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Gallions: Guide to the True Neopian Dragons

by you_are_me


These fascinating little fellows live in the wilds around Neopia as well as in many Neopian homes. The truth is that Gallions are a very popular petpet nowadays, but the first time I came across one of these little creatures was unfortunately when one bit my leg. It wasn't a great start, neither for me nor for the Gallion, but since that day a long time ago in Mystery Island I became fascinated with Gallions so that I'm now studying them. I even tried raising my own Gallion, but I guess he or she (and how was I supposed to know?) didn't like me and my pets much, so that the Gallion ran away the same night I bought her or him.

Everyone (or almost everyone) in Neopia enjoys dragons; who wouldn't like these little cute things that can fly and breathe fire? Plus, they come in many different colors! And so everyone wants to know more about the little evil Gallion. Yes, because as all dragon-like creatures, Gallions are evil and have a bad behaviour if they are hungry. If not, why would the Gallion on Mystery Island have bitten my leg? I'm not food and everyone knows that.

What are Gallions? Are they only here for biting everyone?

Before starting to explain everything I know about the Gallion petpet I will need a live specimen to help me and what's better than this white Gallion I got from Mystery Island? But be careful, everyone; this is a wild Gallion and not one of the tamed ones we see in Neopian homes and that are bought in the Meridell petpet shop. So step out of the way.

Gallion: RAWR!!!

You heard that? This Gallion is in a bad mood and wants to be fed; that's not good at all because I'm not food, I repeat, I'm NOT food and I'm not going to be bitten again. So, little Gallion, if you want to eat something, you can eat Kahsha. *points to the mutant Lenny standing in the corner of the room* Though he probably doesn't taste very good.

Kahsha: ME? But I need to do something, I think I'm going, see you later! *runs away*

Gallion: *runs after Kahsha trying to bite him*

Off we go, now I'm finally free to explain what Gallions are and what they exactly do here in Neopia, you may ask why I wanted a wild Gallion, but now I can finally prove that they have a dangerous behavior. But that doesn't really matter, does it? Everyone would continue buying them even if they were the most dangerous creatures in Neopia. Because they are dragons, maybe even more dragonish than the very well known Draiks.

As a dragon expert I must say that Draiks are not true dragons; they are more like a species of dragon called wyvern because they walk using two legs and not four legs just like the wyverns. On the other hand, the Gallion petpet is much more like a true dragon; it has two long horns on the back of the head, it walks using the four legs and has wings and a long tail. Though, there is a big question about Gallions. Can they fly? And if they can't fly are they really dragons?

Can Gallions really fly?

I've been studying Gallions for many years now, and in all my life I never saw a Gallion flying. Maybe they can fly when they want to escape from danger or in other situations but I doubt it. The wings are too small for managing to support the body weight. Forget about the dream with Gallions flying around because that's not going to happen, I can't say for sure that they can't fly but they don't usually fly. They stick to the ground as the other non-winged petpets.

Another very interesting thing about this petpet is that Gallions live in groups where the oldest Gallion is the leader. Just like wild Lupes do. While in group, the Gallions don't fear anything and can hunt large prey that a Gallion alone could not hunt.

Where do they live?

Mystery Island currently is the only place where wild Gallions can be found. Of course, Gallions can also be bought in the Meridell petpet shop, so almost every Neopian thinks that they are native from Meridell, which is obviously not the truth. Meridell's weather is too hot and dry for any dragon-like creature. Except maybe for the Draiks. But Draiks are not very related to Gallions they are different creatures. Pet and Petpet, wyvernish and dragonish, kind nature and dangerous nature.

Why are Gallions so expensive?

Well, this is a very obvious question: because they are dragons, and everyone would like to own a dragon, dragons are cute, fluffy, although a little dangerous, but overall everyone would love to have one, if the Gallion was like a pig or a cow I'm sure that it would be much, and I really mean MUCH cheaper. But the demand on these petpet made them rare and very expensive. Sadly, more expensive than many persons in Neopia can afford. Some say it's not fair, and probably it would be much better if Gallions were common, but maybe it's the best for the little Gallions. If they are more expensive and rare, fewer people will buy it and they can return safely to their homeland on Mystery Island. If that doesn't work, they could always revamp the Gallion and expect the price to drop.

Another thing I learned with Gallions is that they are the most sly and cunning petpets I know, so if you own a Gallion, be careful with it.

Kahsha: *comes running into the room* Take me out of here ! HE WANTS TO EAT ME! *points to the little white Gallion running after Kahsha*

Gallion: HMMM... *bites the feathers in Kahsha's tail*

You see what I mean, right?

Me: It's time to go, bye everyone... AHHHHH... *runs away*

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