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Rolling in the Neopoints

by sherailin


MERIDELL - Okay, after about a hundred Neomails of Neopians who badly wanted me to write a Turmac Roll guide, I've decided to give up on hiding. So here is how the game works: you start rolling, you keep rolling, and of course…..you roll some more. Easy enough? Well, apparently not because people keep asking me about making them a guide. 0_^

The Basics

Turmac Roll is not a game where you have levels, or lives… (or a peashooter for that matter), so you just have to play the game in one try.

The controls are simple; you use three of the arrow keys: up, left and right.

The right arrow key increases your rolling speed while the left arrow is for decreasing your speed. I suggest you only use this when you got the hang of the game. And finally, the jump button/up arrow. Do NOT under any circumstances hold this button down; if you land while doing so you will bounce up about 3 times before jumping normally, if there is any obstacle in the way then, little Turmy will end up with a serious headache, and we don’t want that, now do we?

The Points

For easy mode you will receive one point per second if you roll full speed and the following points for the berries:

Snidberry - 1 Point (red w/blue spots)

Loveberry - 2 Points (heart shaped)

Chiaberry - 4 Points (Chia shaped)

Conkerberry - 8 Points (looks like a pot)

Voidberry - 15 Points (all black)

Fishberry - 25 Points (fish shaped)

Jumbleberry - 50 Points (pink berry)

Juicy Berry - 75 Points (orange berry)

Unguberry - 100 Points (small berry)

Aquaberry - 200 Points (water drop)

For medium mode you will receive two points per second if you roll full speed and the following points for the berries:

Snidberry - 2 Point

Loveberry - 4 Points

Chiaberry - 8 Points

Conkerberry - 16 Points

Voidberry - 30 Points

Fishberry - 50 Points

Jumbleberry - 100 Points

Juicy Berry - 150 Points

Unguberry - 200 Points

Aquaberry - 400 Points

For hard mode you will receive three points per second if you roll full speed and the following points for the berries:

Snidberry - 3 Point

Loveberry - 6 Points

Chiaberry - 12 Points

Conkerberry - 24 Points

Voidberry - 45 Points

Fishberry - 75 Points

Jumbleberry - 150 Points

Juicy Berry - 225 Points

Unguberry - 300 Points

Aquaberry - 600 Points

The Neopoint-score translation is simple; for every point you score in Turmac Roll you will earn a Neopoint.

After you get 3000 points the game will change a bit. (Some might call it the next level) the time between obstacles will decrease quite a bit so you will have to do your best to keep rolling with the simplest obstacles and that is what makes it hard.

The Obstacles

And finally, the hardest part of the game, the biggest part of the game, the part of the game which causes many computers to magically fall out of the window… *scoff* *scoff*

There are many obstacles in this game, but I believe that most of the players have trouble with this one:

Small tree trunk – Large tree trunk – Small tree trunk

And you know what the funniest thing is? This obstacle is easy compared with the things you get after you score 3000 points. With some obstacles you’ll end up jumping in the air (even without pressing the jump button) and when an obstacle follows which begins with a tree trunk, meaning you’re as good as dead! So don’t worry about that one mentioned above ;)

The obstacles in easy medium and hard mode are quite the same. The difference is that easy and medium have some more obstacles which are easy to cross, which means you will come across the three tree trunk obstacle less, but with less I mean that you will get the obstacle about 1 or 2 times less than in hard mode. So it’s not worth the points to play in easy or medium mode, because it will take you longer to get to the 1000 points, which is the score that many people strive for.

Now you’re of course all waiting for me to tell you how to get over that ‘hardest’ obstacle eh? Well all right, here goes.

There are three ways you can get over it. One is of course go as close to the little trunk as you can get without hitting it, and jump over all three of the trunks at once (and yes that is possible, but I’ve done it about 10 times….out of 10000. So just forget that one). XD

The second way is to jump ON the biggest trunk (remember to tap the jump button and not hold it down) and then jump over the last one. You might have to slow down while jumping otherwise you’ll jump over the big trunk. This way is pretty tricky since it takes about a tenth of a second to jump again after you landed otherwise you’ll fall onto the third trunk. (There are exceptions of course, in which case you’ll land on the third trunk and keep rolling but this is very rare).

The third way is the way I do it. I jump over the first two trunks and land in between the biggest trunk and the last small one. Why do I do it like that? Because it gives me more time to jump again then in the second way and requires less handling of the keys. Once again you’ll have to roll quite close to the first little trunk so you’ll jump higher then usual. Then in midair you’ll have to slow down a bit (hold the back button for about a second or less) so you won’t hit the third trunk. It’s however important that you don’t hit the biggest trunk or you might roll or bounce into the third one.

Just practice this way since it’s the easiest way by far.

Tips and Tricks

There are a few things you have to keep in mind while playing.

- The first thing which I think you have noticed by now is to never hold down the jump key while jumping.

- Simple: always play hard mode; it’s not worth your time to play the other difficulties.

- As I have explained before, you will jump higher if you are close to a tree trunk (both big and small) This could be to your advantage in certain cases. Use it!

- It’s handy to recognise certain obstacles; for instance, when you see a big smooth hill, it will mean that you have a few obstacles to choose from but all of them will be easy to cross. But if you get a big hill with a little puddle in it followed by a wall, it will mean that you will either get a long way of obstacles which you should be able to cross without a problem, or that you will get the hardest obstacle, the one with the tree trunks.

- The beginning of the game is always the same; it is until you see two berries next to each other in the air for the second time that the obstacles will become random.

- When you come across a smooth large hill, always jump; there are quite a few obstacles that could follow including one that starts with a trunk. There is no obstacle which will cause you to lose because you jump it.

- For the last tip: there is a certain pattern in every obstacle, memorize them and practise the game; there are no cheats for it. ;)

Good luck! I hope to see you on the high-score table one day.

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