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Miraculous Maraquans

by lama12122


MARAQUA - Miraculous, astounding, beautiful, and bizarre are all words that could be used to describe Maraqua. Ever since it has opened to the public it has been constantly growing and changing, due to all the Neopians flocking to it to spend their summer vacation. Neopoints are spent on fine dining at Kelp, while visitors admire the beautiful maractite structures. Yet, past all of the hustle and bustle of the city, is a quiet and breath-taking beautiful environment, where wild Maraquan pets swim free. It is a place where Primellas swim amongst the sea anemones and Pepitos are chased by Jetsams, while the Blunas weave their way through coral reefs. Each aquatic Neopet and Maraquan painted pet has special features that help them survive the harsh condition of the seas. I have written this article to describe some of the more unique creatures of Maraqua, and how each of their characteristics is special in different ways. I have gathered my eleven favorites and listed them here for all to see.

11. Acara—The Acara is just as happy in water as it is on land. It can breathe and swim just as good as any ordinary fish. The Acara is one of the many other playful pets and enjoys looking for sunken treasure. Its thick fur keeps it warm in chilly water and its bare feet are padded, making them very tough and able to withstand hard ground.

10. Maraquan Korbat—Using its large wings, this Korbat is found mostly gliding in the clear waters near the surface. Like an airplane, the water under its wings gives it lift and it is almost as if the Korbat is flying. In the late hours of the day it plunges down to the ocean floor and eats the little critters that scurry along it. The Korbat uses it sharp fangs and tail for defense.

9. Maraquan JubJub—This colourful critter is a master of disguise. These JubJubs are made to look like a bunch of coral, which is great for camouflage, and it helps them immensely since they are not quick, nor possess any other defensive mechanism. They are also playful and enjoy hopping around, chasing little fishes and petpets.

8. Maraquan Shoyru—This pet is another with a pleasing appearance. It resembles a sea turtle and travels in schools with its fellows. They have very powerful fins that steer them through the water like ores. It eats a number of leafy sea plants and spends most of the day searching for food. In addition to being constantly hungry, this Shoyru is also very playful and enjoys playing games with the others it travels with.

7. Maraquan Lupe—Residing on both land and in water, this Lupe has a sleek body that is just made for zooming through the seas and sliding down rocks, into the waters below. They have very keen hearing, although their ears are half the size of the average Lupe. They also fold back, making the Lupe swim swifter and preventing damage to their precious sense. Like many wild Lupes, the Maraquan Lupes travel in packs. Just as on land, they are also very territorial and eat a variety of meats.

6. Peophin—The Peophin is a unique species of magical Neopet that lives mostly underwater. It has the body of a horse and a tail similar to a Flotsam’s. Peophin have a crown on their forehead with a jewel planted in the center that possesses magical properties. The Peophin’s fluke is very large, giving it great bursts of speed and the mane gives it an attractive look, making it a truly marvelous creature.

5. Maraquan Ixi—This interesting-looking pet was very recently discovered (maybe because it, too, has a gift for camouflage). This Ixi has quite a detailed appearance and gives off the look of a tangle of seaweed, which is what it mostly eats. It can be found (if you have a keen enough eye to spot it) weaving its way through kelp forests and snacking on whatever grows there.

4. Maraquan Grarrl—Next to the Jetsam, the Maraquan Grarrl is the largest predator in the ocean, with an uncanny resemblance to a shark. Because of its large size, this Neopet is fairly slow, although it tail is very powerful. It is also blessed with rows or razor sharp teeth and extremely strong jaws that have the power to chomp through wood, bones, and old rusted metal that has sunk to the ocean floor. That deadly mouth is what gives this Grarrl such an impressive and ferocious look, telling other Maraquans who’s in charge. Even though it has a powerful jaw and sharp teeth, they aren’t much use to it because it feeds on smaller fish and petpets.

3. Jetsam—This species is very rare, but one of the biggest predators in the sea. It swims through reefs, searching for a tasty snack, mainly Pepitos. These unfriendly and vicious creatures have a powerful tail that propels them through the water, along with four other fins. Their jaws and teeth are much bigger and stronger than that of a Maraquan Grarrl, since their food is much bigger. The crests above their eyes, however, serve no purpose but give it a scarier look.

2. Marquan Gelert—On land, these Neopets are known to be very fast, built with long, muscular legs. In the water, however, they are even faster. In addition to all that muscle power, the Maraquan version has webbed feet that make it quicker. A long tail replaces its back legs which make it much more aerodynamic so it can cut through the water like a torpedo. It swims through the water as a snake would slither on land. As well as being incredibly agile, this Gelert has an extremely impressive appearance.

1. Maraquan Draik—These residents of Maraqua are very rare, what with Draiks being limited edition and all. Their unique colouring helps them blend in with the reefs to hide from larger predators. Their ears and dorsal fin make them aerodynamic, so they can move through the water easy, which comes in handy because the webs between their fingers help them move extra fast. These dragons of the sea also have two long whiskers, giving them the look of an oversized cat fish. They are very friendly and playful. All of these characteristics and its attractive appearance make this Neopet #1 out of all the Miraculous Maraquans.

Well I hope you enjoyed one of my first articles and expect more in the future. I hope it made you think differently of all these great sea creatures and that they have been given their pleasing appearances for a reason. The Maraquans are just one of the many unique colours in Neopia. As new worlds are discovered, new colours are released but no one shall every forget one of the most beautiful—the Maraquans.

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