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Lost: Baby Kau. Please return to Faerieland Library

by tessd1891


HeartStrong looked around Meridell and sighed. He had just finished doing a quest for Illusen, and now she was too busy to play with him. He couldn't believe he had spent 2,560 Neopoints and all he got in return was a brisk, "Come back tomorrow and I will see if I have another quest for you!" His sisters, Daysi and PinkPrincezz, were playing hide and seek, but he was too old for silly games like that. HeartStrong was bored.

     HeartStrong thought about his family. They were all so different. PinkPrincezz was a Tonu, and she loved going to the concerts in Tyrannia. Daysi was an Elephante like HeartStrong, but she was Maraquan and loved to swim. HeartStrong was a Faerie and liked to fly. While the girls loved to do things together, HeartStrong preferred being by himself or with their mom, Tess. Today Tess was busy at the Neopian Pound, trying to find a new pet to foster, so HeartStrong was alone. He liked it this way, but he also got bored of it sometimes.

     He decided to go to Faerieland to visit his favorite place, the library. He liked to read, and he loved talking to the Library Faerie. She was so smart, he thought she must know everything. Now, you may not think the library is a very exciting place, but he could tell that today was going to be different. Today, something big was going to happen.

     As HeartStrong entered the library, he smiled. Even though libraries are supposed to be very quiet places, he could hear the faint harp-like sounds of laughter from the angelpi that the Library Faerie kept in her office. He looked at the clock and remembered that it was almost storytime. It was the first day of a new storytime group for babies, and he wondered what book the Library Faerie would read today. He hurried upstairs to find out.

     "HeartStrong!" cried the Library Faerie as soon as she saw him, "I'm so glad you're here!" She looked frazzled. Her hair wasn't as smooth as it usually was, and her purple glasses had slid down her nose so she was looking over instead of through them. She pushed them up.

     "Do you need some help?" HeartStrong asked, even though it was a silly question. Of course she did. He looked around and saw baby Neopets everywhere. A baby Uni was crawling under the table, while a baby Acara crawled after him. A baby Kacheek was sitting in the middle of the floor trying to take off his diaper. A baby Shoyru laying on her back started crying like she was hungry. HeartStrong asked, "Where are these babies' parents?"

     "They all left the babies here with me for storytime," the Library Faerie said, rushing to pick up the crying Shoyru and giving her a Baby Shoyru Baby Bottle. "But I can't get them to stay still so I can read to them."

     "This doesn't look like storytime," he said, "It looks like babysitting!" HeartStrong went to the baby Kacheek. "Keep your diaper on, silly boy," he said softly, fixing the diaper. The Kacheek giggled at his new friend.

     "Well, if you can stay here and help me," the faerie said, "we might be able to get them to calm down long enough for a short book." She looked at the Shoyru in her arms. "Then again, maybe we should just skip the book until their parents come back." She looked around at all the babies, and her eyes suddenly widened. "Oh no!"

     "What's wrong?" HeartStrong asked. He had been playing with the Kacheek, but now looked up when he heard the panic in the Library Faerie's voice.

     "I lost a baby! There are supposed to be five, but I only see four! There's Lewis, the Uni. Jenny, the Acara. This Shoyru is Georgina. The Kacheek you have is Gregory... That means the missing baby is a little Kau named Sabrina."

     "Don't worry, we'll find Georgina. She's just a baby. She couldn't have gone far... right?" The Library Faerie looked like she wasn't sure. HeartStrong knew he had to take matters into his own hands. "Okay, do you have a playpen for the babies? Or a gate to put in the door so they can't leave this room?" The faerie shook her head, and her eyes looked moist. "Don't cry," HeartStrong said, hugging her. "I'll find Georgie."

     He looked around the room, in bookcase aisles, on chairs. No Kau, but as he got on his hands and knees to look under a table he realized he did have a shadow: Gregory was crawling next to him, smiling. "Hey, buddy. Can you help me find Sabrina?"

     Gregory giggled, a mischievous little laugh. "Na!"

     "I think you know exactly where she is, you little sneak." HeartStrong laughed back at him. "Well if you're not going to tell me, I guess we'll just have to look together." He picked up the Kacheek, and told the Library Faerie to watch the other three babies while he went looking for the baby Kau.

     "If I were a baby Kau, where would I be?" There were two more rooms on this floor, and an elevator leading to the floor below. He didn't think she could have gotten on the elevator, so he started with the bathroom. It was a small room, and with a quick glance he didn't see her. "I guess she's in the other room. What do you think, Gregory?"


     "Okay, let's go." They went into the other room. HeartStrong walked through the aisles but didn't see Sabrina. He walked through again, but no luck.


     HeartStrong looked at Gregory. "No, I don't see her either. Sorry, buddy."

     "NA!" Gregory said again. Then HeartStrong realized the baby was looking at something on the floor.

     "Where is she?" HeartStrong asked. He put Gregory down on the carpeted floor. Gregory crawled toward a big recliner near the fireplace.

     "NA! NA!" HeartStrong followed. Gregory stopped at the chair. "NA!"

     This time, HeartStrong heard something else. "Geg!" It sounded like it was coming from... inside the chair? He got down on his knees again and looked under the chair. There were hooves!

     "Sabrina, is that you?"

     A scared "Moo..." came from inside the chair. She must have gotten stuck inside when someone was reclining, then left! HeartStrong carefully pulled up the footrest part of the recliner, and coaxed out the baby Kau.

     "NA! NA!"


     HeartStrong realized then that Gregory was helping find her the whole time. He was trying to call her name but just said the end, NA And then she called back to him the best she could, Geg. HeartStrong hugged the babies. Then he carefully picked them up to bring back to the Library Faerie.

     "Sabrina, there you are!" the Library Faerie said. "I was so worried about you." Then she looked at HeartStrong. "Where was she?"

     "I'll tell you all." HeartStrong sat on the floor with Gregory and Sabrina. The Library Faerie sat with Lewis, Georgina, and Jenny. HeartStrong began his story. "Once upon a time, there was a faerie Elephante named HeartStrong. He was bored, so he went to the library. Now, you may not think the library is a very exciting place, but he could tell that today was going to be different. Today, something big was going to happen…"

The End

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