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Gimmie Gimmie Never Gets

by 101monica101


Adrian and Morgan were both really nice pets. They were both yellow Kougras. Twins actually. They had the best of manners, taught to them by their owner, Natalie.

      When called for, the twins would come right away. They did their chores without being asked. They even did extra chores, and loved to help out and donate to the Money Tree. They would even make Natalie a special breakfast in bed. Yes, the twins were really special. Everyone loved them. They were even grandpets, since their 'mother' Natalie's mom was on Neopets too.

      One day, a long time ago, Adrian and Natalie went to see the paint brush gallery, and all the painted pets they had there. Adrian looked at all the Kougras, and one in particular caught his eye. He was dark black, and his stripes were a firey mass of red, orange, and yellow. Adrian wanted to look like that, so he went to ask his mom about it.

      Morgan looked around at the Kougras as well. And, being a girly-girl, loved the pink Kougra, whose stripes were even pink! She wanted to look just like that, and went to ask her mom about it.

     ''Mom, mom, can I be fire? Please! I'll do even more extra chores, mom. I just want this so bad!'' Adrian asked, in a polite way.

     ''Mom, mom, can I be pink? Please! I'll do even more extra chores, and I'll clean my room every day! I just want this so bad!'' Morgan asked, in a polite way.

      Now, Natalie knew that for her pets to ask for anything (they never asked for things), it meant that they wanted it so bad. And since they had always been so good, Natalie said,''Sure my sweeties! I'll start saving right away! But you had better be good!''

     ''We will, mom!'' the twins said in unison.

      Months had passed, and finally, Natalie had enough neopoints to afford the paint brushes. She went out with her pets to buy them, and then went to paint them right away.

     ''Are you ready to be painted? There's no going back!'' said Natalie.

     ''Yes mom! We are ready!'' the twins shouted, and shut their eyes tight. They still couldn't really believe that they were being painted!

      When Adrian and Morgan opened their eyes, they couldn't even recognize each other. Now, paint brushes are very powerful things. Not only do they have the power to make twins not twins anymore, to change pets' appearances, but they also have the power to change a pet's personality. Sometimes for the worse.

     ''Adrian, is that you? You look like fire!'' Morgan asked, staring at her wide-eyed brother.

     ''Yes, and you Morgan, you are all pink!'' Adrian exclaimed.

     ''Awww!'' said the gushing owner. ''You guys look great! Let's walk around town to show your new paint job off!''

      So they went. Natalie and her pets walked to the food shop, and picked up some yummy food. Then she went to the book shop to pick up a new book to make her pets smarter, and finally, she stopped off at the Health Food store. On the way back home, she passed by the Toy Store. Then it happened.

     ''Pssss, Morgan.'' whispered Adrian into his sister's ear.

     ''What???'' asked Morgan, who hated whispers in her ears.

     ''You know how we asked to be painted, and we got it? Let's ask for toys! We are sure to get them!''

     ''Hey, you are so right! Why have we never thought of that! I'll ask first.'' Morgan walked up and patted Natalie on the foot.

     ''Yes, sweetie? Is something wrong?'' Natalie asked.

     ''No, mommy. I just wanted to look at the toy store. They have many new things there, and I do not have many toys. Can I please have a new one?'' Morgan asked sweetly.

     ''Sure, honey! Let's go right inside.''

      Once inside, the Gimmies began. If you are wondering what the gimmies are, you will find out soon enough.

     ''Mommy, they have a koi plushie! Please, can I have one?''

     ''Yes! Which colour?''

     ''All of them!''

     ''Honey, we can't afford that!''

     ''But mommy!'' Morgan began crying and screaming and kicking around. Natalie was so embarrassed, that she bought all four plushies.

     ''Thank you, mommy,'' said Morgan when they got outside. Natalie never even said 'you're welcome'.

     ''Hey mom, how come she got new things! I want some too! Can I please have a chocolate?'' asked Adrian, jealous of his sister.

      Natalie thought for a while, and considered it fair to get Adrian something as well. She stepped into the Chocolate Store.

     ''Which chocolate would you like?'' Natalie asked, checking her purse to see what neopoints she had left.

     ''The white Lupe chocolate, the dark chocolate Uni, the orange Scorchio cookie, and...hmmm...the jelly Blumaroo!'' Adrian decided.

     ''All that? Pick just one Adrian!'' Natalie pleaded.

     ''One? But Morgan got four things! I want four things!'' Adrian began screaming and kicking, like Morgan. He made an even bigger scene, and the shopkeeper threatened to kick them out.

      Natalie sighed, and bought all four candies, and left. She stopped three more times though, as her pets kicked and screamed for new books, a smoothie, and a musical instrument to play on the way home. The instrument they picked was the harmonica, and it grew quite annoying as the pets played badly together the whole way home.

      When they got home, the pets scrambled upstairs. But not before they begged and kicked to be allowed to play all through the night. Play their harmonicas that is.

      Desperate, Natalie ran to talk to her mother. She always knew what to do.

     ''Natalie? What ever is the matter, my dear? You sounded just horrible!'' cried her mother as she rushed into her daughter's neohome.

     ''It's the twins. Ever since I painted them, they have gotten the gimmies! They asked for something just once, and I gave it to them, and now they have the worse case of the gimmies that I have ever seen!'' Natalie sobbed.

     ''Oh dear. Is that all it is? I had thought there was a fire, or Maraqua was under attack again!''

     ''That's all? That's all mother? My pets were the best behaved pets ever!'' Natalie screamed, crying and being angry at the same time.

     ''Honey, you can't expect them to be perfect! Every now and then they will fall into a rough patch in their lives, and you must fix it. You just need to know how. Now, when you were a baby, you had the gimmies too.''

     ''I did?'' asked Natalie, in shock for a moment.

     ''Yes, the worse case that I had ever seen! Even when we were shopping for healthy food you begged and screamed and kicked until I bought you something. Most of the time it was something that you didn't like! So, from then on, every time we went out, I let you get one thing, and one thing only! And after that, you fell into a routine, and the gimmies were gone. Now excuse me my child, I must go. I left some tea boiling at my house! Bye!'' and her mother left.

      The next day, Natalie went out shopping again. She explained to the twins what she expected of them (to pick one thing and that's it). Adrian picked a kiko squeeze toy, and Morgan picked a Uni plushie.

      On the way out of the shop, a red Meerca came in with her mom, and started screaming and kicking, saying that she wanted the Grundo plushie,and she did just what the twins did. Adrian and Morgan watched for a while.

     ''That's disgusting! How rude it that?'' said Adrian.

     ''Very rude. I mean, my ears hurt!'' Morgan agreed.

     Natalie just laughed and said,''Let's go now, I am making a special dinner today!''

The End!

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