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Taelia: Guide to the Snow Faerie's Quests

by charmedandproud270


Taelia gives me the items that I want after I complete her quest. How did I get those items from her, you ask? Simple, follow my 5 step guide to getting what you want from Taelia. She can be quite handy when you need Neopoints!

Step 1: Check all items in Shop Wizard, ALL

This is a very crucial step. That is why I put it first. Copy and Paste the item that she is looking for in the shop wizard and record the price on a handy piece of scrap paper (I always keep one at my desk when I am on Neopets, it helps). Repeat that until you have all the items recorded. I think we need an example to explain this one a a little better. Let’s say, she wanted you to find Jalapeno Popper, a Banana Milkshake and an Orange Chocolate Lupe. I will run off to look at that shop wizard and record those prices for you. *runs* If you look in the shop wizard the prices are as follows (as of June 25, 2005):

Jalapeno Popper: 80 Neopoints -- So far, so good!

Banana Milkshake: 180 Neopoints – Nice! Cheap!

Orange Chocolate Lupe: 12,000 Neopoints – Pause, rewind, play! Too high!

This is when this step works and is most crucial. I wouldn’t want to buy something that costs 12k (12,000 np) for one quest and I’m a Neopets Millionaire. I am glad I didn’t buy the first two items. You will be too when you copy and paste the items she asks you for in the shop wizard and find out the last one costs a fortune. Bet you will use this step not only for Taelia’s quests but other multi itemed quests like the Kitchen Quest and Edna’s Quests (which give out nothing in comparison to Taelia).

Step 2: Go Cheap or Cheaper

When Taelia asks for a Faerie Queen Doll, are you going to give it to her? No, of course not! So, do the same with other items. I, myself, have a 7k (7,000 np) limit. Set a limit for your price range and time range. Look up the items and choose whether or not you want to buy them from her. Remember to refresh to get the lowest possible price of what you are looking for. Press f5 to refresh faster. The goal is not to receive something less than what you bought but vice versa. To achieve the goal of getting expensive items just do the cheap quests. When you reach an item out of your price range or the total of the items is out of your price range, then stop searching. This limits the time you have to spend searching for ridiculously high priced items. Plus why would those highly priced items help you reach your goal anyway? Cheap is sweet!

Step 3: Frequency (How Often You Visit Her)

Visit Taelia often, twice a day, to see what items she has to offer. If you don’t complete her quest in time she says that you MIGHT get another chance. Bottom line, you do get another chance. After you get the message saying: You have failed to complete the Taelia's Quest... if you return she *MAY* give you another chance, return in 10 to 15 minutes and she will ask if you want to help her again. If you go to her more often, you increase your chance of leaving with an item that will sell high in the shops, auctions, or trades. She also likes visitors. She is very lonely by herself. Oh, and cold, she gets cold too! After all, she is the snow faerie.

Step 4: Small and Simple

When you are asked to bring her back a certain number of items, look at that number. I would advise you not to go over 2 to 3 items. If you choose to complete a quest for four items, it will very expensive. Plus, looking for cheap items in the shop wizard takes time and 2 to 3 items use less time than 4. On AVERAGE you have one hour thirty minutes to complete her quests. Which means the time limit ranges from 1 hour to 2 hours. If you return with all of her items and you are out of time, you will not receive your prize. Also, don’t give her items one by one because, you might not be able to give her all the items. Then she keeps what you have given her. Remember small in price and small in number.

Step 5: Don’t Give Up, It’s Not Worth It

Whatever you do, don’t give up. She might ask for expensive items for a whole week, and then change her mind and ask for something really cheap. Stick with it! For me, Taelia gives me something good about 3 times every two weeks. The average of what she gives me comes out to 15k (15,000 np) which is a nice profit when compared to the 7k (7,000 np) I spent buying items for her. Sometimes, she might not give you expensive items when you do a cheap quest, but this is ok. She can run out of Neopoints too, ya know! Don’t get disappointed if you do not get your dream item, because she chooses what she hands out blindfolded, but you didn’t know that? Keep with her and you might come out with a hefty sum of Neopoints.

*This is my way of getting good items out of Taelia. It may not always work, if it doesn’t, this is not my fault. If you are reading this article, which you are, then this is my first published Neopian Times Article. w00t! Please rate this article and send me the rating through a neomail. Thanks for reading and happy questing! If you have any questions or clarifications just neomail me (Charmedandproud270). Maybe I will publish more articles like this one, so watch out for my name in the future. Thanks again! - Phoebe

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