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The Symol Hole: What It's REALLY Hiding

by sashamax


MERIDELL - We’ve all been to the Symol Hole before. You take your pets and their beloved petpets to the gaping hole under the old tree. Your pet then sends their petpet down the hole and you wait for a minute or two until the petpet pops out, usually empty-handed. Then you’re sent a cheerful message of “That was fun! Maybe you can do the same thing again tomorrow!”

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems too pleasant. We all thought that Turmaculus was the greatest thing since the unlabeled tin can, until we found out that sometimes the giant eats petpets. It just seems like activities involving petpets always have a dark side, so what could the seemingly innocent Symols be hiding in their hole? Max and I have come up with a few possibilities:

1) Symols are evil and want to take over Neopia – Okay; maybe you’ve heard this theory about too many other petpets before. Meepits and Feepits especially have all been accused of trying to take over Neopia. But has there been any solid evidence except that look you sometimes see in an angry Meepit’s eyes? No. But the Symols have much harder evidence against them if you know where to look. Perhaps in the dark reaches of the Symol Hole is a store of weapons? Unseen by even the bravest petpets who dare to venture just a little bit farther then others. Could they be stocking up a HUGE arsenal? Just waiting for the right moment to strike? The Meepit and Feepit battles are the perfect distraction, while Neopians are busy with the “evil” petpets, the Symols can attack!!! It could really happen, you know.

2) It’s just a place where you can occasionally get items – Some of you out there reading this are going, “It’s just a HOLE, what’s the big deal about it?” Don’t deny it; I know you’re out there. Well, since when has ANYTHING in Neopia been exactly what we thought it was? Queen Fyora’s castle seemed perfectly normal, and then we found out about the Hidden Tower. We thought Maraqua was only ruins, now we now there’s a whole new city! (With a restaurant that no one seems to be able to get into.) Nothing’s EVER simple in Neopia, so why would this one place be perfectly normal? I just don’t buy it.

3) It's a passage to another world – Well, there have always been rumors of Jelly World and other, less infamous, places circulating around Neopia. How do we know that if you go deep enough into the Symol Hole you won’t end up in somewhere totally new and undiscovered? If Jelly World did exist (and of course, we all know it doesn’t), how do we know we wouldn’t find it at the end of a long tunnel in the Symol Hole? Or maybe The Land of Giant Pillows, or Waffle World, or Invisible Island, or…ok, now I’m babbling, but you see my point.

4) It's the secret hiding place of Doctor Sloth – We haven’t seen much of good ole Dr Sloth in awhile. Perhaps he’s FINALLY decided that keeping up his operations in space is becoming a little too obvious. Until he can organize his troops and get a decent battle plan, he’s hiding out in the hole, biding his time. Maybe the Symols are just poor, unsuspecting victims of Sloth. Or they could be willing counterparts. Who knows? I don’t speak petpet so I sure don’t. Of course if I did speak petpet then I wouldn’t have written this article, I just would have asked the Symols. ‘What’s your hole for?’ And they would have answered, and I could have saved myself a lot of time…Wait, I’m getting off topic again. Darn my short attention span!!!

5) Turmaculus’s new way of getting lunch – People are becoming a little more cautious around Turmaculus than they used to be. Maybe the giant is getting hungry and has devised a new way to get petpets. Just because he’s constantly sleeping doesn’t mean he’s not smart. Maybe every once in awhile a petpet doesn’t come out of the Symol Hole. Maybe it somehow ends up in the giant belly of the Turmaculus. Maybe…just maybe…

6) It's petpet paradise! – Your petpet goes down the Symol Hole and ends up in a petpet paradise with huge open fields for your Doglefoxes and Puppyblews to play tag, and deep, clear lakes for your Tanizards and Searexes. This scenario actually isn’t too bad. If your petpet’s been having a stressful day, (eg. Almost getting eaten by Turmaculus, getting lost in the Ice Caves…the trials of being a petpet) they can go down the Hole and relax, if only for a brief moment, sitting out on giant petpet cushions in the sun. Now, what could be wrong with that? Nothing if you’re a petpet. But you better make sure your petpet has a good life at home, or one day they just might not come back. So if your petpet has an unnaturally strong desire to go to the Symol Hole, you may want to be careful.

So there you have it; do you still think it’s just an innocent hole? I didn’t think so. With this new evidence against it how could you go on thinking that? All I know is I’m gonna be a LOT more careful around that hole now. For all of those readers out there who think I’m crazy, when your petpet disappears or Dr. Sloth suddenly pops out of the hole and grabs one of your pets don’t say I didn’t warn you…Well, hopefully this will help you in your decision whether to send your petpets to venture down the Symol Hole. Max has started Symol-proofing the house and I have to go stop him before he blows something up again. Oops, too late, there goes the kitchen…

Author's Note: Max is my Gelert Maxs_Promise. If this gets published I wouldn’t mind some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism so I can do better with my next article. Thanks!

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