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Brought Together II: Part Three

by springsteen0991


The new, possessed version of Smatty brushed herself off and continued to grin as she walked quietly back through the pink and purple halls, which were dimly lit at night. Everything about the Kyrii had changed; her casual stroll had turned into a fierce march, her humble eyes instead now gave a dark, vicious stare. She looked down hastily at the Amulet of Ascendence, which clenched her throat tightly but not enough to cut off circulation. Her eyes shifted right and left, and a moment later the dark-golden light emitted from the gem ceased to shine, and the Amulet became invisible seconds afterwards.

     Coming down briskly from a flight of steps, she spotted Strophagus's room and stepped through the door mechanically, but with complete stealth and silence. She gazed around the room, as if she was searching for threats, and saw everything the way it was when she - well, the old Smatty - had left only a half an hour before. Her covers were still rumpled and halfway down the mattress, and Strophagus was still sleeping still in a sideways position in his bed. She tiptoed back to her own bed, keeping a close eye on him. For a moment her eyes softened and someone else in the back of her mind was telling her this Quiggle was a friend....

     She shook her head and dismissed that thought as fast as her eyes had regained their dark, heartless look.


     "I cannot believe this has happened!" Strophagus exclaimed full of worry, not hesitating to panic. It was the next day, early in the morning. Strophagus had been notified during breakfast (during which he had noticed Smatty was in a peculiarly unpleasant mood) that the Amulet had gone missing and both of them had rushed down to Fyora's basement immediately after that. Smatty had faked an expression of shock, which everyone had obviously went along with. Why would they not, after all? Smatty in her right mind would never do such a thing - it wasn't like she could have ever broken into that box anyway. It was guarded with all sorts of curses. To top things, no one could see that Smatty was wearing it around her neck, due to its ability to turn invisible. Fyora had made a grave mistake, she underestimated and had not forseen the powers of the Amulet, which had a mind of its own.

     The Amulet was using her body as a tool, and the real Smatty was trapped somewhere in the smallest corner of her mind, unaware of what had happened and not in control of anything. All she knew then was that she would have one task at a time in order to achieve her ultimate goal, and as of that moment, her task was to take Strophagus and Fyora out of the picture.

     "...I sensed something wrong as soon as I woke up, so I rushed up to the office," Smatty tuned in from her thoughts to hear Fyora say. "The door had been locked with regular mechanical security, and magical, so I can't see how anyone could have just marched in like that. Then to my horror, the curtain was lying on the ground, leaving the hallway down to the basement in clear view. I drew my Rod of Ultranova and prepared myself for the worst. Obviously, someone that could break into my office and locate the Amulet of Ascendence is powerful enough. To my surprise...the Amulet was gone and the room was deserted."

     Strophagus looked at Fyora sympathetically, but Smatty looked almost indifferent. A second later, her head seemed to snap into a barely convincing look of sorrow that was highly uncharacteristic of her. Strophagus glanced at her with a crooked face but she ignored him.

     "Alas, now, I have absolutely no idea what has happened to the Amulet," Fyora said, her voice cracking towards the end of the sentence. For a second she looked as if she was about to cry, but she quickly straightened up and took a deep breath. "Now, it is critical that we locate it," she announced in a much deeper voice. "The Amulet of Ascendence is extremely powerful and for all we know, someone around the hidden tower could be wearing it right now. The tower is being highly guarded with faeries and is being searched too. Security levels have been raised to a high level. And," she added, turning towards Smatty, "I'm sorry that all of this had to have happened on your vacation here."

     Smatty stared at the Queen icily, with a look of pure hatred. But again, that face snapped into yet another superficial grin, and she said, "No problem. Can Strophagus and I do anything to help?"

     The Royal Quiggle next to her winced. Smatty had just called him Strophagus - something she never did.

     "Oh, really, you shouldn't...." Fyora was trying to refuse the offer, but having a bit of trouble. She could use the help. And yet, she was beginning to notice something strange about Smatty too.

     "No, I insist, Queen Fyora," Smatty urged. "I'm sure we could do something to be of service."

     Strophagus winced again; his jaw dropped open. Smatty had just called Fyora 'Queen Fyora' instead of her usual 'Queenie.' Something was definitely wrong, he had felt it since that morning. He knew Smatty too well...and this red Kyrii standing next to him was not Smatty. The thought that somehow the Amulet was controlling her crossed his mind, but he couldn't see how. She wasn't wearing it, he thought.

     He kept an eye on Smatty as Fyora replied to her uncertainly, "It would be fantastic if you two would go up to the Hidden Tower Store and help the faeries hide away all of the dangerous weapons; we don't want anyone to go near those, even less purchase them...."

     So that's where they're hiding the weapons, Smatty thought, pleased with herself. Strophagus continued to watch her intensely, and by now he was positive that the Amulet was controlling her, he could simply sense it. He had worked in the hidden tower for too long a time not to sense things like this, and Smatty would have never behaved the way she had in a million years. He then finally stopped gazing at the Kyrii as there was no point in continuing to study her, and he stared meaningfully at Fyora. The Queen had acted as if she hadn't noticed anything in Smatty, but she wasn't stupid. She knew something was going on, but also couldn't find enough evidence to prove anything.

     "I will get right to it, Queen. Strophagus, come on," she said in the most robotic voice Strophagus had ever heard in his life.

     "I think I need to stay behind for a moment with Queen Fyora," Strophagus said slyly. "We need to discuss...something. I'll catch up with you," he finished lamely.

     "It will only be a minute," Fyora said to the Kyrii. She was already pulling out her Wand of Ultranova when she saw Smatty stare at both of them maliciously.

     Smatty laughed, but there wasn't a shred of warmth in it. "I don't think so. Both of you are going to stay right here." Her hand reached out to touch the Amulet on her neck, which was still invisible, when her face screwed up and she pulled her hand back down to her side with difficulty. "Wait," she said, her eyes becoming less dark and turning into the ones of the real Smatty. For just a brief second, both Strophagus and Fyora thought they saw an outline of the Amulet of Ascendence show up around her neck.

     Strophagus and Fyora knew instantly that Smatty was trying to take control from the Amulet over her body, and getting extremely confused in the process. Fyora had never known anyone to be able to fight the Amulet in all history, it had always been completely empowering to all who wore it. The Queen gaped but did not waste time taking out her Wand of Ultranova and pointing it at Smatty. She looked like she was beginning a magic spell, but she was stopped dead in her tracks.

     The Amulet had regained control over Smatty once more, Strophagus (who was standing completely still with shock), knew it because her eyes gave it all away. The Amulet had become completely visible now, and a beam of white light shot out from its gem straight at Fyora. The beam seemed to soak into Fyora's skin and paralyzed her entire body. Her mouth remained open, the Wand stood still in her hand, and she ceased to move completely.

     Strophagus gasped. "Queen Fyora!" Not knowing what to do, he ran towards Smatty, and desperately tried to grab at the Amulet, but of course it was no use. A beam of orange light burst out from the gem and knocked the Quiggle back. He fell to the ground and lost consciousness, feeling lightheaded.

     Smatty glanced around the room. Fyora would be paralyzed for a while; she had thought about getting rid of her completely, but perhaps she could be of use later on. Strophagus was knocked out on the floor, and she assumed he would stay that way for a while. With an evil, satisfied smile, she pulled the Wand of Ultranova out of Fyora's hands, walked up the steps of the gray hallway, through Fyora's office, and out into the corridors.

     Her next task would be to find the other weapons.

To be continued...

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