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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"It was high praise—and from the highest station in the land, at that. But I wanted to be more than a councilman. I wanted to be a soldier. Like father and Uncle Kass before me."

The Ripest Mynci Beach Volley Ball Tournament

Nana: Good morning Neopia! I’m your host, Galdana ‘Nana’ Scales and it’s a beautiful day as the Annual Mynci Beach ‘Month of Eating’ Volleyball Tournament is about to get underway. The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and sand is warm beneath the feet of the Myncis. This tournament has drawn in Mynci teams from all over Neopia, each one eager to show off their skills and take home the coveted trophy. The first match of the day was between the Banana Hammocks and the Spike-a-delic Monkeys. The Banana Hammocks, known for their bright yellow uniforms, were confident in their ability to take down the competition. The Spike-a-delic Monkeys, on the other hand, were known for their wild hair and even wilder plays on the court. We turn to our pundits today to get a feel for the action: Tonu: Welcome, folks! Tonu Toe-Touch checking in with my co-announcer, Jazz Buzzer during this Month of Eating to give you all of the inside scoop of the Mynci Beach Volleyball Tournament! It's a beautiful day here on Mystery Island, and we've got a lot of teams lined up to bump, set, and spike their way to the top. Jazz: That's right, Toe-Touch. The stands are packed today with every species in Neopia ready to cheer for their favourite team. The competition is sure to be fierce, but we're in for some good ol' fashioned fun in the sun. Tonu: You know what they say, Jazz. Sun's out, Cybuns out! Jazz: (groans) Oh, Tonu. I think you meant "puns out." Tonu: (laughs) That was a slip of the tongue, Jazz. Speaking of slipping, have you seen those banana peels all over the beach? Someone better clean those up before we have a slippery situation on our hands. Jazz: (laughs) Nice one, Toes.

A Tyrannian Victory Day Shopping List

Every year, on May 12th, Neopians of all sorts gather to celebrate Tyrannian Victory Day. This day commemorates the brave Tyrannians who fought for their freedom against the oppressive and evil forces that sought to overtake the historic land of Tyrannia. Whether you are a Tyrannia fanatic or just an occasional tourist, there are lots of ways to celebrate this day. Whether you choose to attend a rockin’ concert at the Tyrannian Concert Hall or you gorge yourself on omelette all day long, there is one thing you definitely need to make time for: SHOPPING! With the small exception of the Ugga Shinies shop, all Tyrannian shops offer an 80% discount on their wares in celebration of Tyrannian Victory Day. That is no small discount. Tyrannians are notoriously generous, unlike their faerie counterparts who only offer a 50% discount on their annual celebratory day. For those of you who are not seasoned “restockers”, here is a helpful guide on how to spend your Neopoints most wisely in the land of Tyrannia: Tyrannian Weaponry: If you plan on spending your time in this shop on May 12th, please be sure to dress accordingly. Almost everything for sale in this shop is engulfed in flames. You will want to dress lightly and perhaps bring along some fire-proof gloves. The first item you want to be on the lookout for is a Turned Tooth. This item is quite common (r83) and stocks very frequently. You can pick one (or several) up at a very low price and sell them for quite a bit of profit. There are also 10 extremely rare and valuable (r99) items that stock in this shop. If you are lucky enough to pick one up at the 80% discount you will be sure to make a huge profit.

Unsung Heroes: Behind the Scenes Neopians Part 3

In all my years spent travelling Neopia, there is one memory that stands tall above all the rest – my first dining experience at Kelp, the world-renowned fine dining establishment in Maraqua. I’ll never forget the first time I stepped into the unassuming round building with the frosted windows – one of many things that lend Kelp its sense of exclusivity, even after all this time. I have been chasing that dining experience since that day, sadly to no avail. That’s why I can feel my own heartbeat quicken as I walk up to the restaurant now. It’s late – an hour after the last diners of the evening have paid their checks and gone home – but I’ve been saving my appetite all day for this, and now that I’m standing at the door, waiting to be let inside, I can hardly believe it. I make a mental note to send the Breadmaster (another) thank you gift for arranging this meeting. Just then, the door to Kelp swings wide and I am facing the longstanding and famous-in-his-own-right Maître d ‘.

Other Stories
"A Hero's Journey: As Told" by precious_katuch14
This is the story of a hero. Not me, but I’m in the story, at least? It’s been a family tradition to have a knight from every generation. You already know Sir Reynold, who fought in the Meridell wars, mentored many knights who are still in service today, and of course, had two sons he raised to follow in his footsteps. The firstborn was me, your dear old dad. I believed I would inherit my father’s sword, and become the next warrior in the family. That is, until my little brother was born and totally ruined my life. Don’t tell Rohane that. On second thought, he already knows that. Heh. Well, it doesn’t matter, because he’s the hero in this story. Father taught us swordsmanship, hand to hand, even stuff like reading, writing and arithmetic, lessons you need to become a good little page, before you become a good little squire. I can’t remember why Father never took Rohane and me to the castle to learn there. Maybe he wanted us to stay with Mother, maybe he just wanted to spend more time with us here at home. I do remember that I hated Rohane for picking up fencing faster than I did. I was so jealous of him that I was always trying to one-up him, until one day I went too far, and we got into trouble. I should never have been jealous of my brother. I should’ve realized that there was nothing wrong with both of us carrying on Father’s legacy. Unfortunately, we would carry Father’s legacy sooner than we thought.

"The Missing Shopkeeper " by orlytheowl
Kara the Kau was a familiar face for many Neopians. She had managed to do the impossible, - building a career working as a jokester for King Skarl. He had personally taken her in after she told him the best joke he had ever heard, one beautiful Spring day a few years ago. Kara had soon become close with the King. He would confide in her, complain to her about other Neopians' terrible jokes and tell her his worries and troubles. He was in fact quite a moody man, but Kara had somehow managed to get on his good side. Two things the King desired were food and wealth. The days passed on, making sure the King had what he needed and trying to keep him happy. It was a full-time job. One day King Skarl told her that he had heard rumours that the oh-so-wealthy Post Office Shopkeeper was missing: “If anyone gets their paws on that Chia’s fortune before I do, good Fyora, they are going to regret it!” King Skarl said with a vengeance. Kara saw an opportunity to get some time off from her usual duties and quickly replied: “Dear King, if you like, I could go check out the situation for you. I could look for clues about the whereabouts of the missing Chia. I mean, what good would it be to get your paws on his fortune if the Chia were to return next week and reclaim his fortune?” Kara said in a friendly tone. “THAT IS NOT FUNNY! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!” The King yelled. He sighed. “But I guess you’re right. You are to report back to me immediately...

"Secret Origins of the Factory" by surging
Many have heard of the fabled Grundo known as “The Grundo Thief” – as if he does not have a name. Brax is his name. And he was a loyal Dr. Sloth minion during the years leading up to the great Grundo independence. Brax wondered how Grundos were supposed to survive without the protection of Dr. Sloth as soon as he initially heard the rumblings of independence. He continued to ponder this for days, even weeks. After much consideration, he decided he would not partake in the quest for independence. He kept his head down and did his work as instructed by his superiors. In the quest for dominance, Dr. Sloth was far and above the best. He was an inspiration. Brax would do whatever it would take to ensure Dr. Sloth and his closest confidants would know him and know the effort he put into the cause. Brax had spent so much of his life idolizing Dr. Sloth and wanted so badly to be among his inner circle. He even lied about his age when he was young just to get a work assignment sooner. He was so eager to work. It was all he ever dreamt about; it was all he ever knew. This always felt like this was his purpose. Independence made no sense and it was foolish to even consider it. While other Grundos were going to secret meetings, training in secret, and preparing for battle for independence Brax was alone. He did not want to participate so naturally his friends drifted further and further away from him until he had no one. That was okay with Brax...

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