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Tropical Tragedy: Search for the Jungly Jem - Part One

by cheopspyramid


The Beginning:

Tales have been told to youngsters every year about the dangers of Mystery Island and the macabre fates that some of the explorers have met. These tales have horrified the children who listen carefully with eager ears in order to frighten the ideas of going into the forests out of the children's minds. We shall not go into that subject, but instead focus on the adventure of a lost group of Neopians who have faced near-fatal events. But you are forewarned about the mysteries and secrets withheld in the words that I write, and any questions remaining will be left unanswered for all time. The islanders have pleaded with me not to reveal too much in this documentary, but you will get the gist of the story. I am one of the explorers. This is our tale.


      Mystery Island has always remained a haven of beauty and peace that travelers can enjoy to a maximum extent. The trees… trees… thousands upon thousands of trees in which a young wanderer could get lost in for days, and possibly never see a clearing ever again. But that day was one of the kinder afternoons. Ghostkerfish were jumping merrily out of the water and diving back in with a tremendous splash. An occasional shrill cry from a Pteri filled the clear, blue sky, and there wasn't a single cloud in it either. The beauty of that day will be imprinted in my mind for the rest of my life.

      "Damian! Hey, are you awake?"

      I woke up suddenly to these cries that filled my ears. I sat up to see Ailis staring up at me. I smiled and got up off the sandy shore in which I had been napping on, until someone awoke me!

      Alas, I could never be angry with Ailis. She's a radiant Plushie Aisha with hair that's as deep of a brown that you can ever think of. Her soul is probably the most beautiful thing about her, though. She's very kind-hearted and bubbly, yet tough and dangerous if you get on her bad side. That side only shows on a rare occasion.

      As for myself, I'm a devilishly handsome Island Lupe with muscular biceps and-okay, okay… I'm a scrawny Island Lupe, but you do have to admit, I am good looking!

      Ailis and I met quite a few years ago in Tyrannia. You see, for a living I explore unknown areas of different worlds all around Neopia. Though I'm not paid very much, it still puts those delicious, mouthwatering, Chia-shaped treats on the table. One time, I actually bought one with chocolate filling! Man that one was so-oh, right… my job. Well, that was a really fun time when we met; while you're here I'll tell the story. I don't care if you don't want to read it.


      Like I said, a few years ago I was sitting in my Neohome in the center of Mystery Island. My Neohome, a nice, cozy bamboo-themed bachelor pad, was actually quite warm that summer day. I was just baking by the window, desperately trying to find some source of wind. Nothing eventful had happened all day, and I was just about to result to reading a book, though I shudder to think that I almost did that!

      I got up out of the bamboo chair in which I had been sitting in, and walked over to the bookshelf. Looking through the books, I sighed. 'Acaras in History', 'Algebra', 'Alphabet'…

      "Why do I have these?!" I said, barely realizing it was out loud.

      I reached for 'Acaras in History', but while doing so, a neomail arrived. I withdrew my hand from the shelf and turned around, but still remained stationary. The neomail notification sounded again. I walked casually towards my annoying mail box. To my surprise, it was the grand elder of Tyrannia, Kyruggi.

      "Ugg, Damian?" he asked.

      "Yes? How can I help you?" I replied.

      "Ugga cave top of mountain ugg. Ugga sound, growl ugguh. Ugga help?"

      I paused and lowered my eyebrows and frowned, but eventually smiled. Having no clue what he said, I assumed it was something about sounds coming from the cave at the top of the mountain in Tyrannia. As for the last part, I guessed he wanted help?

      "Uhh, sure?" I said. "I'll be over there later today."


      Now, even though I had absolutely no clue what he just said, I needed to get over to Tyrannia before whatever he needed me to do didn't need to be done anymore and therefore the doing that needed to be done was already done, get it? Kinda confusing, but if you reread that you'll understand after a little while.

      So I embarked on my long, long, incredibly long journey to Tyrannia. I gathered my belongings and threw them into my small wooden boat, and took off rowing through the rough seas that lay before me. It took me seventeen days and eighteen nights in order to reach the shore of Tyrannia! But unfortunately, my boat sank while crossing over Maraqua. You do believe me right? You don't?! Well, if you don't, then you're right, heh (I have a large history of telling lies). The truth is, I packed my bags, walked for about ten minutes to the harbor, and hopped on the next boat to Tyrannia. The trip took me about two or so hours in all.

      Upon arrival, I walked out onto the dock to find that the snack stand, which normally sold hot and fresh hot dogs, was completely out! Horrible, isn't it?! Not to mention I hadn't eaten anything on the ride. I'm allergic to peanuts, so those cute little bags were useless. I needed food!

      Okay, so maybe I lied when I said that I ate "nothing" on the boat ride. But I couldn't help myself! The captain was a cute, scrumptious Chia and I didn't have my snacks with me! So I, erm, kind of attacked the captain and devoured her! Ha! Did you believe that too? No, I'm not that vicious. The captain came by and offered some artificial Chia treats, but take note on the key word: artificial. That means that it didn't fill me up the slightest bit. So, yes! I did need a hot dog….

      Stomach growling, I exited the harbor and out into Tyrannia. The tiny, thatched homes and the fires burning made the town look even more prehistoric than what it looked like in the pictures. Bellicose warriors acted out a scene in the center of the town while children chased each other with torches, occasionally tripping and falling flat on their faces. I laughed silently before turning towards the plateau and began to walk the short distance to Town Hall.

      The short walk was pleasurable. The humid climate and the many foreign trees created a peculiar effect, but slowly drew small drops of sweat to the center of my forehead. I opened up my log to record the day's events.

     "The warm temperature is what keeps these trees alive. But there are strange marks on the side of each of the trees, and the pathway has already been cleared. Someone has been through here."

      I continued to log in my entries while walking forward down the winding path into the Tyrannian forest. But I didn't realize that someone was right in front of me. With a sudden shock of surprise, I bumped into something… to be more accurate, someone.

      "Ow!" a high voice cried as I fell forward.

      "Oh, so sorry madam," I apologized.

      "No worries. I didn't see you coming!"

      I got up off the ground and dusted off the dirt and leaves off of my shirt. (A Lupe as handsome as myself needs to be clean). But as I looked up to see the stranger I bumped into, I was shocked to see that it was such an attractive Aisha.

      "Well!" I cried, sarcastically. "Hello, hello!"

      The Aisha scoffed and turned away. "Are you another one of those types who tries to follow me around in awe? Because if you are, I don't care for you. I'm on business."

      "No, no! I'm sorry. What kind of mission are you on?"

      The Aisha turned back around to face me in the eyes. At first, her brows were furrowed, but slowly, they rose and she smiled. "The grand elder neomailed me and asked… well, actually he just grunted… for me to come over here and help him with a strange noise coming from the cave at the top of the plateau. What're you here for? You look more like a city Lupe."

      "Well! Behind this professional look," I smirked, "is a rugged Lupe. A wild one. But that's beside the point. In fact, the elder called me as well and said--"

      "Grunted," she corrected.

      "Oh right. Well, he grunted the same thing to me! I'm Damian," I said while reaching out a paw.

      The Aisha smiled and replied, "I'm Ailis. I guess we need to partner up on this mission, huh?" She giggled and patted me on the back.

      "I guess so! Let's get going!"

      I put my arm over Ailis's shoulder and led her back through the path in which we both had come from. We chatted our way all the way back to the Tyrannian village about what we had achieved in the past and what our lives were like now. A well new friendship was forming… and quite rapidly might I add!


      And so that's how we met! What's that? Oh, right, I did say that, didn't I? Well, to tell you the truth we did forget to help the elder of Tyrannia. Whatever was in that cave is still there, and he is quite mad! Don't think that he just walked away from us; in fact, we received many, many neomails afterwards, all of them contained basically the same thing: "UGGA NOT HELP! UGGA LEFT GROWLY GROWLY UGG! UUUUUGGG!!!"

      Heh, yup! He was angry.


      "Damian? You ready to go?"

      I jerked back from my flashback and the island came back into view. The sun was setting over the dark blue water; the Ghostkerfish ceased their jumping and splashing, and the sky was slowly growing dark. Once again I got up off the grimy shore and dusted myself off. Ailis was waiting for me back at the edge of the forest. Our goal this time? To go into the jungle and snatch the Jungly Jem… a transparent green diamond that has the power to control every mystical islander on Mystery Island. Some looters were after the diamond as well… but were to use it for evil. The Island Mystic called shortly beforehand and asked us to get it in time.

      "Coming!" I shouted.

      While running towards Ailis, a strange whisper reached my ears… deep and mysterious, "Dreani relene ar incend calo yurameno treete…."

To be continued...

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed the first part of my series. I do enjoy comments so feel free to Neomail me and tell me what you think of it so far, and because this series is so uber-terrific, I urge you to read the other parts. Good day!

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