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Purple Pebble: Part Four

by mygoodguild


Ollie told about how they'd gone exploring, and were flown to the Lost Desert for some sight-seeing by a Pteri. She didn't know how Tay hadn't missed them at this point, since they hadn't interfered with the rock at all, yet, and how Tay thought Feri had been at home the whole time when only Ollie went out. Ollie didn't get it. But she continued. She told about the rock, and the concert, and meeting up with Feri again. Then she told of their plans.

     "I am disappointed in you girls that you left me, but glad you are safe," Tay said, a thin line crossing her face. "Of course we'll go live in Tyrannia with Feri's buckets of neopoints and her new friends. Let's get a few important belongings and we'll go," Tay informed Ollie.

     "Yes! Feri will be glad to hear she can stay and be with us," Ollie said.

     The next day, Ollie and Tay arrived at the Giant Omelette, where they had agreed to go to and find Feri. After all, Feri still should get free dailies even if she was rich - right?

     After about an hour, they saw Feri casually strolling towards the Omelette - trying to act cool. She was dressed in the coolest and girliest shirt - I love Fyora T-shirt. It was pink with frilly little sleeves. Then she just wore some plain pants - but the Fyora shirt set off the whole mood of her attire and made her look lovely.

     "Feri!" Tay called, eagerly waving both arms.

     Ollie felt ashamed of her owner, and was sure Feri felt the same way. Tay was a geek - luckily she wasn't a n00b!

     "Oh, hi," Feri said, strolling with more bounce in her step now that she saw her mum and sister. She didn't like her relatives to see her trying to act cool, either. "Didn't expect you here."

     "We weren't sure to expect you here, either, since you're rich and all," Ollie murmured.

     Feri just laughed. "Let's each get an omelette, then go back to my place," she said.

     Tay couldn't get one because she wasn't a pet. Feri and Ollie thought it unfair.

     "She gets hungry, too!" Feri had said, lifting her Heart Shaped Sunglasses off her face so the Lupe in charge could see her raising her eyebrows and her true identity.

     "Oh, ma'am! I am so sorry, your highness," the Lupe said, bowing low. He handed Tay an omelette: a carrot and pea one.

     Feri got a fresh fruit surprise omelette, best on the house, while Ollie got a green pepper omelette.

     "Thanks," Ollie said, walking away.

     "You don't have to say thanks when I'm here," Feri said snobbishly.

     "Just because you're a star doesn't mean you shouldn't be polite. Don't let this go to your head - at least not so soon, Feri!" Ollie protested.

     "Good job remembering you manners, Ollie," Tay said, giving a thumbs up. Tay was munching on her omelette and Feri on hers.

     Ollie looked at her omelette sadly. "I don't like peppers," she complained.

     "I'll eat it," Tay entreated. "I haven't had a bite to eat all day," she said.

     "You had one bite of that Tchea-something-whatever for breakfast," Ollie reminded her.

     "Don't be so specific," Tay growled.

     "I already ate, so you can finish mine off, mum," said Feri.

     "Thanks dear." Tay accepted all the omelettes, so she had three. "What did you eat? I must make sure my baby is getting nutrition!"

     "Mum - don't worry. I got plenty," Feri said.

     "What?" Tay and Ollie asked in unison; both were curious.

     "A berry jam croissant, a lemint muffin, Achyfi ice, gooseberry cupcake, chocolate coated peanut butter, pizza pasty, red juppie burger, and sparkling mint dessert," Feri mumbled.

     "YOU HAD ALL OF THAT?" Ollie screamed.

     "Oh yeah. I forgot to name my other drink: raspberry Neocola. I liked the Achyfi better, though. And yes, all of it. I can have whatever I can afford - and that means anything," Feri said proudly.

     "Don't let it get to your head," Ollie reminded her sister.

     "Oh dear. But nutrition, I mean, don't overdo it! You'll gain a trillionmillionbazillion pounds!" Tay cried.

     "Don't worry. I have a special exercise just for famous Chombies like myself," Feri said.

     "Good. I'll be observing," Tay said.

     "MUM! Don't interfere," Feri grumbled.

     Tay didn't answer.

     At last they came to a very large neohome. "I have four bedrooms. Carla and Fidele have three each. You know, that takes up ten rooms! Then there are three bathrooms, that's thirteen. The kitchen, living room, dining room. There are sixteen. And the 'fun room' as we call it. Seventeen rooms. Then the other dining room! That's eighteen rooms. I guess that only leaves you guys one room apiece, unless me or Carla or Fidele sacrifice," Feri said.

     "That's still an upgrade, one room is," Ollie reminded her sister. "Last time I had half a room. I shared it with you," Ollie pointed out.

     "I'm used to one. I just hate cleaning it!" Tay moaned.

     "You don't have to. Our four maids will. Oh, and we're building two extra rooms onto the house. That's guest rooms only, of course," Feri said. "And we have ten gardens. And a gardener. And a nanny. But we don't know why we have the nanny. We don't need her. But she's so cheap - only 12,000 neopoints a month! Carla, Fidele and I split that, so we each pay 4,000 a month for her. We like having extra 'features'. The maids are 21,000 a month, though. All together, not each. We don't mind splitting 7,000 between us. The gardener is 15,000. That's 5,000 between us. So we pay a total of 16,000 each a month just for services - that's hardly anything from our three million. But I'll lead you to your rooms so you can unpack and I'll stop blabbering," Feri said.

     She led them to the second floor. Ollie got a room on the left side of a bathroom, and Tay got the room on the right side. Ollie was closest to the stairs, though. But Tay's room was a mite bigger.

     "I like mine. I love the window view," Ollie said.

     "So do I. I have almost the same view. Mine looks out on gardens below," Tay said.

     "Mine too."

     Feri smirked. She was glad they liked her living quarters. But Ollie saw the smirk.

     "Don't let it go to your head!" she cautioned.

     Feri's smirk faded. "Lunch'll be ready. I forgot to tell you about our chef. He cost 15,000, too. So yeah. That's 21,000 each for services. But it's measly. Half a million wouldn't even be too bad. And we have other things, for like when things break we call on repairman Donny who lives on Terror Mountain. He costs - not much though! And stuff like that. Groceries. I'll let you meet my pals in a while. Get situated. Seeya!" Feri exclaimed.

     Tay and Ollie each went into their rooms and unpacked the little they had brought with them. After all, the rooms were already completely furnished.

     Ollie flopped onto her bed. It had been a long day, and she was exhausted. She hadn't got a good sleep for who knows how long. Ollie didn't mean to, but she started to doze and didn't awaken.

     In an hour, she was called for lunch, but didn't hear the call. A maid was sent to fetch her. Ollie woke up to an old Zafara's hand on her shoulder. "GET AWAY!" Ollie screamed. The Zafara obediently backed away, her expression not even changing. "Sorry."

     Ollie joined her family at the table. The Poogle and Shoyru, who had to be Carla and Fidele, were there. "Hi," she mumbled, still feeling guilty about being mean to the Zafara.

     Everyone's plates were heaping with these things: rainbow fountain burger, potato and sweetcorn soup, pink hot dog, Chomby chips (Feri's favorite), carrot fizz Achyfi, banana Bori cupcake, vanilla seasonal pudding, and an apple Neocola.

     "Wow. Going to be full today," Tay mumbled.

     "Do I get an exercise too?" Ollie asked.

     "Yes! Our instructor will give them to you. She offered her services to us for free, and she would do you all, too. She's a big fan," Feri said happily.

     "I'm glad of that," Tay agreed. "I'll be getting unhealthy in no time, eating like this," Tay said.

     Turns out, Ollie only ate half of what she was given, and Tay ate even less.

     "You're not used to eating this way, that's all," Carla assured them, speaking for the first time. He smiled a dazzling smile.

     "I love your teeth. They look nice," Ollie cooed. Then she realized how awfully geeky that must have sounded. "I mean... They're white. And straight." Even more goofy. Ollie felt her cheeks grow hot. She found Carla rather handsome, and hoped the lab ray didn't change him into a her. That would be horrible.

     "Thank you," Carla said, trying not to laugh. "I was originally a girl, you know," he said, reading Ollie's thoughts. Ollie blushed deeper.

     "Hello," Fidele said, wanting to be in the conversation.

     "Nice to meet you both," Tay said, shaking hands with Fidele. Carla was too far away from her at the table to shake.

     The newly made friends all smiled at one another. Maybe this would be a happy ending, after all.

To be continued...

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