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by master_hobo_gogeta


GAMES ROOM - What could be more enjoyable then eating all those flies and bees and occasionally a lily or two? Well, it may not seem as appealing as you think, but it is well worth it! Flycatcher, in my opinion, is one of the best games Neopets has come out with. I hear a lot of people have trouble with this game but it isn't really that hard. I also hear people say that the game takes too much time, but then again, don’t all great games take a while?

The point of the game is to eat all the flies before they reach you. You can move from left to right with the arrow keys, and press the space bar to use your tongue. The flies get you random points, depending on where you hit the line. I’ve noticed most of the time when you hit the middle of the line, you only get two points. I’ve also noticed most of the time when you hit the end of the line you get five or ten points.

If you are trying for a score high enough to get a trophy, first I would suggest trying to beat all the tens levels first without trying to get those pesky bees. The bees are worth an extra 20 points, but if you ever hope to get a high score good enough for a trophy, you must first learn to beat the game with all of your lives. Yes that’s right, I said all. Have you been able to beat the game? Have you been able to beat it with all of your lives? Good, it's time to move on.

Don’t stop reading yet, I haven’t even reached the most important part. Next, try to get to the tenth level with all your lives. If you miss a bee or two, it's ok; just don’t miss a lot, like ten. Ten bees missed could be 200 points off, which could very well make the difference between high score table and a trophy. Could you make it to level ten with all of your lives? Good, now let’s go over what you should do when you are able to beat the game with all of your lives and get most of the bees.

Now, when you have played this game a few times, you get a good sense of when the bees will be coming. This will be your advantage. When you play each level, attack those flies as fast as you can, but once that pesky bee comes by, drop whatever you are doing and go finish him off. Also, when going to eat the bee, make sure he doesn’t run into you, because then you will lose a life. If there is no possible way for you to get the bee, just continue, and hopefully the bee will be a bit easier to get next time.

Ok, now that we went over the bees, it’s back to the flies. Make sure there is at least one fly left, that is, until the fly is right near you. This is because if you finish the flies off early, you will miss at least 2 bees. That is only 40 points lost, but if this happens in all the levels, that is 400 points lost. Eating the flies is the important part in saving lives, but eating the bees is the secret behind all the great scores.

Now, what can we do while we are waiting for that last fly or waiting for the bees to show up? This is a very simple question. If you have any time left, eat all the lilies you can. I prefer to go for the ones closest to me, to prevent losing too much time. I know what you are thinking. Why should I hit this lily five times just to get one point? Well, even the little things add up.

I have seen this little mechanical bug fly across the screen from right to left before, but I haven’t seen it that many times. This little bug doesn’t give you any extra points, so just ignore it. In fact, it makes your Quiggle say “Yuck.” You really shouldn’t worry about these little pests, but I thought I would just bring it up so you don’t go after them if you ever see one. Now, I will go over one of the hardest parts of the game.

This next part can get a bit tricky, but if there are any avatar collectors reading this, you should be familiar with this scenario. Does everyone know how to get the Meepit vs. Feepit avatar? Getting a trophy in this game is very similar. You must eat all the flies in this level but one, just like before, and eat all the bees you can. What makes this hard are the flies in this last stage, because they move extremely fast. Now, you must get all the bees you can, and just let the little fly kill you. Yes, I said it; let the little fly kill you. Not only that, but repeat the process one more time until you only have one more life. Then, just play this level like you have been playing all the other levels. If you followed this guide thoroughly, you should have at least over 2000 points.

Why must I lose two lives, you ask? Well, it is quite simple, actually. Every time I play the tenth level, I can make it close to 300 points. If you get to play this level 3 times instead of one, you could make somewhere around 900 points for the tenth level. Add this with the 100 point bonus you get at the end of the game, you could make close to 1000 just on the bonus and the last level.

I hope that this guide helped everyone who read it, but if it didn’t, I am very sorry. Although I can offer strategies, the only way for a person to get good at a game is practice. I practice every day and that is the only reason I am somewhat good at the game. Remember, if you need any more help, just neomail me.

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