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Magic vs. Technology - Which is the Better Element?

by darkerstrife


Greetings, fellow Neopian. I am Strife, Virtupets extraordinaire. Some people say I'm insanely delightful. Others say I'm delightfully insane. Doesn't make a difference to me...

Well anyway, I was at my workplace in Orbital Space Station #4 the other day, briskfully typing away at my terminal, when I spotted a bright object soaring through the blanket of space. After squinting out of the window of my office, I noticed that it was the honorable Space Faerie herself. It was typical to see her soaring through the stars like a comet, but at that moment, a thought crept into my brain.

"Golgasp... I just thought of something."

"Query: What is it now?" replied my robot Grundo.

"What do you think is better... magic, or raw technology?"

It really was a tricky question. I mean, the highly advanced technology of the Space Station was, in a lot of ways, similar to the magic found in places like Meridell or Brightvale. A Meridell citizen casts a magic spell to create fire, thus cooking his delicious potato dinner. A resident of the Space Station can do the exact same thing with an X-22 Potato Rehydration Module.

But there is one big difference between the two elements. The use of magic requires the power of one's heart and spirit. Technology requires brains, and for the most part, dexterous fingers for continuous button-mashing.

So, I decided to create my newest article concerning the similaries and differences of magic and technology. And, if you haven't guessed, it's what you're reading right now.

So, without further ado, we shall explore the strengths and weaknesses of these two principles that govern our world of Neopia.

First of all, which is easier to use?

We've seen bolts of lightning emerge from the hands of a wizard. We've seen the same thing done with a Lightning Gun. But really, which is easier?

People who are magicians have been practicing magic their whole lives. They've spent years training themselves to manipulate the natural world around them through magic spells. On the other hand, Neopians who are skilled with operating machinery have spent most of their time studying technical books.

But there's one cold fact that separates the two elements: Some people are simply incapable of learning magic (specifically, most humans in Neopia, and robots).

"Irritated Statement: I heard that."

I meant no offense, Golgasp. ^_^;

But, even experienced magic-users can learn about technology, and how to use it. Therefore, technology wins this round.

But... which is more powerful?

This is really something to consider. When stepping into the Battledome, should your pet bring a mystical Wand of Supernova, or a state-of-the-art Florbix Blaster?

To determine which element really is stronger, we'll have to dive really deep into the subject. But I believe that it's simply a matter of opinion. And in my opinion, magic has the potential to overpower raw technology.

Why? Well, most technological weapons are physical things. You squeeze the trigger of a Virtublaster, and a beam of light shoots out of it. Simple? Yes. On the other hand, a magical Neopet has the ability to make fireballs appear out of thin air and can hurl them at his opponent. Therefore, blasters and other "physical" weapons always run a higher chance of breaking or malfunctioning than a magical weapon. I mean, how can a wizard's brain malfunction? Perhaps a confusion spell? Or maybe a blast from an H4000 Helmet. Hmm...

Well anyway, as proof that magic is indeed stronger, take a look at Dr. Sloth and his ongoing mission to rule Neopia. Now, I work for the guy, and I must say that he has the most advanced technology in the galaxy. For crying out loud, his battlecruiser is indestructable! And his quatchu sauce recipe tastes JUST LIKE CHICKEN!!

But for some reason, the Space Faerie, and the other Neopian faeries, always manage to foil his invasion efforts with their combined magical abilities and sparkly dresses. In a nutshell, magic wins this round.

So, which is right for you?

Okay, so here's a recap in case your brain got confuzzled with my indubitably elaborate vocabulary: Technology is easier to use, but not as strong as magic. Magic can be more powerful than technology, but it's harder to learn. So, what should you use in your everyday Neopian life?

Actually, there is no right decision. It's all a matter of taste. But, I would recommend that you use an element that is native to the location of your Neohome (or wherever you like to visit in Neopia). If you're a Maraquan, or a peasant in Meridell, learn the ways of magic (or, at the very least, have your pets learn them if you can't). On the other hand, if you dwell in Neopia Central or like bouncing around the surface of Kreludor, learn about the latest, greatest gizmos and gadgets on the Neopian market.

Come to think of it, why not use both? Be a magician AND a technician! Mix and match new magical potions and cook them on your Virtupets G-5000 Hydrodynamic Cooking Oven. Operate the computer terminal at your workplace while levitating in mid-air. Bring a Locator Device or Pocket Satellite to the underwater fishing cave, find those fish, then create a magical current to blast them out of the water. The possibilities are endless.

"Confusion: Sir, I thought you created this article to find out which element, magic or technology, is BETTER, and not assume that both are equal."

Yeah... uh... but I changed my mind. I suppose each of them has a practical purpose in Neopia. Although personally, I like to use technology. After all, I DO work in the Space Station. And if one of Sloth's commanders caught me playing with a bag of faerie dust from Illusen's glade, I'm sure the consequences could be dire.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. :)

Disclaimer: This article is a production of Virtupets Incorporated, and it is in no way related to the Division of Underground Neopian Guardians. In fact, just pretend that D.U.N.G. doesn't exist. Thank you for your cooperation.

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