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Better Than Kelp

by lestatishot


MARAQUA - Every day several Neopians praise the wonders and delights of Maraqua’s five-star restaurant, Kelp. From its delicious appetizers to its die-hard entrees it seems that nothing can beat this fantastic dining house. But, to be honest, is Kelp really all that great? Although many consider it to be the best restaurant in all of Neopia, think about it. Almost all of its specials are way too pricey for average Neopians. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to get a reservation. So my suggestion is why not enjoy the classic Neopian hangouts instead? Here are twenty fabulous places that even Kelp doesn’t compare to.

Section One: Food Stores and Hangouts Found in Neopia Central

1) Food Shop

Even from the outside it’s easy to tell this little grocery store has what it takes. From milkshakes to cheeseburgers to juices to Neo Crackers, this place has it all. Not to mention it restocks almost CONSTANTLY. Even the shopkeeper is as welcoming as the Burger-shaped building it’s located in. :)

2) Chocolate Factory

With its positively appealing title, the Chocolate Factory is a must-have. With its range of jelly treats to scrumptious chocolates every Neopian should visit it! Some of its delicious desserts include Chocolate Flakes, a Gummy Kacheek Tail and a Strawberry Jelly Chia.

3) The Bakery

Now, I have never once heard of a single Neopet disliking the bakery! This is a classic we’re talking about! ;) Including tempting treats like doughnuts and shortcakes, the Bakery is a well-known place in Neopia Central. It even sells just plain bread!

4) Health Food

Okay. So it isn’t the most tempting place you’ve heard of... But it’s still good! Don’t fear it just because of its repulsive appearance. It’s healthy and delicious. Some great foods to try there would be Organic Olives or an Organic Red Apple. (Everything’s organic!) :)

5) Hubert’s Hot Dogs

With the welcoming name and homey appearance, Hubert’s Hot Dogs is a great hangout for Neopets and owners alike. Many prefer the classic Chilli Hot Dog while some would rather devour a Flaming Hot Corndog! Whatever appeals to you the most, Hubert will have it in stock, I guarantee. :)

6) Pizzaroo

With its unique colors and designs, Pizzaroo is a great place to try something new. It not only sells full pizzas but slices as well. From a Dung Pizza to an Asparagus and Yoghurt Pizza, this place has it all. It even has the exclusive Vegetarian Pizza Block! :)

7) Fresh Smoothies

And, yes, they are fresh! With an enchanting title and appealing look, it’s not only delicious... it’s nutritious! Coming in several sizes like small, large, and not to mention mega, these smoothies are to die for.

8) Soup Kitchen

It’s welcoming, delicious and not to mention free! Run by donations from the Money Tree, this adorable little hut includes... well... soup! If you’re just beginning Neopets (or have recently spent most of your money) then this is the place for you.

Well, looks like this wraps it up for Section One! On to Section Two now!

Section Two: Various Food Shops Found All Over Neopia

9) Food Stall – Lost Desert

Containing mostly “sandy” foods, this Lost Desert shop is a nice, little place to stop and get some nourishment. From its famous Cheops Plant to its sand fruits, the Food Stall covers it all.

10) Spooky Food – Deserted Fairground

Don’t be shocked when you first enter this eerie little food stand located in the creepy yet mystifying fairground. Its foods are bizarre but in most cases very delicious as well. I recommend trying the Octornapie or the Slime Sundae for dessert. ;)

11) Café Kreludor – Kreludor

Currently located on Neopia’s one and only moon, Café Kreludor is a cozy little place to stop and enjoy the scenery around you. Its foods include a Gooey Kreluberry Pie and Kreludan Jelly Pyramids.

12) Slushie Shop – Happy Valley

Sitting at the bottom of Terror Mountain, this chilly shop contains delicious slushies ranging in several flavors. There’s the classic Snow Slushie and the more unpopular Dung Slushie.

13) Tyrannian Food – Tyrannian Jungle

With its prehistoric atmosphere it’s no wonder there would be these odd foods! From Sack Plants to Dino Snappers, this interesting food stand has everything a dinosaur would desire. :)

14) Giant Omelette – Tyrannian Plateau

Although this isn’t an official restaurant or food shop exactly, it’s still a great place to go when you’re low on Neopoints or are just craving some classic omelette. It’s been known to give out several different flavors such as plain, carrot and pea or barbeque.

15) Merifoods – Meridell

Containing mostly foods fit for commoners and peasants, Merifoods is not as “merry” as it sounds. For example, one would buy from here a Cup of Water or Gruel... Not much, huh?

16) Faerie Foods – Faerie City

Ah! The most enchanting place in the universe! Faerie Foods, located in scenic Faerie City, sells heavenly treats to Neopians of any kind! Some delicious dishes are Chocolate Faerie Logs and Chocolate Eartharoles.

17) Tropical Foods – Mystery Island

With various fruits and organic vegetables, Tropical Foods is a great place to stop and pick up some exotic treats. Some popular ones are the Slugroots and the Cocoa Juppies.

18) Grundos – Virtupets Space Station

With its cute phrase stating how it contains food that is “quite literally out of this world,” Grundos is a great place to catch up with an old friend or acquaintance. Although most of its food consists of specific outer space kinds, it’s still a great place that’s roomy and cozy at the same time.

19) Kiko Lake Treats – Kiko Lake

Located in an exquisite area surrounding a gorgeous lake, Kiko Lake Treats is a great tourist restaurant to visit with friends and family. You can grab some fancy desserts or simply sit and stare at the lake as you gobble up a Pink Rock Stick.

20) Jelly Foods – Jelly World

Hidden in an unknown land called Jelly World, this utterly strange food stand is made entirely of jelly! Not to mention it sells jelly as well... Wait. What am I talking about? Everyone knows Jelly World doesn’t exist... ;)

    And there you have it! Twenty dining places that are better than Kelp. What? You STILL think Kelp is better?! *sigh* Well, whatever you decide, just know that if you don’t have a reservation to get into Kelp, these twenty great places are just around the corner. ;)

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