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Siyana of Talador

by einstein20


Ah, Talador. A place I once called home, a place where darkness could not reach out and touch unless it was the dead of night.

      I am a light faerie, a lady of Talador's High Council, or at least what is left of it after It came. My name is Siyana, and I'm the only thing my people have to count on because I was in the wrong place at the right time. Or maybe, I was in the right place at the wrong time but it does not matter anymore; It has already caused Its damage.


      "Good morning, my lady," a young light faerie fledgling chirped to her mentor/guardian.

      "Yes, it is a good morning, isn't it, Jacqui?" Siyana replied and swung her long golden hair over her shoulder. "Are there any messages for me?"

      "Yes, my lady." Jacqui conjured the three envelopes and handed them to her. "There is even one from Her Majesty," she pointed at the heavy cream-coloured letter lying on top.

      "Looking through my mail again? I thought I had taught you better manners, Jacqui." Jacqui gave Siyana a sheepish look and excused herself quickly as the older faerie internally chuckled. "Let's see what the Royal Council has for me today," she muttered and tore at the expensive stationary.

      It read, 'Lady Siyana of Talador, we are pleased to inform you that you have been granted the position, Czarina of Reflection, should you choose to accept. Her Majesty, Queen Fyora, would like to congratulate you on your success with the realm of Talador and its citizens. Please send a reply as soon as possible.' The large and cursive gold signature of the Queen took up the page's bottom. Siyana stared numbly at the notice in her gentle hands. Czarina of Reflection. It was the council position she had coveted since becoming an active member of Talador's High Council. She could not believe it.

      She quickly scrawled a brief acceptance on her less fancy paper and had the fastest rider off in the direction of Faerieland within the hour. A rosy blush tinged her pale cheeks from her hastened actions.

      "Jacqui!" She poofed in front of Siyana instantly. "We must prepare." Siyana marched toward the corridor that led to her chambers, Jacqui practically running her wake.

      "Prepare for what exactly?" Jacqui inquired a little breathlessly. Siyana banged open the large wooden doors to her bedroom, making her wince at the sound.

      "I have been promoted to Czarina of Reflection. As soon as I hear back from the Royal Chancellors, I expect there will be a ceremony. I will be expecting more from you, Jacqui, your duties will escalate but know that it will all pay off in the end."

      In a moment of weakness, Jacqui let out a squeal. "Sorry, my lady. You've finally been promoted!" Her hands were fluttering in excitement. "I'll go call the dressmaker and alert the staff and call the caterer…" The animated jabbering followed her as she scurried down the corridor, continuing to check off everything she could think of.

      At least everything will be taken care of, she thought. Jacqui will make a good light faerie one day; she's delightful, happy, motivated and caring. Siyana sauntered over to her vanity and peered into the lighted mirror that reflected a confident and strong light faerie's face. She wished her reflection could show who she really was so that she was not always left guessing. It is ironic, she thought, I am going to be the Czarina of Reflection and I cannot read my own!

      Two Weeks Later…

      "Your Ladyship! Your Ladyship! Lady Siyana! Wake up!" Siyana opened her tawny eyes to the harsh shaking Jacqui had resorted to. "Finally, my Lady. Have you forgotten what today is?" she inquired, aghast and horrified at the prospect.

      "N-no, of course not." Siyana couldn't believe what the day really was. The last couple weeks had passed in a blurry daze. It all started when the Royal Chancellors' response arrived, announcing her promotion ceremony would take place in two weeks' time. Two weeks. Jacqui nearly had a heart attack when she heard and hurried off to notify everyone she had hired. She was then surrounded by the invitation samples and fabric swatches and jewellery pieces and other frivolous things that were considered needed. The day that the traditional and ceremonial tiara had arrived, her whole household was thrown into an upheaval because everyone wanted a glimpse before it rested on her head. Unfortunately, Jacqui carted it away before any fingerprints could smudge the glass case.

      But today was the day. Anticipation buzzed in Siyana's and everyone else's blood as the afternoon approached. She was sitting in a lounge chair while a dozen people were running around her, applying cosmetics, fixing the curlers in her hair, giving her a pedicure even though she was wearing shoes with a closed toe! After that, it was time to put on her dress. It was fashioned of yellow silks in the traditional Czarina of Reflection design: scoop neck, low back and a flowing floor length hem. Symbols adorned the sleeves and skirt, jewels winked from her collar and her shoes shone a perfect gold.

      "Are you nervous?" Jacqui asked, a nervous quiver in her voice and a strange light shone in her eyes. They were now standing behind the closed doors of the Great Hall, where inside many important people sat waiting for the music to commence.

      "I'm ready," was all Siyana said.

      "Right." The young faerie knelt down to adjust the dress's hem and fiddled with her flung out bangs as one last finishing touch. "My lady, good luck," and she disappeared as soon as the music started up.

      Once again, everything became a blur. Siyana remembered the doors opening, then nothing until she heard, "Do you swear…" to which she replied, "I so swear." She became numb and then the tiara was placed on her head. Siyana felt a strong jolt run through her body but it wasn't gratifying; it was painful. The Great Hall turned dark as if a cloud had passed over the sun, and many guests began to panic.

      "Jacqui!" Siyana called. She was bent over, the pain growing stronger while the tiara refused to come off. "Jacqui!"

      "Yes, mistress?" she cackled. Siyana opened her eyes just enough to see that her ward had let darkness take over her being. "Never guessed I would betray you? Well, it would seem I have! Talador's light will supply the rebellion with enough power to keep us going for quite a while. So we thank you, Siyana of Talador, for being so--cooperative," she decided. "I apologize if I led you on a little too much but I knew that the only way I could get my little gadget," she motioned to the tiara, "on you, I would have to resort to drastic measures." Siyana moaned in discomfort. "Alright, I'll take it off."

      She took a large gasp of air, the pain releasing her as soon as the tiara was off her head. A quick survey revealed a bunch of panicked Neopians and a gray wasteland outside of the castle's windows. It was as Siyana feared; the light was gone from Talador and so were the rebels. She was drained and fell to the marble floor in exhaustion and sorrow as tears streaked her pale face. The world was lost to her.


     So now you know the tale of a realm once full of light that was swallowed up by greed and darkness. The tale of a light faerie lying dormant, waiting to shine.

The End

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