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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Behind her, sparkling multi-coloured water fell in sheets, catching the sunlight.

Yummy: A Box of Chocolate… Petpets!

Hi everyone! My name is Ryder and I’m here to talk about some of my favorite creatures in all of Neopia: Chocolate Petpets! I will discuss some of my favorite Chocolate Petpets and I will provide some additional information about why these Petpets are so amazing and elusive. Let’s get started! The first thing you should know about Petpets that appear to be painted Chocolate, is that they aren’t actually “painted” Chocolate. In fact, the only way to obtain a Chocolate coloured Petpet for your Neopet is by getting a lucky zap to a Petpet from the Petpet Lab Ray.

Need Help Picking a Neo New Year Goal?

Ahh a new year! I’m not sure why, but the thought of a new year makes people think of new beginnings or a fresh slate. But this year, you aren’t sure what you want! Well I’m here to help. We aren’t going to focus on losing weight, a promotion at your job, or getting better grades. We are going to focus on your neopet new year goal! I’ll give you a list and you can consider your options. My advice is not to pick out of reach or too many goals! You can always alter my goal suggestions to something that is harder or easier for you.

List of Activities to do during the Wintertime!

Now that everyone’s favorite Neo-winter activity is over (you guessed it, that would be Advent Calendar, with all the free items, Neopoints, and fun daily animations), there are still a ton of things you can do with your Neopets during the coldest season of the year. So, brew up a nice Caramel Hot Chocolate (marshmallows optional but recommended!) and hopefully this list will inspire you and your Neopets to be active during the season most people just want to hibernate through.

Other Stories
"Nabile of Qasala saves the Desert Scarabs" by restisunwritten
Her Petpet Anubis was barking uncharacteristically loudly from below. Nabile panicked, and nearly knocked over a golden wash basin filled with rose water, and a clay cosmetics jar of aloe cream. The hot, Lost Desert sun watched non-judgmentally from up above. Her handmaidens quickly rushed downstairs to see what was causing all of the commotion. The pink Ixi arose from underneath her outdoor canopy; the back of her sandals brushing lightly against the long hem of her linen dress. A familiar Lupe leaped up from behind a roof wall, and deftly landed on his feet before her. He chuckled apologetically, and brushed some desert sand off of his scruffy-looking leather vest. Nabile began to scold her old friend. "What are you doing here, Tomos?! Jazan would not permit you seeing me without his knowing." She said all this sternly while contradictorily feeding him some fresh figs, and honeyed dates rolled in crushed pistachios from a nearby spread. He wasn’t as enthusiastic as he usually was about free vittles, and held up his hand in weary refusal of the Sakhmetian food.

"A day with Kanrik, leader of the Thieves Guild " by k3l26
Veifira, a royal Draik, was wandering Mystery Island’s Trading Post in search of some good deals. She had just fought with her sister for the umpteenth time about Veifira not wanting to wear a fancy gown to Princess Amira’s Lost Desert annual ball. It was hard to be agile while wearing a dress and, for someone who would rather live the life of a thief, Veifira preferred to be nimble. She sighed, wanting to find the perfect apology gift for her sister. She walked by stalls and stalls of items, stopping in front of a table with a Super Attack Pea. No one could afford that, Veifira thought to herself with a chuckle. She was about to walk away when she heard someone say, "how much?" She whipped her head back to see who had inquired, coming face to face with Kanrik, who she recognized from the news. After all, he was one of the leaders of the factions – the Thieves Guild – in the War for the Obelisk.Veifira watched with wide eyes as the stall owner and Kanrik bartered in hushed tones. Finally, Kanrik handed over a large bag of goods and Neopoints and the seller passed over the tiny Super Attack Pea.

"Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas:Part Two" by randmar
Last time, on Mundo Grundo vs The Alien Aishas A friendly, intelligent, but anxious Grundo named Mundo was going about his happy little life up in space. He was working in school on his final project, synthesizing healthy food into unhealthy food to create a combination so delicious and so nutritious it would turn Neopia on its head. After a failed test drive, he headed home with a brain full of inspiration to work on the next day. The future was looking bright, and he had a clear path to success... When, all of a sudden: "BREAKING NEWS," the news reported spoke sternly from the television. "Virtupets Space Station is now in a state of emergency. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PODS FOR ANY REASON. I REPEAT, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PODS FOR ANY REASON. We are now on lockdown. Stay tuned for more updates." Mundo’s family sat in shock at the broadcast they saw. It was happening, all the things they had told Mundo growing up about how his generation was due for a space tragedy any moment...it was all happening right now, right in front of Mundo’s eyes.

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Yummy: A Box of Chocolate… Petpets!
The first thing you should know about Petpets that appear to be painted Chocolate, is that they aren’t actually “painted” Chocolate.

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