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The Truth About Our Refillable Friends

by tigerfanatic33


Upon entering the shopping bazaar your attention is drawn to the ‘Back to School Shop.’ You venture inside and find not exercise books, not paper, but pens. Yes, Pens. They are everywhere; somebody somewhere is making pens, for what reason, who knows, but they must not have much of a life, having to endlessly make pens. Maybe they sing a song to pass the time “One million pens left to make, One million pens. You put on the nib and you finish one. Ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine pens left to make.” However brave reader, do not be alarmed at this ‘pen invasion.’ Some of the pens want to help us and be our friend while all the others want is revenge against the pencils. I assure you that after you have finished reading this I will have ‘erased’ any fears you might still have about pens. (+Bad Pun+)

Here the story and truth behind 10 of our refillable friends:

10. Cybunny Battle Pen.

This brave pen began life as an ordinary carrot. When he was little he was selected to represent Neopia in an intergalactic Extreme Potato Counting Competition, he played as one of the carrots used to throw people off. His fame grew from this and later he was selected as the weapon for the cybunny knight Sir Carrotsalot. He served Sir Carrotsalot well and when he returned home he wrote his life story. As he had got his end covered in ink while writing the story he dubbed himself the ‘Cybunny Battle Pen.’ This courageous piece of stationary was the founder of the VAPCIS, Vegetables And Pens Cooperating In Society, creating a friendly relationship between Vegetables and Pens. The pen is mightier than the sword but this pen is mightier than the pen.

9. Wobbly Pen.

He grew up in Krawk Island, an area of Neopia full of undesirable citizens. By the age of twelve he dropped out of neoschool and got a job as a receipt writer in an unsuccessful business; the business soon went bankrupt and he was left unemployed. Poor rejected wee biro. Then he started drinking NeoCola, about twenty cans of NeoCola a day; very soon a slight wobble started from an over consumption of caffeine. Now a wasted soul, this pen can be seen begging on the street for a few spare Neopoints so he can afford more of the fizzy fantasy.

8. Inky Pen.

Shunned and disrespected by his peers he was an outcast at neoschool. No one wanted to touch or be touched by Inky because if you did you got covered in a black goop. No one wanted to use him so he found it impossible to find a job when he left school. Soon he was depleted of all his ink due to a leak in his structure and needed medical treatment; now he is role model to all pens with disabilities and is the Chair Person of PIN: Pens in Need.

7. Basic Pen.

He was never meant to succeed and never stood out. The Basic Pen was a nobody and he knew it; he didn’t do anything special. All he did was write. School was easy; he never excelled but he was able to achieve in all his subjects and when he graduated he found himself a decent job. Basic Pen is still working in the same job to this day; he is a note takers pen and gets used from 7 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock at night. What a boring life…

6. Fancy Pen.

The pen that was born with a Silver nib in its mouth. His creators owned Ink wells on Mystery Island and they were rich. The Number Six avatar came easily to them and when he started school he was instantly popular. He had more friends than a Walking Carpet has fleas; everyone wanted to be seen in his company to improve their own image. After school he got a job as a model advertising the ‘Back to School Shop’ on a hundred million Neopoints a year salary; life is good for the Fancy Pen.

5. Quill Pen.

Very old fashioned, he was born into the most highly distinguished family in Neopia, the Quill Family. This family has produced many special nibs, such as the Battle Quill, a brave knight who fought valiantly in the BFtPC (Battle for the Pencil Case) and the Neopian Times Quill, an NT Star if I've ever seen one. He attended a high class school and achieved the highest qualification available to a pen, the Golden Ink well. Now a teacher of history in a very prestigious school, he is respected and idolised by nibs far and wide.

4. Multicolored Pen.

Part of a colorful family, this pen was accepted into the red, blue, black and red groups at school; this gave him many friends. Friends, however, don’t automatically make you succeed. He barely graduated and got a job as a doll house decorator. He was pennapped at the age of thirty five by the Tax Beast for tax evasion... seems he was only paying the tax for one of his colors. Bad Pen.

3. Wheel of Monotony Pen.

There is only one way to describe this pen. BORING! All he does is write, continuously, non stop, from when he could scribble. He had no friends at school because he never played games or joined in the fun because all he wanted to do was write. Sad, boring life, he never really succeeded; he is working on an article for the Neopian Times but it's taking him a while. He is including every detail, currently at 6,196 pages.

2. MSPP Pen.

Alas the story of a corrupted pen. He started as a Plushie Poogle Pen. Born into the Poogle Pen Family. After his great uncle ran out of ink he inherited his fortune; greed made him evil and he directed his riches towards producing the MSPP trade brand and even sold the device that makes the lab ray turn Poogles MSPP to the lab ray scientist. He founded the MSPP Trade brand and is the creator the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG.) He succeeded as an evil genius and even helped in the writing of the Book of Evil. He is a pen that you shouldn’t cross.

1. Neopian Times Quill.

The most famous pen. He was a member of the Quill family and is an esteemed writer. Famous for his articles in the Neopian Times, he is respected as a great writer across the land. He has helped many wannabe NT Stars begin their literature and even holds the record for the fastest writer in Neopia. He is still employed but he doesn’t write any more; he helps the editor decide what articles and stories to publish. A replica of the Neopian Times Quill was used to write this article and I thank him for that. Well Done NT Quill.

See, brave reader, each pen has a story behind it waiting to be told (or written.) Some are friendly and others are evil. Some failed while others succeeded and others endured a hard life while other took the easy road in life. Each pen is an individual and no pen is the same. Don’t fear the pen invasion, welcome it.

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