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Brains over Brawn - the Secret in Brightvale Armoury

by neowizard1287


Hmmm...Tunics, Robes, Clothes, Cloaks and Garbs, seem like a pretty useless defense, right? Well...to the not so brainy or speedy pets, that would be correct. Brightvale Armoury. Now, you're probably wondering, why I mentioned brains and speed. Well, that is because to unlock some of the 'useless defenses' potential, you're pet will need to have brains or speed, not strength or defense.

Well, you would probably expect nothing much from Hagan, the one who rules over these lands and their stocking and making of these complex defenses. Right now, I bet many of you are confused and are wondering, 'what is he going on about, is he really going to keep ranting about origins and speaking in riddles? Where are my juicy secrets?' Yea...well that’s coming, just wait a little longer.

Intelligence and speed aren't really what most would think of training up for battle, well, Brightvale Armoury, a.k.a. BA, is slowly changing the fact that most pets rely on their brawns to do their bidding. To use some of these weapons you will need a hefty amount of intelligence, and maybe speed. So...first things first, time for some tips on how to get your intelligence way up there. You will need anywhere from 500 - 1000 Intelligence from the Tunics that have been tested so far. The new ones are still untested. Now, I'll get to the tunics and what they do, with and without the intelligence in a moment, first we have to get your intelligence up there.

Now I must warn you, getting to 1000 intelligence costs roughly around 1million neopoints, as for 750 and 500 it costs less. And as new common books are being released, the price of 1000 intelligence will slowly drop. Now time for some tips:

Tip 1: Buy ALL the Brightvale Books and read them! They are very cheap despite their rarity for the most part.

Tip 2: Restock at all the book shops, pick up lots of books their instead of paying extra by the shop wizard!

Tip 3: Ask other Neopians with high intelligence to give you a copy of their book list, I for one would help. (Yes, my Wocky does have 1000 Intelligence ;))

Tip 4: Try and wiz snipe some of the rarer books, it takes time but it will save you a lot of neopoints.

Tip 5: Ask for book discounts, if you see a great book restocker, ask them to group together 10 or so books and give you them for a discount. The worst they can say is no.

Tip 6: Do NOT worry about unbuyable books; you do not need to buy those. There are plenty of buyable books that will get you 500 - 1000 intelligence.

Tip 7: Pray for a visit from the traveling library. Yeah…it requires a tad bit of luck, but there is nothing like a free book that you haven’t read yet to make your day all the better!

Tip 8: I have heard rumors that Faerie Crossword Puzzle and Cliffhanger sometimes gives your pet an intelligence point or 2.

Ok...so that’s all my tips I have to offer for getting those books and reading them up. Ok, so now you are probably wondering: 'So why do I need this intelligence again?' Well there are at least 4 Tunics so far that require intelligence to unlock their potential, and they are all INVALUABLE in battle. So I'll start with the lowest INT requirements to highest.

Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic- r99 - Defends about 2 fire, water and dark icons. With 500 intelligence though, when you use it acts as a healer and heals you 75 Hit Points, then disappears for the rest of the battle.

Crisp Blue Tunic - r99 - Defends about 2 of both earth and water icons. If you have 750 intelligence, it drains 100 HP from your opponent and heals you 100. Then disappears for the battle. BUT, there are some requirements in battle you must meet along with the intelligence; your opponent must have 100 HP to drain and you must have over 100 HP to heal.

Heavy Blue Tunic - r99 - Defends 3 of each air, fire and water icons. But if you have 1000 Intelligence, it freezes your opponent for a turn and defends. Then disappears for the rest of the battle.

White Linen Tunic - r99 - Defends 3 air and 4 earth. If you have 1000 intelligence, it also defends 7 darkness icons. Ok, so maybe this one isn't so valuable in a battle, but the other 3 are. OH and another thing, 1000 INT might not be the minimum INT required but we do know it works at 1000 INT.

Ok, so that explains the tunics that involve intelligence. I would like to point out again, many of the new tunics are untested and some hint that intelligence may be needed to unlock their full potential, but that is all unknown.

Now onto Speed; I really don't have any tips for speed, just train religiously and get lots of air faerie quests. So far 200 is the lucky number for speed, and 2 Robes rely on it to unlock their potential.

Purple Hooded Robe - r98 - Defends 2 earth, light and water icons each. If you have the speed it occasionally drains 10 HP from your opponent, but doesn't heal you.

Heavy Robe of Thievery - r95 - Defends 2 light icons. If your pet has 100 intelligence and 200 speed it steals an item from your opponent. Sounds like Sticky Hands, eh? Well it's not; this has a 100% steal rate and your opponent does NOT get the tunic - truly great if you have the speed.

All done, I hope you have enjoyed learning Brightvale Armoury's great secrets and that you will put them to use in the fight against evil by time war comes. (Or...good...but beating evil is so much more rewarding ;))

Oh yes, and one more thing, I would like to credit IDB with info on white linen tunic and the 2 tunics that require speed, I did NOT test them. I would like to thank my friends who helped me test the other tunics, you all rock!

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