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Neopia's Most Craziest, Spiffest, Finest Halloween Costumes

by shadowcristal


HAUNTED WOODS – The bells chime, signaling the coming of the most revered night of the year... Yes, dear reader, you guessed it! It’s Halloween, the time to put on costumes, go around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, and hope not to be pelted by ferocious neggs.

If you take a look in your closet, you’ll find that the average Neopian probably has something boring like a spooky faerie costume for Halloween... Well, fear not, dear Neopians, for this article might just be the help you need to pick out a proper costume (or even better, make one yourself!) for Halloween.

Are you ready? Get out the needles while you’re sewing, I mean, reading, because this article is about to provide some of Neopia’s most Craziest, Whackiest, Fine and Traditional costumes. (All in accordance to the title, so please, Lawyerbot-dress-ups, don’t sue me!)

Neopia’s Craziest Halloween Costumes

The Sloth-a-drone Costume – This costume consists of bits and pieces of Sloth interspersed with one of his machine drones, perfect for spreading terror around Halloween. Sloth fans, make sure you grab a well-oiled piece of machinery to add on this so it’ll look extra authentic. As for the material, black velvet or anything else dark, rich and elegant should suffice. Don’t forget the green chicken-head headdress that is trademarked Sloth. (Not to mention his ballet lesson tutu skirt.) The neighbors will be guaranteed to scream (or laugh) upon the sight of this costume!

The Valentine Faerie Costume – Okay, so there is really no such thing as the Valentine Faerie, but it’s okay to be creative when it comes to Halloween, isn’t it? It’s not very hard to imagine how the costume would look, and it’s actually a bit of personal preference. Just remember that it should be all pink and red, and go for that cute Valentine Chia look if you want something ‘in’. A cupid’s arrow (disguised as a magical item) would be the perfect companion. If you can’t envision it very well, just remember that the key word here is ‘hearts’. The door-openers will be certain to be very awed and rather shocked by your attire, leaving a lot of room and time for the practical purpose of getting candy.

The WeewooMeepit (aka Weepit) Halloween Costume – Just imagine Neopia’s two most cuddly and cute petpets merged together, and you’ll have the Weepit (or Meewoo) costume! Depending on your taste, it can either be symmetrical by half, splitting by the sides, or it could be a more even mix. Much is left to the imagination, but this costume is guaranteed to be a good surprise! Remember to polish the details, to give the costume a few ruffled pink featherlike tails and huge, gooey black, beaded eyes (and so on...).

Neopia’s Spiffest Halloween Costumes

The Hero/Villain Costume – Not very hard to guess, as this is another one of those ‘mix’ costumes which are so terribly in fashion this year. Take different elements of hero and villain typical attire, and voila, you’ve got a good costume! The big pro with this costume is the fact that heroes and villains are very easy to find almost anywhere, and therefore it would not be a big problem to find material. Just remember that you aren’t supposed to look totally Meridell or Darigan but a bit of both, and just for fun, why not alternate your speech every few sentences? Note that this combo would also work with other opposite themes, such as rich/pirate.

The Gadget Costume – Another wonderful mix-and-match costume... Directions: Take anything metallic in vicinity that looks like a product of the VirtuPets Space Station and put it together with glue or ask one of Sloth’s assistants to help. Make sure that the metal has holes so you can put yourself in it, lest it not be a costume at all. To get that extra fancy, spiffeh look, use Space Station Battledome items instead of just plain junk. Whee and whirr from an Iceray Bracelet for the cheap neighbors who refuse to give treats!

The Stuff Costume – Something rather original and unusual... There’s always a model of something out there, and this year it’s the Stuff! One of those eccentric things, the Stuff’s creepy theme does go well together with Halloween. Those whose favorite color is pink, squeal away all you like! You see, the Stuff is a pink little (or large) blob of yucky... well, stuff. Just bundle a few ripped pink plushies together to make it soft and squishy, and don’t forget to leave room for yourself. Then, take a nice promenade to watch in glee how the neighbors flee from the ever-so invading Stuff...

Neopia’s Finest Costumes

The Faerie Queen Costume – A rather traditional one, but you know, girls need something to do at Halloween too! With the faerie queen costume, drape yourself in purple all you like. Don’t forget the staff, and add a rose for just the right touch. Note that fine costumes should be finely made with details, and elaborated greatly on for their beauty. One can also play around with some alternatives, such as a Faerie Queen Doll costume or perhaps just starring as the Faerie Queen (TCG)!

The Nox Costume – What is finer at Halloween than a legend of Hubrid Nox himself? Well, it’s the famous Neopian in the Haunted Woods (also in Neoquest II), and for one day, you can be like him! Note that Nox has a lot of minions, so gather up your friends to be Hands and Hearts of Nox. As for Nox himself, there are lots of fine details such as Color-Me-Blue Face Paint and fake plastic teeth. The costume should be very elegant with many details, and don’t forget all that drab blackness which totally signifies Nox. This costume is best suited for Neopians of small stature, seeing as Nox is a Chia and not very big in size.

Neopia’s Traditional Costumes

The Von (Insert Evil Name Here) Costume – Come on, that’s is such a traditional thing... Who hasn’t heard of the Von Evil Guy costume? Dress up as some fancy villain, loads of them around here in the Haunted Woods... There’s Von Roo, though he is out and about at Halloween, but I’m sure he’d appreciate copies, and there’s also the fact that a Von Roo costume can be store-bought. (No more sewing, yay!) There is also the less-famous Von Kougra from the Wheel of Misfortune, but more evil-looking - perfect for pets who walk on all fours and still plan on looking evil. Remember to have a lot of black and orange for this costume, and maybe a fake fang or two.

The Witch Costume – Another costume that could be changed to suit multiple characters, so this is more of a traditional costume that can be stretched a bit. Basic requirements: Typical green, glow-in-the dark fur patches to show that one’s a witch and magical. Black robes or long, billowing garments that form like a dress. Add a black, pointed hat to that, and perhaps a wooden wand, and there you have your average witch! Of course, you’re free to choose a famous Neopian costume, as those are rather popular these days too. Edna the Witch, with her bubbling cauldron of candy, or maybe Sophie the Swamp Witch?

Well, that’s about it for the costumes, and I hope I’ve entertained you with this little article of mine. Remember that this is the reason why one should always keep one’s sewing skills limber, and take your pick. Of course, this is just a mere introduction, and I’m sure your imaginative mind can think of nice, odd tidbits and other equally important things when it comes to costume-making. So what are you waiting for? Make your costume and start asking for candy!

Remember, my friends, that trick-or-treating includes the unstable word ‘trick’, which means one should always have a good basket of rotten/ferocious/fish neggs close by. That is the moral of this article, to never go unprepared into a dangerous house in a ridiculous, possibly hindering costume when trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween!

Author’s Note: This article was not written in fully serious matter, and the author might’ve lost her mind quite a bit back on the way while writing. Note that the author is liable for any damages, whether mental or physical, and especially concerning neggs. (Note the numerous warnings!) Any comments or concerns should be addressed via un-costumed neomail. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and have fun with your trick-or-treating. (Neggs not recommended.)

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