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Pterattack: Revamped

by armadi


TYRANNIA - Pterattack, a fun aerial shooting game where you control a green Pteri fighting off Dactyls and avoiding one mean Grarrl as you fly through a valley in Tyrannia.

The game was revamped from the old version of Pterattack. The controls are the same from the old version, but there have been some changes, past the graphics. Here is just some basic information for the newly revamped game, so this just hits, mainly, all the revamped stuff in this game.



There's four weapons you can use, like before. Each level is stronger then the last, naturally, but sometimes the weapons doesn't show a physical change.

Any weapon power ups you grab gives you 10 points.

Ptershot (blue)- Default weapon. It's a blue laser, not much to explain there.

Lv1- Single blue laser

Lv2- Single blue laser

Lv3- Single blue laser

Lv4- Single blue laser (Wow, great change upgrades...)

Weapon comment: I found this one to be the weakest of the power ups. Maybe that's why you start off with it because you know you don't want to use it.

However, this weapon is the only one that can do a rapid fire since its delay between shots is very short. Still, the weapon's range makes it hard to use when the screen is flooded with the Dactyls.

Pterpod (green)- Shoots orbs out three ways to begin with, but changes by level 4.

Lv1- Shoots greens orbs from your left, right, and top of your head, simultaneously

Lv2- Shoots green orbs, diagonally

Lv3- Same as lv2, but faster

Lv4- Shoots a laser that lasts about two seconds

Weapon comment: This used to be the worst weapon in the old version. Now it's just slightly better then the blue one since its level 4 stays on screen for a bit, but it can't shoot forward, so it might cause trouble in the later levels.

Pterboom (purple)- Shoots out a boomerang-like weapon.

Lv1- shoots a single boomerang

Lv2- Shoots two boomerangs diagonally

Lv3- Same as level 2, just stronger

Lv4- Same as lv2, but the boomerangs are doubled in size

Weapon comment: This was the white power up from the old game. I found this to be the second best weapon since the huge "boomerangs" are great and you shoot two of them off once it's at max level. Though the weapon has size, it tends to miss the enemy right in front of you since it goes out diagonally. This weapon isn't that well suited for the later levels.

Fireball (red)- You shoot out, oh I dunno, fireballs?

Lv1- Shoots a single fireball straight out

Lv2- shoots two fireballs out that travel diagonally

Lv3- shoots three fireballs out that travel straightforward, and diagonally

Lv4- Same pattern as lv3, but the fireballs are replace with a lightning-like...lightning. >_>

Weapon comment: I found this one to be far better then the other three. Great range, multiple hits, and just looks cool. This is the weapon for the later levels, since you will get swarmed by Dactyls in the later levels and this weapon can take out multiple targets at once.


All right, this game keeps the levels, but they're a bit different. You don't go up a level every 100 points, instead the format is a bit different.

Level 1- Start on

Level 2- 200 points

Level 3- 300 points

Level 4- 500 points

Level 5- 800 points

Level 6- 1200 points

Level 7- 1700 points

The Dactyls

Ok, these guys aren't the same as the old game. Thus far, all of them, except white, net the same amount of points, which is 5 points each.

All of them, except white again, fly the same way... straight forward. None move any faster then the others.

Brown- Appears at start of the game. Any level/weapons beats them in one hit.

Green- Appears at start of game with brown. Two shots with lv1 weapons to beat it. One shot for the rest.

Blue- Appear on level 4. Four shots with lv1 to defeat it, two shots with lv2 weapons to beat it, and one shot with lv3+ weapons to beat it.

White- Appears on level 5. These are the most painful of the enemies. They will start from the left of the screen and will randomly fly straight left to right, or fly from left to the upper right corner, or fly from left to lower right corner. Two shots with lv4 weapon to beat it.

NOTE: White will not give any points when you shoot it. Also, when you get hit by it, you won't get the normal "hit" animation, instead you fly normally with no signs of being attacked. This can pose a problem when you have the sound off and get hit by it, but if the sound is on you will hear the Pteri "chirp".

So yes, white Pterodactyl is more of just an “annoyer” in the game since it poses nothing, but trouble to the flyer.

Gold- Appears on level 6. Two shots with lv4 weapons to beat it.

Red- Appears on level 7. Two shots with lv4 weapons to beat it. They seem like the final level of Dactyls.


Life in this game isn't like the old game since you don't get life every two levels instead, the most many will get is 3 extra lives.

You'll get a plus life when you score 500, 1500, and 3000 points.

Tips and other stuff

- Unlike the last game, you can shoot the Grarrl and have an effect on it. Shooting it with any weapon of any level will not only stun it and make it fall off the screen, but give you 10 points. Fireball(lv2+) and Pterboom(lv2+) are best for this since you can shoot it from the side, instead of going straight behind it.

- Better to stay to the center and right side of the screen. Left is a bit hazardous since the white Dactyle always comes from the left and you don't know which way it'll head when it appears.

- If you start to get “swarmed” and you’re close to a wall and that Grarrl isn’t that far away from you, “hug” the wall. If you know how close you can get to the wall without losing life, if can help you greatly when you’re in a jam.

Also, when the Grarrl is that close to you, it can be best to shoot it, but only if you have one of the power ups that can attack without you having to get behind it. This will also help to give you more room to shoot.

- No sign of the huge Grarrl from the old game, that is a GREAT thing.

- If you get "swarmed" with Dactyls on the screen, the game will slow down and your shots will be slowed to one shot on screen, at times.

- Since power ups are far more common in this version…beware when you do get "swarmed" because there's a good chance you might accidentally get a different power up. If that happens, sorry, but it's game over if this happens in level 6 and up. It’s hard to recover your power up by that point.

- When the Grarrl comes stomping onto the screen, the huts that you see below you will get crushed, if they are in the Grarrl’s path, but you will lose no points when they get crushed.

Well, that's everything. I hope this will help players that like, or having trouble, playing it.

In my opinion, this turned out to be one of the better revamped games. Have fun beating Dactyls down and avoiding the now slower Grarrl.

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