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Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Guide to Time Tunnel

by shanshui


Well, I haven't earned a Time Tunnel trophy or anything, but it doesn't mean I can't give tips. Some people find Time Tunnel absolutely frustrating! Well, I'm here to aid that pain in your head every time you start Time Tunnel. I've seen a lot of Time Tunnel guides that show you how to challenge the clock. Rushing through without thinking all that much. Well, this one is different. This one shows you that slow and steady wins the race.

1. Introduction

You have to figure out the exact combination of colored stones. How? They give you clues. Orange means that the stone is in the combination, but you just put it in the wrong position. Green means that the stone is in the combination and you put it in the right position, so leave it. White means the stone is not in the combination.

However, if you put down 2 brown stones on the right and 2 white stones on the left. And 2 green lights come up in the right and 2 white lights come up in the left. It doesn't mean the brown stones are correct. It means that 2 of the stones are in the right position. It doesn't mean the two on the right are in the right position. You get a total of 12 tries to guess the combination, and now I hope that cleared things up. Now, it's time for the strategies.

Do not depend on the instructions above! Read the official instructions! The instruction above does not fully cover everything!

All the strategies below are written by me. I discovered them while I played the game. I did some things I regretted, and I will also list those below so you don't do the same things as me.

Lights mean the orange, green and white marks. Stone means the 6 different colored things.

2. Tips and Strategies

So, have you read the Introduction? If you have, now we move on to the strategies. There are a total of 6 different stones in the game. But you only start with four. Then as the game goes on the orange stone is added, and then the purple stone.

This strategy is optional. Now as soon as one level starts, just submit all stones of the same color. Like all white or all brown. I'm going to use all white as an example. Then press UNLOCK. If it comes up with 4 white lights, it tells me that there are no whites in the combination. However if green lights come up, depending on the number of green lights, if there are 2 green lights it mean that there are 2 whites.

So I'm going to say I got 2 white lights. So now I know that there are 2 whites in the puzzle. So now I would submit 4 browns.

So I submitted 4 browns. 1 green came up, and the rest are white lights. So I know that there is 1 brown. So now I submit all red or all blue. So I submit all red. 4 whites came up! That means that there is 1 blue since there is only one more color. So now I know the combination has 2 whites, 1 brown and 1 blue!

It's not over yet! I have to figure out their position. So I submit something like this:

Red, white, white, brown.

Oh no! 4 orange lights appeared! But do you know that 4 orange lights is a good thing? Once you have 4 orange lights, its light you already have the puzzle 90 % solved. How? Since you know that none of them is in the right position. You have to say to yourself, I cannot put any of them in the position they are now in. So now I can't put the red in the position it is in, I cannot put the white in the middle 2 positions because they are both white. And I cannot have the brown at the position it is now in.

So now since the two white stones cannot be put in the center 2 positions I am sure one is where the brown was and one was where the red was. So now all I know the white position is right. And I put the red and brown where the white was. Now it looks like this:

White, red, brown, white.

Now I got 2 greens and 2 oranges! Ha! I've got them! They think they're so smart! The combination is easy now. Since I'm sure the white are correct where they are. So there is only one more place the red and brown could go. The red only can go on the brown's spot and the brown only can go on the red's spot!

So I submit this:

White, brown, red, white.

It is obviously correct! Because we thought about it.

Now you know the most important strategy to Time Tunnel is to think slowly. Don't rush or you'll make a mistake you'll regret. Think about it. Ask yourself the questions that I asked myself in the strategy above every step of the way; you'll do just fine!

Alternatives to the strategy above are below! However it's harder to understand. But once you do understand, you'll have less pressure.

Remember when I found out there were 2 whites in the puzzle? And I submitted 4 browns? Well there is an alternative. I could submit 2 whites and 2 browns! Why? Because I know that there are two whites, so I would know that there would be at least 2 orange and/or green lights and anything more would be the amount of the other colored stones, in this case, it's brown.

Another example of the strategy alternative would be. Remember when I knew that there were 2 whites and 1 brown? Instead of submitting 4 reds or 4 blues. I would submit 2 whites, 2 browns and 1 red, or blue. Using the same strategies as the above strategy alternative.

But this guide isn't over yet! Below are the things I regretted while playing.

3. Time Tunnel DON'Ts

I've made some mistakes that I regretted. Read them and don't make the same mistakes! Here they are below, some are pointless too.

Got distracted by something else and when I came back my time bonus was 0.

Closed the window.

I rushed through because I wanted to complete it over 100 seconds. And guess what, it just made it worse! I guess fast isn't really for me.

I knew the correct combination but I was so excited that I accidentally clicked a stone one too many times and submitted it, a waste of tries!

The answer was really obvious but I didn't really pay attention and ended up winning only when I actually looked at the clues.

4. Conclusion

Thank you for reading my guide. I hoped it helped you in some way. Does slow and steady win the race? Or does the speedy win the race? Everybody is different and I believe some people think slow and steady something fast. But either way, they both work. Have fun playing Time Tunnel!

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