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6 Ways to Fool the Pant Devil

by brymax406


HAUNTED WOODS - Drat! Did that Pant Devil steal something from you? It's pretty bad and angry. Especially if he stole a Faerie Queen Doll. Except he might drop an avatar behind. But still, he is an evil Neopian villain. Like all villains, he can be outsmarted. That's where this article comes in. In this article, you will find 5 ways to outsmart that pesky Pant Devil.

NOTE: These are FALSE ways. Some may be real, but most of them are fake. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM IF THEY SOUND WRONG!

Way 1: Empty your inventory

Yeah, if you want your items safe, you'll need a safe place to keep them all in. Of course, the Safety Deposit Box is one friend in this situation. Donating your items is another good way (but don't do it if you love your items.). Then, there is putting them into your shop. See, you might be wondering "But then someone will buy it! This article writer is very silly!" But then, you are wrong. Put them in your shop. Go ahead. Do it. Once the items are in, remember this: don't price them! Leave them as 0 neopoints to save your items. After all, there are SHOPPERS out there, don't let THEM steal your items! Then when that Pant Devil comes by, he'll see you have no items and will ignore you. Haha! Pant Devil has been fooled!

Way 2: Invisible Paint Brushes

For this way, you will need a lot of neopoints. You will probably need 1.5 million. Buy a lot of Invisible Paint Brushes. Now, paint your items. Yes, paint them! They don't only work on petpets and neopets. Now, when the Pant Devil comes by, he'll see you have no items, and ignore you. But, you still have them! Haha! Pant Devil has been fooled!

NOTE: Do not blame the article writer if you can't find your items. It was your neopoints, and you followed this way. So be careful!

Way 3: Convince the Pant Devil you don't have any items

Yes, convince that Pant Devil you have no items. Below is an example.

Me: Uh oh! The Pant Devil!

Pant Devil: Mwahaha! Yes, I shall steal your items!

Me: But… uh… I have none!

Pant Devil: But your items are in your inventory. I can see them.

Me: Oh no! You've got it all wrong.

Pant Devil: Huh?

Me: Yes. Those items are a MIRAGE. They're just your imagination.

Pant Devil: Are you sure?

Me: Of course I am. Would I really lie to such a villain like you?

Pant Devil: Yes.

Me: Uh…. well, I don't have items. So you can ignore me.

Pant Devil: Oh, okay! … Okay, I'm done. Now where's my 5,000 Neopoi-

Yes, um, the ending is all false. That neopoints part was false, it was your imagination. Haha, Pant Devil has been fooled!

Way 4: Dressing up in a Pant Devil costume

Yeah, you have to dress up as him for this way, and then fool him. You will need to make it, sorry to say. Example is below:

Me (dressed up as Pant Devil): I'm the Pant Devil!

Pant Devil: No, I am!

Me: What are you talking about? I'm CLEARLY the real Pant Devil.

Pant Devil: No, you're just another one of my fans.

Me: Wow, you really like me, fan!

Pant Devil: YOU'RE the imposter!

Me: Prove it.

Pant Devil: Well, sure. Got any items?

Me: Whaa? I STEAL items. OF COURSE I DO!

Pant Devil: Good. *evil grin*

Me: Hey, stop creeping me out, you imposter!

Pant Devil: Oh puh-LEEZE. I can prove you are an imposter.

Me: Oh really? Prove.

Pant Devil: *steals costume*

Me: Uh…. RUN! *flee*


Way 5: Luring the Pant Devil away from you

Of course, you need a Fishing Rod (You can probably get one at the Fishing Area in Maraqua), and an item. Now, attach the items to the hook. Here's yet another example of this way:

Pant Devil: Hmm…. I should play with my Usukis today.

*Item on hook flips in*

Pant Devil: Is that…. AN ITEM?!

*Pant Devil follows the item, being reeled in*

Pant Devil: Haha! I have the item! Wait…. the Space Station?!

Dr. Sloth: Ah… what a new, cute, beautiful day! Wait…. PANT DEVIL, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!

Pant Devil: *gets zapped into sludge* Ow…

Haha, Pant Devil has been fooled!

Way 6: Wait…. there is no 6th way!

Um… sorry about that. There is no Way 6.

Anyway, these ways have been tested out, and they have been approved to perfection. Trust me. It's worked. Even though the people who tested it out have been gotten back after the Pant Devil beat them in the Battledome…. Way 1 was the safest one, to believe it or not. So anyway, this article should help those problems from that Pant Devil -

Pant Devil: *bursts in* HEY! Where's that 15,000 neopoints you owe me?

Uh oh… err, this doesn't look good…. I must come up with a Way 6!

Way 6: Defeat the Pant Devil in the Battledome

Me: Hey, Pant Devil! Let's fight in the battledome!

Pant Devil: You? Me? Fight? Excellent.

15 minutes later…

Pant Devil: Ooow….

Me: Haha! I am victorious! In your face, Pant Devil!

Pant Devil: That's because you used a lot of Sticky Hands and stole my items. YOU USED MY STEALING WAYS!

Me: So? It can be useful. Especially against the Pant Devil himself.

Pant Devil: You haven't seen the last of me! *floats out, weakily*

So, there it is. 6 Ways to fool the Pant Devil. Although, that last way can't really fool him. Make sure you are strong, or your pet is strong, and you can beat the Pant Devil. Well, that's all folks! Gee, am I doing something a familiar character did? Boy, this doesn't look good! Maybe it's a good idea that maybe I should just go right now….

Psst! Hey! If you're reading this, I've made it into the Neopian Times! Yay! More articles/short stories/ anything that involves writing to come. But first, I'd like to thank the Pant Devil, the Editor, and myself for this article in the Neopian Times. Yes, I thank myself for making this article. Gee, this is a long thanking disclaimer! Uh, bye! I hope you enjoyed this article!

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