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A Guide to Usuki Frenzy

by katcrzy559


GAMEROOM – Sally’s parents are about to depart on their trip, trying to wait patiently for Sally to collect the rest of her things. She thought she packed everything she needed, but she forgot the most important thing! Her Usuki Dolls! YOU need to help her run through the house and gather 10 of her favorite Usuki Dolls in two minutes before it's time to leave.

Usuki Frenzy is a short, fun, and easy game that has been long forgotten by many. Why has it been forgotten? Maybe because the game has become old news, or because of the poor graphics, or maybe just because it’s way down in the list of games! Usuki Frenzy may seem like it’s not that important of a game to you, because of its lack in point score and lack of avatar. But don’t you think poor Sally is devastated when nobody helps her?

I play Usuki Frenzy every day just for that easy 800-900 Neopoints! This may not seem that much, but if you consider a max high average of about 190-205 points with 150 Neopoints for every 100 points, you get about 285-308 Neopoints per game! Your probably thinking, “Wait!? How do you get that many points? I can only get ‘insert lower score here’ points!” Well, if you read my guide, and you practice the game, then you can be well on your way to earning more Neopoints, and even a new trophy!

After pressing the “Play Game” button, you start off in Sally’s room and 10 Usuki sets appear at the bottom of the screen. Even though it seems they are always different, which tends to throw people off, the fact is that the sets always change their order! But the same Usuki sets are always the same. (You don’t think Sally would change her favorite Usukis that often, do you?) The trick is, you’ve got to get to a point where you’ve memorized her favorites, and you no longer have to look at the ‘list’.

The following Usuki sets are her favorites and need to be collected:

Black Belt Usuki Set

Usuki Shipwreck Set

Usuki Clown Set

Usuki Marshmallow Set

Usuki Scuba Diving Play Set

Usuki Sushi Play Set

Winter Woolies Usuki Set

Usuki Back to School Set

Usuki Poetry Set

You may note that only nine sets are listed above. Those are the sets that exist in Neopia. The last one for some reason doesn’t exist. But it looks like this:

    If it did exist in Neopia it would probably be called ‘Space Usuki Set’, but that’s not really my preference… Now on with the game!

“How do I memorize them?” you ask? Well the way I remember those is… well… hmm… good question! Well I can’t think of how I memorized them, but there are many different ways for you to memorize them! The best way, though, is to play Usuki Frenzy over and over and over again going slowly making sure you don’t get any incorrect. Then after about maybe 10 or 20 games you’ll have them memorized!

Now that we know what we need to collect, it's time to move through Sally’s house to collect them! As I said before, you start in Sally’s bedroom while the Usuki sets appear. As you are waiting for the sets to fly to the bottom of the screen, look around the bedroom and see which ones you need so you can quickly collect those. Next, you want to go through the east door into the bathroom. Be careful when you enter because there could be a set a few feet (Feet according to Sally) from the door. Collect those, then you can move on to the northern door and into the dining room. But wait! Before you go either direction around the table, check to see if there are any sets you need on the east side of the table; also check to make sure there isn’t an unwanted set blocking your way to the west side. If so, then you can head towards the western door by going all the way around the table. If you don’t need any sets on that side of the table and there isn’t one blocking the way, then go the more direct path by going west around the table. Next you will be in the Kitchen; grab the sets. DO NOT go through the southern door! That will lead you into the bedroom and you still have one room left! Instead go to the west and be on the most western tip of the rug, also know as the middle edge, and enter into the Living Room (The middle edge because otherwise you might run into a set when you enter the next room). This room is the hardest of all because the sets you don’t want can block the way very easily. What helps is sometimes, if you must, you can carefully go around the sets that are right next to where you walked in by walking along the east side of them. Be careful not to walk back into the Kitchen! This helps you use another of the passages to the other side of the Living Room or get one of the north or south east corners.

If you are unfortunate enough to run into an incorrect set, Sally will not let you pick up any others until you return it to one of the bookshelves that are located in her Bedroom, the Bathroom (Why there is a bookshelf in the bathroom, I do not know), and the Dining Room. Once it is returned, you can go back to your Usuki Set collecting!

When you collect them all, you are directed to a screen that shows Sally behind a curtain holding her sets with the words “Good Job!” under her. Press “Click to Continue” which will lead you to a ‘score status page’. You receive item points and a nice time bonus. You get 10 points for each correct set you got, so that’s 100 points right there. And you get one point for each second left on the clock. On average, I get about 1:37 minutes left. So that’s 97 seconds and 97 points! 197 points total! Unfortunately, you may have run into an incorrect set or two, which subtracts three points from your item points for each incorrect set. But if you missed only one, and you were fast enough to get that 1:37 minutes left, that’s still 194 points!

Now you’ve got the strategy, and you know the point system, but how do you get that trophy? Well occasionally you may get lucky enough to collect all the sets without even entering the last few rooms! If you were fast, and didn’t have to return a set, then you could very well be over 200 points! The deal with the trophy is you mostly have to have luck by placement of the sets. So far, the highest score I’ve seen is 212. I’m guessing, and assuming, that they were lucky enough to get all the sets in the first two rooms! Now that’s luck! So don’t be ashamed if you can’t get that trophy, you can at least get those 800-900 Neopoints every day, and you can probably earn yourself a puzzle piece or two from the new world challenges (Or just a bunch of Neopoints from the open challenges)! So have fun and we all hope you have a great time on your trip, Sally!

Author's Note: This is my first Neopian Times article! Hope you like it! Feedback is appreciated! And happy 200th Neopian Times issue!

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