branches will supply the bones and you’re ready for a spot of candy skullduggery. SKULLduggery? Geddit? Never mind.

# 5: Tax Beast

If you’re truly cunning and insanely candy-hungry then this could be the solution for you! Yes, simply dress yourself to look like the Tax Beast! Stroll up to your target home and knock loudly on the door. Replace your old “Trick or Treat!” welcome with a barking “TAX MAN!”. When they open the door, shake your head sadly and demand they pay their Door Tax immediately. With candy. Pure. Or else. How evil.

COSTUME: For this outfit, ideally you need a Yurble friend to hide behind. Convince him to roll down a hill until he’s completely green with grass stains and attach a couple of zeenanas to his head and you’ll have an outfit to put horror into the very hearts of most Neopians. Please note that this new Door Tax is unlikely to work on Mystery Island hut accommodation.

    Well, there you have it. We’re sure you’ll be stuffing your faces in no time. Just remember to brush your teeth. Oh, and don’t eat your sweets between meals. No, that doesn't mean you can have sweets AS a meal. *shakes head* Good luck!

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