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The Warf that could Fly

by bookworm01


It was a sunny autumn morning. It was unusually hot, and felt like a midsummer day. A nice, cool breeze shifted and blew the grasses and leaves. It was the perfect day for kite flying.

     A purple Lupe, by the name of Shorn, ran softly on his back legs. He steadied the kite with his forepaws, being careful not to let it go. The kite was a brilliant purple, like Shorn.

    A small Warf followed at his heels. He was a pup, and rather chubby at that, but a satisfactory runner.

    "This is the perfect day!" Shorn shouted. His Warf, Norp, stopped to scratch his ear.

    "Norp, stop it! Hurry!" Shorn snorted impatiently. For a split second he let go of the kite.

    "WOOF! WOOF! WARF!" Norp barked. Shorn ran over to him. A sudden breeze blew the unhandled kite into a tree.

    "Look what you've done!" Shorn sighed.

    "SHORN!" his owner called. He bounded off, forgetful of Norp. Alone, Norp steadied himself and waddled towards the kite-bearing tree. He came to its vast, wide trunk and looked up. It seemed to touch the clouds. The kite was stuck up in the highest part, twisted around the highest branch.

    "BARK! WARF! WORP! WOOP! WOOF!" Norp howled. The kite line just barely dangled above his head. He jumped up on his stubby hind legs. His sharp claws snatching the twine expertly. Norp was very clever for his species; after all, not all Warfs are smart.

    (No offense.)

    Norp clung tightly to the line. He swung his body until he got the swinging effect, rocking the twine back and forth. At last his claws (on his hind legs) attached to the soft bark of the vast trunk. Like a rockclimber, or in this case, treeclimber, Norp clambered up to the branch nearest to him. He was only a few feet above the ground, but he made expert progress, for a Warf.

    Norp used his claws to tie the string about him, and then he hoisted himself up, resting only at large branches.

    Norp realised a mistake. This would take forever. The tree was so large! Norp sighed, and pulled himself up to the nearest branch. His rather thin eyelids drooped, and soon he was in Dreamland, or, in this case, WarfDreamLand.

    "Norp! NORP! N-O-R-P! NO-RP!" Shorn called. He looked wildly for his Warf. Norp opened an eye. He stirred, and barked.

    "Norp, get down here, boy!" Shorn shouted, "Get down this instant! I know you want to help me, but, NORP GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!"

    Norp shook his head. He had business to do. The branches were very close together, so he could easily climb, without using the twine.

    "Norp! NORP!" Shorn shrieked. He rammed his body against the tree with full force. He jumped up the branches.

    Norp went faster. He could not be overtaken. The leaves were thickening. He climbed higher, higher.

    "Norp!" the words were soon lost in the wind. Boy, was it windy in the tree. Norp nestled against some leaves; after all, Shorn couldn't find him.

    + + + + +

    After a nice, cozy rest, Norp continued his journey. He reached the top of the highest section of the highest branch. He could see everything, including a very worried Lupe.

    Cautiously, Norp tied the twine around his wrist with his teeth. He prepared to jump and send himself, and the kite, falling. Boy was he wrong.

    Norp jumped. The kite caught the wind and it floated and sailed up into the blue.

    "Norp..." Shorn's voice could no longer be heard. Norp was frightened. He wished he had listened. But then, he remembered he had always wanted to fly.

    Norp pictured himself, with fuzzy wings outstretched. He felt like he was soaring. He wanted more.

    Carefully and slowly, Norp hoisted himself inch by inch by the long, flowing cord. The kite was right above him. Very carefully, Norp positioned himself at the top of the kite.

    The kite fell, much like a paper does when you drop it. Norp felt like he was surfboarding, he felt like a human! The view below was sickening. One wrong move and...

    Norp shook his head, and his brown ears flapped. He had to think of things a different way. He was king, king of all he saw. Slowly, the kite descended. Then, a wisp of air sent the kite sailing back, back up in the air. It sent the kite zipping west and east like a popped balloon.

    "BARK! BARK! WOOF!" Norp shouted, but he was so high and the wind was so loud he could hardly hear his voice. Then, a large gust of air currents sent Norp falling below. Air rushed behind him, and his life flashed before his eyes. It was a sickening feeling, really.

    Just in the nick of time... Norp snatched the cord. His life was safe, for the time being.

    + + + + +

    "Now Shorn, I know you like pretending but this has gone too far!" Shorn's owner announced.

    "It's true. I'll tell you the whole thing. Ok, I was playing with the kite. It got stuck in the tree. You called me inside, and when I came out, Norp was climbing the tree! And then, I called him to come down. You heard me shouting his name, didn't you? And he tried jumping off the tree with the kite in his hands... but he was so small the kite floated away," Shorn sighed.

    "Well... yes... I heard you calling," Shorn's owner was at loss for words. Shorn sat down, his tail drooping. Tears pricked his eyes. He held his head in his hands and his tears trickled like rain to the floor.

    "W-what if... Norp never comes," Shorn sobbed, "back?" It wasn't a question. At all.

    "I don't know. He made great company," the owner sighed.

    + + + + +

    Norp was lost. Confused. His arm ached from holding the cord for so long. He climbed up onto the kite top, and jumped up. He landed, bringing the kite down. It sunk quickly, and Norp hung on for dear life. The kite swooshed. Norp shut his eyes tightly. When he reopened them, the vast ocean was stretched below, and the kite was only feet above the water. It landed with a splash. Norp hung on, hoping the odds wouldn't beat him.

    The kite just stayed on the surface. Norp gasped in delight. He waved, panicking, at the sky, hoping for some creature to take him home.

    "What's wrong fella?" a voice asked. Above him soared a large Green Eyrie.

    "BARK! WOOF! HELF! HELF!" Norp cried wildly.

    "You need to get home?" the Eyrie asked. Norp nodded.

    The Eyrie skimmed the water, laying the kite and the Warf on his back. He stretched his wings and flapped. Slowly, he trailed across the ocean, reaching more familiar places.The wind ruffled Norp's fur and he purred softly.

    The Eyrie dove very close to the water, and Norp clung to his neck tightly.

    "So... 'lil chap," the Eyrie smiled, "M' name's Orb."

    "Norp," Norp said, though it sounded like "Norf."

    "Norp? 'Ery nice name, Norp," Orb smiled, revealing golden teeth.

    They came to land, to a small town.

    "This it?" Orb questioned.

    "NEEOPEE CEENTROOL," Norp smiled.

    "Neopia Central?"

    Norp nodded. He pointed to a large town on the horizon. Orb beat his wings faster until they came to Neopia Central.

    "Where is your home?" Orb asked.

    Norp didn't answer. He was already running to his Neohome, and he came to the backyard. He ran until his stubby legs could barely move.

    "Norp?" Shorn asked, wide-eyed.

    Norp nodded. He burst into his owner's arms, and he snuggled deep into the softness of Shorn's jacket.

    "Thank you," Shorn whispered to Orb. He nodded, and was gone. Shorn cuddled his best friend.

    "I'm so sorry, Norp," he sighed, "I missed you. You should never disobey me. Ever. Neither because you're mad or because of a kite. Those things can happen again. You're lucky you're safe. There was this Neopet-"

    Norp didn't listen. It sounded like, "BLAH BLAH BLAH." He was already snuggled deep inside Shorn's grasp.

    "What is it, Norp?" Shorn asked. Norp smiled mischievously and revealed the kite.

The End

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