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Meepit vs. Feepit: a Guide to the Avatar

by darkwolf__untamed


Okay, if you want the Meepit VS. Feepit avatar, here’s a little guide. This is how I got it, and it took me a total of about 5 hours to come up with this strategy.

First, let’s look at how the game works.

You control the Feepit. Your basic controls are:

Z = Punch

X = Tail Whip

C = Block.

You won’t be using C very much at all.

There are five Meepits in total that you will have to defeat to get through the game. Unlike some other game avatars, you will HAVE to defeat each and every one in order to get your prize. You HAVE to score at least 500 points on each Meepit.

The Meepits in order are:

1. Blue

2. Dung

3. Faerie

4. Tyrannian

5. Fire

Each one has their own combo attacks that are unique and based on their color. My personal favorite is the Fire Meepit, with its Comet Skullbash attack. All of their combos are fun to watch, but NOT fun to be hit by. But don’t worry… You’ll get a chance to see all of their special attacks. You see, in order to get the avatar… you have to lose.

”Wait!” I can hear you people saying. “The Avatar says 'Player One Wins!', so how could LOSING get me the avatar?” The answer is very simple, actually. You need the points. And we’re about to enter the strategy section of the guide now, but first there are a couple more things you need to know about your little Feepit.

Remember the combos the Meepits have? Well the Feepit has his own. And now it’s time to cover them.

Your basic attacks, Z and X, don’t do much damage at all. And their jumping counterparts (pressing the up arrow followed by Z or X) are basically useless since the Meepits are faster than you are. They will deliver a jumping kick before you have time to complete your move. So don’t even bother jumping, because getting knocked out of the air does double damage: You receive damage when the Meepit’s attack lands, and you receive another almost equal amount of damage when you hit the ground after the attack. To reiterate, jumping is a no-no.

So, since we now know that your basic attacks do next to nothing, and that jumping is something to be avoided at all costs, that just leaves blocking (C), right? Wrong. Now it’s time to learn the true power of your Feepit.

Wax on, wax off, and let’s learn a few combos.

In reality, there are only two combos, or special attacks, that your Feepit is capable of. While this is rather boring as far as animations go, it’s very effective on the Meepit you’re battling. To perform a combo, you need to press either:

X, Z, X, Z


Z, X, Z, X

But unlike another Neopets game that uses combos (200m Peanut Dash), you can’t tap the buttons quickly. You must choose your combo, and as you press each key, wait for the Feepit’s animation/attack to finish before hitting the next key in the sequence. If you do this correctly, your Feepit should unleash either:

A Rolling attack (Z, X, Z, X), or a Headbutt (X, Z, X, Z)

Now there is a distance limit on your Feepit’s attacks, unfortunately. So the most effective way to use the combos is to back away from the Meepit while entering the first three keys in the combo sequence, THEN walk closer to the Meepit (but out of range of its attacks), and hit the final key to unleash your combo attack.

Another basic part of the game is that you must win three times per Meepit in order to advance to the next round.

However, if all you do is beat each Meepit three times in a row and advance, by the end of the game you will only have about 2200 points at most. That’s short of getting the avatar, so you’re probably wondering where you get the other points. Remember what I said about losing earlier? This is where that comes in.

Now this is important: Every time you’re confronted with a new Meepit, dominate the first two rounds of the fight. Beat that Meepit completely with about FIVE or SIX combos (either one, your choice).

But on the THIRD Round for each Meepit, your strategy is going to be forced to change if you want that pretty avatar for your collection. Go ahead and unleash FOUR combos on the Meepit, but keep a close eye on its health. When its health is so low that it won’t be able to sustain another combo attack from you, stop fighting.

That’s right. Stop. Fighting.

Step back and let the Meepit beat you. You will have gotten all the points you could have possibly gotten without beating the Meepit, and now you get another round in which to do the same.

In the next round repeat the same strategy of beating the Meepit down, then letting it win. This will get you at least 200 more points per round, plus the 100 point Round Won bonus.

However, on the FIFTH round with each Meepit, go back to your starting strategy and beat the Meepit with five or six combos.

NOW, you'll have won, and you’ll have at least 500 points per round.

The really hard part is learning just how much the Meepit can take in rounds 3 and 4 without knocking it out. If you knock ANY of the Meepits out in rounds 3 or 4, you need to hit ‘restart’, because you most likely aren’t going to have the 3000 points necessary to receive your ultimate goal: the avatar.

That’s basically it. Repeat the strategy the same way for every Meepit:

Round 1 - Win

Round 2 - Win

Round 3 - LOSE

Round 4 - LOSE

Round 5 - Win

Especially watch out for the:

Faerie Meepit (it can fly)

Tyrannian Meepit’s Karate Chop attack

Fire Meepit’s Comet Headbutt

Do this, and I can promise you that you will come away with a lovely game avatar for your collection. Have fun!

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