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The Jackals of Sakhmet - Kasha's Plot: Part Nine

by arrielle5


Sakhmet City, Castle Gates -

"What happened?"

      "What's going on?"

      "Who took my sister?"

      Cole and Omar made their way to the front of the crowd, and climbed up on the little stage-like structure that stood up front. Omar raised his paws in the air, and everyone fell silent. It was strange. Cole had never had so many people's attention before; neither had he made a speech, but he tried anyway.

      "Um… people of Sakhmet," he started, looking back uncomfortably at Omar. Omar gestured for him to turn back around.

      "Um… as you can see, there are many necklaces on the ground. Do not put them back on! I repeat, do not put them on! A traitor by the name of Kasha was using you with these necklaces!"

      Many pets gasped, and some shouted an insult in the name of Kasha. Omar and Cole smiled at each other. They were actually listening to them! Cole went on.

      "She was helped by an accomplice by the name of Niger, both Cybunnies, and…" Cole paused for a moment, not quite sure how to say the next words.

      "And she has petnapped Princess Amira…"

      Everyone started shouting, and yelling. Some pets even picked up the necklaces and started throwing them at the walls of buildings. Cole and Omar looked at each other nervously, not sure what to do or say next.

      "What do we do now?" someone shouted.

      "How could such a thing happen!" screamed another. All the pets started protesting and shouting, saying how they were going to be a complete wreck without the princess.

      "Cole, say something," Omar whispered.

      "Like what?"

      "How about you say 'Make way for the princess?" a voice said loudly from behind. Everyone went silent and stared behind Omar and Cole. Scarab, who was dragging along the scowling Niger, had appeared behind them, followed by Lycos, who was smiling warmly, and also…

      "Princess Amira," Cole gasped, moving out of her way. At the sight of their princess, everyone cheered, bowing low to the ground. Cole, Omar, Lycos, Scarab, and, despite himself, Niger bowed as well. Princess Amira smiled, looking around cheerfully at her subjects. Once everyone was on their feet again, Princess Amira began to speak.

      "Thank you! All of you! It is great to be back! I would like to thank a few people…" she pointed a paw at Scarab, who was holding Niger tight by the arm.

      "I wish to thank Scarab, leader of the Dunes, for capturing Kasha's accomplice…"

      Niger blushed, looking terrified at the disapproving look Amira gave him as the pets clapped and cheered for Scarab.

      "Next, she continued, pointing to Lycos. "I would like to thank Lycos, despite the fact that she was stuck in an alley most of the time, for discovering me tied up in a sack in the tower!"

      More clapping and cheering, but this time for Lycos. Princess Amira walked behind Omar and Cole, pushing them up in front.

      "Next, I wish to thank these two brave children for removing those foul necklaces from our great civilians of Sakhmet!"

      There was much more cheering for Cole and Omar, than anyone else, which made the pair blush. The princess returned to the front, patting the two on the head. Her smile faded slightly.

      "And last, I would like to thank an Ixi called Lee…"

      Cole and Omar turned to stare at the princess quickly.

      "I want to thank her for making an ultimate sacrifice to save me, and the City of Sakhmet… Poor Lee was taken from us while searching for me, by that self-absorbed Cybunny, Kasha. I ask you, the people of Sakhmet…"

      Princess Amira went on, but neither Cole nor Omar were paying attention to what she said. Lee was… was… gone? Kasha stole her…? Cole's expression was tense, and Omar closed his eyes, his head bowing down towards the ground. Scarab and Lycos, who noticed their reaction, looked at them nervously.

      "Cole," Omar said quietly. Cole looked up at his friend. "I don't want to be here right now…"

      Cole nodded, but they could not leave just yet. Princess Amira had now gently pulled them away from the cheering crowd, back into the castle grounds. With Scarab, Lycos, and Niger on their tail, the princess said, "Scarab, you can go ahead and take him straight to the dungeons."

      "With pleasure," Scarab smirked, leading the frightened Niger off to the direction of the dungeons.

      "Tell me, boys," Princess Amira said once they were all inside. Two Tonus carrying staffs approached them, escorting them to the throne room. "How do you feel?"

      "Lousy," Omar answered at once. Lycos chuckled, making them all stare at her.


      Princess Amira walked up to her throne and sat down comfortably in it. She let out a sigh of relief, and then looked down at the three pets before her. The Tonus stood on either side of the throne, staring off into space like soldiers.

      Cole caught a glimpse of the streets outside through the window on the side, but then turned back to the princess when she cleared her throat. The princess looked down at Lycos and said, "Lycos, how would you like to be a Court Maiden? You could always stay here in the castle."

      Lycos bowed, smiling from ear to ear, and replied, "Yes, Your Highness! I would like that very much!"

      "So be it! Boys, show her to her new quarters!"

      Nodding, the Tonus led the peppy Lycos out of the throne room, shutting the door behind them All was quiet, except for the streets of Sakhmet. You could still here the pets reconstructing the city they nearly destroyed. Princess Amira looked down at Cole and Omar with a concerned expression.

      "I know it must be hard learning your friend is missing," she began. Cole and Omar said nothing.

      "I'll send out my guards to search for Lee… We'll find her, but for now, you should at least be happy you saved a whole city!"

      Omar stared hard out the window, but Cole spoke up.

      "It didn't make any difference. Kasha's still out there, and if a young child manages to find one of her necklaces and tries it on-"

      "It won't affect them in any way…" Amira finished. She held out her paw, and Omar and Cole could see two broken pieces of red wood.

      "Lycos found her staff by the tower and broke it in half," said the princess, throwing the pieces on the round. "Kasha must have dropped it when she was taking L…"

      Princess Amira went quiet, staring out the window. For a moment, she wished she was not trying to comfort these little boys. But they needed someone to comfort them…

      "You both are welcome to see me whenever you need, but I have another issue to talk to you about," she said. "Seeing as you two have to steal from others to get your food, I am going to reward you both 10,000 neopoints each, and you can spend it on whatever you like…"

      Omar's jaw dropped, but Cole said nothing, glaring at the window. Princess Amira stared at him nervously.

      "Cole, I know you're upset, angry even, but there has to be something that you're happy of… capturing Niger, saving Sakhmet, saving me?"

      Cole remained quiet, thinking about Kasha and Lee… He looked out the window; the large, gray clouds had cleared up, and it was bright and sunny once more. Shopkeepers were bargaining with customers. Customers were bargaining with shopkeepers.

      Hissi charmers were entertaining the crowds of pets that enclosed them in a small circle. Everything was busy. Everyone was busy. Everything was back to normal… almost everything. After a few moments silence, Princess Amira spoke.

      "I thank you, once more, for helping the city, but if there's anything else I can do… anything I can get for you, just name it."

      Omar, who had lightened up a little, put a paw to his chin, thinking of chocolate the princess could give him.

      "What about chocolate?" Omar asked happily. The princess laughed and nodded, and then turned to Cole.

      "What about you, Cole?"

      Cole was glaring at his feet, forming a fist at his side. He looked up at the princess and Omar, still angry, and said, "Lee…" and then walked out of the throne room with a heavy heart…

      * * *

      Sadly, my friends, I must end our tale here, for the truth was that little Cole had lost his best friend. Of course he would want revenge on Kasha, but where could he find her? What was she planning to do with Lee? What was Lee feeling at this precise moment?

      Again, I must say, if there's one thing no one likes its unanswered questions. Cole and Omar returned to the streets, but they had money as a gift from the princess with them. As Princess Amira promised, she had sent many guards out in the middle of the desert to find Lee. Scarab even promised to have his band of thieves help look for Lee before he returned to the Dunes.

      But the search for Lee, is an entirely different story, and a completely new adventure…

The End

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