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The Pirate Letter: Part Two

by czenko28


I couldn't believe what I was reading. It has been so long since I have seen Firaga. I stared down at the letter. I could see drops of dry tears on the paper. I cried as I read the letter aloud from my long, lost friend. I thought she was gone. I thought I would never hear from her again, but now I think I will see her again.

     I set the letter onto the coffee table, and I listened to the silence of my Neohome. Life has been different since Firaga left, like a piece of Mystery Island was gone. My life is very empty without Firaga. I have never stepped foot in the Battledome since Firaga left. I never even left this island. It's like I feel that something would attack me if I left this land.

     My looks have changed a lot since Firaga left. I am no longer the cute Mystery Island neopet that Firaga knew. I am a Starry Shoyru, one that likes to wander in the night's sky. I believe I am the only Shoyru who is starry. I love my new color more than anything, but to hear Firaga only think of me as an Island Shoyru makes me sick.

     I now wear different jewelry. I now wear water items. I have never used them, but they are pretty anyhow. I wear the Water Faerie Necklace and the Water Faerie Token around my neck. I also wear a Cheap Water Ring on my finger. I loved my jewelry. They were nice to have because they told people who I was. They were like my signature. Firaga didn't know that, though. She thinks of me as an Island Shoyru, lonely and sad. At least most of that is true.

     I glanced one more time at my letter before stuffing it into my Water Faerie Backpack, and walking out of my bamboo Neohome. I ran and took off into the sky. It was such a beautiful day today, a perfect day to play volleyball. The wind slapped against my face as I glided down toward the Tropical Foods shop. "Hello breakfast," I said as I landed.

     I dashed into the store and looked at the huge selection of fruit I could choose from. "What do I want today?" I asked myself. I must have been really hungry that morning, because I didn't know what to choose. I stared at the food for a few minutes and finally said to the shopkeeper, "what do you suggest?"

     The Techo looked down at the fruits and said, "I think you should get the cloudberry." Then he said quietly to himself, "People never buy them, anyway."

     I bought the cloudberry and sat down at a table to eat it. As I ate my berry I took the letter out of my backpack and looked it over again. "Brightvale," I repeated from the letter. I slowly chewed with my mouth open and said, "Brightvale's where I need to go." I just realized that my chance to see Firaga was right here in front of me. It was my chance to see Firaga, and possibly save her from the pirates. "I better get going," I said, "before it's too late."

     I stuffed the letter back inside my backpack and took off again. This was the fastest I have ever flown in a long time. I headed back to my Neohome. There was no time to waste. I had to get home and get ready to leave. Today was the first day I was ever going to leave Mystery Island since the day Firaga was painted. I never guessed that this day would come. Last time I wasn't prepared for the trip. Today I will be. Soon I would be able to take Firaga back home.

     When I got to my Neohome I ran up to my room. I opened my Kauvara drawer and looked at all of my items that I used to use in Battledome. It felt so weird picking up my Battledome. weapons once again. I slowly took out my Winged Shoyru Spear. It was so pretty. I blew the dust off of it and twirled the spear around. "It's good to have you back," I said to my spear. I tucked it into my backpack. I then took out my Shoyru Battle Shield and stuffed that into my backpack as well. "That's about it," I said, flying off again.

     I went back to the Tropical Foods store, where I was going to stock up on food. "I want one of everything," I demanded to the Techo shop keeper. I could just barely fit all of the stuff into my backpack. I couldn't leave without any food to bring with me. The bad thing is that I ran out of money. Well, at least I was ready to leave.

     I walked out of the store with a nice, heavy backpack. Now what do I need to do? I can't just leave this place for people to be worried about me. I might never come back. I had to say goodbye to the people, but how? I stared out into the ocean until I finally knew what to do.

     I flew up above Mystery Island and screamed at the top of my lungs, "people of Mystery Island. I am sorry to tell you that I am leaving Mystery Island to go to Brightvale." A few Neopets stopped and listened to me talk. "I am going there to bring back the missing piece of this land. I am not sure if I ever would return to this land. The pirates there might be too strong for me. If I don't leave then I will never forgive myself. I hope you understand."

     I looked down at the people. They just continued with whatever they were doing joyfully. Nobody seemed to care. They were all very busy Neopets. On Mystery Island it's always busy. That made no difference. If I was in the middle of the Lost Desert I would feel just the same.

     At that moment I just felt so lonely that you can't even imagine. I was exactly how Firaga described. I am all alone on this island. I have nobody to talk to. Nobody to play with. I really have no choice. This trip is definitely one I must take. If I didn't then I would be lost forever. Firaga is lost too. I read her letter. We are meant to be together. We are like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We don't taste good separate.

     I floated back to the ground and started walking. My ears drooped down, and my eyes were fixed on the ground. I just wanted Firaga to stand by my side right now, but I have to make that happen. I have to make Firaga come home. I must do many difficult things before I am able to have Firaga on Mystery Island. I have no idea what they are, but I know this won't be easy. I am a little surprised that I don't care if we go home or not. That doesn't matter. Mystery Island is the best home in the world, but it feels like it is the Lost Desert, dry and plain. Yep, that is where I live.

     I came to the edge of the island. "I better get going," I said. I ran and my wings spread out. My wings caught the air as I flapped. My feet left the ground and I flew higher and higher into the sky. Wind blew softly into my face as I started to see Mystery Island get smaller with each flap of my wings.

     I glided toward the water. My tail dragged in it. Down below I saw petpets swimming underneath. With them there were Peophins, Jetsams, Kikos, and Kois. All of them seemed as happy as can be. It was odd, because I felt happy too. I don't know why. There was no reason to be happy, but I was.

     I looked back to find Mystery Island becoming very small. I could see Krawk Island. That is where all of the pirates live. I could see that place pretty clearly from out my window. I never found it as a very pretty place. When I was young I thought that place was so cool. I don't see how I could think that. I have never been there. For all I know it could have been the worst place in the world. That's what I think of it now. I still don't know for I have never visited. Don't ask me to visit there, because it is likely that I would scream at you for ever bringing up the subject. I just thought you should know that.

     I gasped as I saw Meridell over the ocean. I was getting nearer. I remember looking at that place before. I have never been there. Why are the pirates going there anyway? There is probably some treasure there, but what is it? I wondered what it would be like there in Meridell. They must have many fun games there. Well I would find out soon, but my wings were starting to ache.

To be continued...

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