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Top Ten Petpet Household Appliances

by candykitty


NOTE: None of these uses of your Petpet does any harm to it. This has been checked by me, the author. I mean, who’d want to harm one of those cute critters??

Petpets are a great thing to give to your Neopet. They make excellent pals and allow your Neopet to have something to look after. Even though a bit boisterous, they are the shining stars of the games Petpet Battles, Petpet Cannonball, Petpet Rescue and Petpetsitter. They can win the Petpet Spotlight and PPL Award – and mostly, they’re so totally CUTE!

But that’s not all, my friend; that’s not all. DUN DUN DUN.

Not many people have noticed, but Petpets also make the most fabulous temporary HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES when your toaster is broken or you’ve lost the scissors! This article is a guide dedicated to the top ten Petpet household appliances to use in your Neohome. Enjoy!

Number Ten – Angelpuss

Angelpi are the most obvious Petpets to use as the angel on top of your Christmas tree! They also make great ornaments to just hang from the branches, if they’re scared of heights. These cute cats are very good at glowing with prettiness and pride, so the tip of the tree will always be brightened up at Christmas if you own one!

Number Nine – Beakadoodle

The long, sharp narrow beak of the Beakadoodle can shatter thin nutshells for you in no time at all. Well, that’s not really what I originally planned to say, but I just thought of the crazy idea as I finished the description of its beak, so… what I was meant to say was that it makes a great hole punch for paper and cardboard! The Beakadoodle makes a great companion for when you’re making crafts. Oh yeah, and another thing; it is so long that it can push stuck things out of small hollow cylinders – like straws!

Number Eight – Spyder

If you’re ever feeling lazy, laid-back or sleepy during any time of the day, just get your Spyder to spin a nice stretchy hammock for you. Even better, in the summer there are always these annoying flies and insects around that break into your Neohome through the open window and buzz around in the most annoying fashion – so I’m sure that your Spyder will agree to spin a web in the open window that not only blocks entry, but also gives it tasty snacks.

Number Seven – Turtum

Forgot your helmet to wear while playing Bumper Cars? Use a Turtum! This friendly Petpet from Meridell is the perfect fit for any head, and its extremely tough shell allows your skull to be fully protected. (Don’t worry; the Turtum is also perfectly safe. Yes, that’s how tough it is.)

Number Six – Uggatrip

This is a not-so-popular appliance and it’s a strange idea, but anyway – you see those unique rows of plates on the Uggatrip’s back? Well, they’re perfect for stacking hot toast in to use at the breakfast table. Make several pieces at once and stack them all between these plates so that everyone can dig into the toast whenever they like! And the Uggatrip isn’t harmed, for its thick scales protect it from the heat. Easy peasy!

Number Five – Skelly

When all of your cutlery is dirty and dumped on top of the pile of dishes that need to be washed, just get your Skelly to act as both a fork AND a spoon!! Its clean dry mouth makes a fantastic spoon to eat your soup with, and the sharp pointy bones protruding from the tail can be used to pick up chunks of food. …Okay, so maybe I’m not so sure about the spoon. I mean, it’s a skeleton but how does it live? Can it even taste and swallow food? Doesn’t it need a tongue for that, and – okay, I’d better stop blabbing and move on to the next Petpet.

Number Four – Wuzzle

Speaking of toast (see Number Six – Uggatrip), how does it BECOME toast when you’ve got NO toaster?! Well, just pop your bread up in front of a Wuzzle and let it cook until it’s nicely browned! The Wuzzle can also heat up/cook other foods, acting as a microwave (which you might also not own…). And it doesn’t stop there. Can’t get a fire going? Simply seat your Wuzzle into the fireplace and let the heat warm up the Neohome.

Number Three – Wadjet

When your spanner is broken, you can tighten up screws, nuts and bolts into place by using the super-strong body of a Wadjet. After all, it is a snake-like Petpet – the body of this creature is meant to be very efficient in gripping things. Also, you need to brush your teeth before bed but you just can’t get the last drop of toothpaste out of the tube! When you own a Wadjet, it’s simple – just use it to squeeze the toothpaste out. In the meantime, you’d better get some more toothpaste!!

Number Two – Pinceron

Those sharp, dangerous-looking pincers on your pet’s Pinceron are the perfect things to use for cutting materials when a) your scissors are broken or no good and b) you have no scissors! Razor-sharpness is just what you need for cutting through anything you need to cut through, and the Pinceron is just the right Petpet for that job. WARNING: Do not let it attempt to scythe through any extremely hard materials such as metal or very thick wood. This could lead to its pincers being snapped – a very nasty accident.

Number One – Filamen

The nervous-looking but cute little Filamen is not a very popular Petpet, but it is actually very very useful for when one of the light bulbs in your Neohome is blown. A Filamen just happens to BE a light bulb! It can glow even brighter than the sweet Angelpuss, and can keep up its strength for hours to illuminate any room until you get a new light bulb to replace the old one. However, FILAMENS ARE DELICATE! Do not accidentally drop the Filamen and shatter its glass, or let it overheat until it blows! They are very small, remember, and not very strong in physical matters. Otherwise, it deserves to be Number One on the list.

Thank you for taking your time to read through my small guide on Petpet household appliances! If this got into the Neopian Times, I’m thrilled! (I’m not very good at writing articles.) Remember, Petpets are not only cute and cuddly – but also are very handy in situations when something in your Neohome needs repair and something else must take up its position until it is ready to use again. Hope you found it interesting! ^_^;


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