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Her Piece of the Sky

by larenbeka


Flap, flap, flap beat, flap, flap, thump, thump. A white Shoyru's wings beat heavily and persistently. She swooped down lower so she could look at her town. It was a small, quaint, little town; so little, in fact, that it wasn't even on the map. The town square was right off of Neopia Central a little ways and it was not far from Meridell and Roo Island. The natives called it Veronese for its pale, misty, green colored trees.

      It was home to many kind and quiet Neopets who liked to be isolated from the rest. In her town, everyone knew everyone and all about them. It was very comfortable and cozy to grow up there. She smiled gently and her jade eyes glazed over happily. She thought of her owner, Kati, and her wonderful cookies, the way she smiled when she was excited, how she surprised her every once in a while, and the brilliant times they had together. She was an only pet and she was content to the brim. Nothing could go wrong.

      But it did.

      * * *

      She arrived home to her front lawn with its perfectly trimmed grass and the symmetrical hedges, the mauve door, the buttercup-yellow curtains that fluttered in the windows and the charming walkway. She sighed pleasantly and opened the door. With that simple gesture of opening she welcomed the sweet wafting smells from the lively kitchen. As she looked around the familiar parlor she sighed, yet again. There was a snug, slightly battered sofa, an enormous armchair that many get lost in, an antique table with many stains and a lovely window seat with all the necessary pillows required.

      She started to climb the rickety, narrow stairs to her attic room when she heard her name called from the lucid mouth of Kati. She wheeled around and plopped down on the chair that Kati indicated. She smiled, her eyes expectant.

      Kati seemed to hesitate, and then she turned around and sat down. Then she got up. She sat down.


      "Okay. Well…erm, do you want a cookie? They're ginger snaps!" she said pathetically.

      Brhyta eyed her suspiciously. Whenever Kati made ginger snaps, something was wrong.

      "Brhyta, you see…well." She let her hands fall to her lap. Her shoulders sagged farther than they were meant to and she looked at Brhyta in such a piteous way that she longed to reach out and placate her, lovingly. But in another aspect, she wanted to scream at her, "Come on! Tell me!"

      "Alright. Bryhta, we're going to take care of my sister, Helen's pet. She is a blue Cybunny and her name is Leta." She lifted her eyebrows uncertainly, waiting for a response. But, Bryhta did not grant her with this simple outburst of emotion. She sat there on the ottoman, wearing a blank expression of nothingness. Her face was a concrete wall to the story of her emotions and reaction. She was inexorable and almost…frozen in that ounce of time passing by her.

      Finally she looked up, still blank and perplexed. This was much worse than a tantrum. She spoke rationally and articulately, "Kati, I'm sure she will be very nice-"

     She stopped, mid-sentence. Kati was beyond herself with remorse, she seemed as if she could cry at any minute.

      All of a sudden Bryhta burst out, arms thrashing, voice vibrating with each word and her face a page of fierce, angry resentment. "How could you! We were so happy together! Now she'll hog all your attention and you'll like her better!" She flew out of the room, a stormy fury left behind. Kati sat on the battered sofa, breath caught in her throat, disgrace and failure painted on her cheeks and dancing in her tired eyes. As the dust settled, she looked out the window to see a carriage coming down the lane.

      It was Leta and Helen.

      * * *

      Kati ignored Brhyta and got the door as she heard the faint sound of a timid knock.

      "Helen! Welcome, I've missed you!" Kati swept in her travel-worn guests with open arms. Her face was a light with her stringy blonde hair, astonishing green eyes and a contagious smile. She vivaciously led them to the parlor and called for Brhyta.

      Brhyta reluctantly, leisurely made her way down the wooden, worn stairs. Her arms and wings folded, she stiffly sat down on the sofa opposite her guests.

      "Well, I'll introduce everyone then." Kati put her hand out, palm up and continued. "This is my sister, Helen and her Neopet, Leta. And this…is my Pet, Brhyta." She watched both parties attentively. Brhyta lifted her gaze briefly and apathetically to catch a glimpse of Leta.

      She eyed her warily and spotted a very small, fragile-looking blue Cybunny with extra long ears and rather diminutive paws. She seemed unsure and fidgety…Brhyta scoffed.

      "Well…I have to go. Kati, it was exquisite to see you again. I'm sorry our time must be cut short. It was very nice seeing you, Brhyta. Leta, I will miss you terribly! Come see me off…" Leta obediently followed Helen into the front hall and they had a nice farewell, alone, while Kati begged Brhyta to be kind and indulgent.

      When Leta re-entered the room she looked up at Kati with a small tear in her eye. Kati embraced her warmly and spoke to her quietly and comfortingly. She whispered something that made Leta utter a sharp, indistinct, awkward giggle.

      "I'll bring your bags upstairs to your new room; you'll be sharing with Brhyta. You two chat and get to know one another while I do that and maybe…I'll make some pastries!" Kati said, forcing Brhyta to mingle with this unworthy Cybunny.

      "Brhyta, please show Leta where she'll sleep."

      "This way," Brhyta said simply. The poor Leta followed innocently after her. When they reached the chamber Brhyta sighed wearily. "This is it." She let Leta drink in the tiny window with dianthus curtains, the double bed with the green checkered bedspread and the sparse white dresser with the matching mirror and the rocker in the corner piled with plushies. Brhyta was stretched across the bed. Leta walked over and tentatively sat down, as if she might break it with a single touch.

      "So…..where did you live?" Brhyta tried to make conversation unsuccessfully.

      The timid Cybunny spoke softly, "We lived in Faerieland. It's lovely. Helen had to care for her mother and she was always working. She was good to me." She quietly hung her head. Brhyta watched her.

      Leta lifted her head, "Everyone has wings there. I," she looked at Brhyta as if quickly deciding something about her, "I have always wanted to touch the sky and take a piece of it, but I shall never have wings so it is hopeless." The Cybunny stopped her speech abruptly. She looked so overcome by the talking as if it took much effort to form a sentence.

      Brhyta thoughtfully interpreted this and contemplated over it. She made of it a very worthwhile wish. Too bad, it will never happen, though, she thought.

      * * *

      As the weeks progressed and cunningly slipped by, Leta and Brhyta got on very well and shared many joyous hours. Brhyta found Leta a kindred spirit, which was very gratifying.

      The other members of the town had noticed the new presence in Kati's home. They made up ridiculous gossips and stories about the new guest. It was one of the only lively months Veronese had had for a long, monotonous time.

      Brhyta forgot how to play alone and she forgot about the times she had before Leta came. Everything was focused on a new energy and a new idea and everything seemed fresh and more exciting than Brhyta had ever hoped her life would contain.

      After Leta had been staying with Brhyta and Kati for quite some time, even after the townspets found out who she really was, the pair was given a name. They were not referred to as Brhyta and Leta anymore. They were one person to them, for they went everywhere together, did everything together and had a splendid time with one another.

     They were now a singular person containing two identities, two souls; they were Brhyaleta.

      The companions found the name charming and they didn't mind being given a new nickname to share. They thought it enchanting. They made up stories and games and forts and identities and all sorts of inventive illusions to play just because of the name.

      Right when the inseparable pair were having a pleasant time being pirates, something dreadful grabbed them and halted their fun brusquely.

      That day, as if a cloud had snuck into her chest and invaded her lungs, Leta fell ill with the Sneezles and could not come out to play. Brhyta kept her company and just rearranged her schedule to indoor play.

      But Kati could not afford the cure, and Leta stayed ill for days. Brhyta was not allowed to be too near her and had to resolve to being alone. She realized how much she missed Leta and had much time to think to herself. She thought about the first thing Leta had ever said to her, "I have always wanted to touch the sky, and take a piece of it…"

     Brhyta thought about this a long, long time and finally came up with a plan.

      * * *

      Kati was busy tending to Leta mostly, but somehow Brhyta managed to get through to her that she was going for a fly around the town. She went over the park, the pond, the forest with its misty trees and she went higher and higher…

      She had brought a spare jar with her and she hovered as she opened it. She flew over to a cloud……

      * * *

      Brhyta reread the note she had scrawled earlier,

      Dear Leta,

      I'm very sorry you are sick. I miss you so much! While you have been ill I have been busy thinking.

      I was thinking about what you confided to me on your first day here. I came up with a solution, two in fact. First, I have an account in the Bank that no one knows about; not even Kati. And I think I may have just enough to pay for the Magic Cookie. Second, although you may never fly, I can. I put a bit of a cloud in this jar so you can always have the sky with you. And when you get well, I will take you up to the clouds so you can touch the sky.



      She carefully slipped it under the crack under the bedroom door and padded down the hall with a smile on her face.

      Brhyta kept her word. On the very day Leta got well, she took her up to the sky:

      They soared above the tiny town with ease, the world under Brhyta's wing, the sky below and above their happy souls. They raced the wind higher and higher, faster and faster, riding the wordless wind's tongue of hollow breath, up to the tip of the endless infinity protecting Neopia. There was nothing that could have cured Leta's illness better than touching the sky with her best friend.

The End

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