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Week - 857

Monstrous Mayhem - Customization
by fallingdaybreak
Description: Scary is a relative term.

Week - 874

A Lesson in Respect
by fallingdaybreak
Description: A young Kougra gets a lesson in what matters most after victory.

Week - 876

Betrayal in the Snow
by fallingdaybreak
Description: No one dares betray Galem Darkhand and Masila. All but one.

Week - 885

A Shattered Confession
by fallingdaybreak
Description: A pair of leathery wings flapped mightily, shielding Sylvana from the nearly blinding sunbeams as she reached down to pick a berry. She stepped to her left and scanned the bushes, only to reach within the foliage and grab another, this one a Loveberry.

Week - 886

A Shattered Confession:Part Two
by fallingdaybreak
Description: It had been three days since she gave herself up. Though the air was still and peaceful, the fields were empty and dead in comparison.

Week - 887

A Shattered Confession:Part Three
by fallingdaybreak
Description: All eyes were on the back doors of the courtroom as they opened with an echoing boom. A straight beam of sunlight practically split the courtroom in half as Sylvana slowly entered, escorted by two towering knights, a draik and a bori.

Week - 888

A Shattered Confession:Part Four
by fallingdaybreak
Description: Sylvana watched intently as the white bruce motioned to Elijah, who hobbled over to the witness stand. His entire body shook as he slowly sat down, taking in a rather weary sounding breath.

Week - 889

A Shattered Confession:Part Five
by fallingdaybreak
Description: “Yes. That axe belongs to me.”

Week - 890

A Shattered Confession:Part Six
by fallingdaybreak
Description: The courtroom was quiet for a second before it exploded into a cacophony of outrage, the screaming voices loud enough to send the tables and court stand shaking slightly.

Week - 891

A Shattered Confession:Part Seven
by fallingdaybreak
Description: Sylvana’s eyes widened as she realized what the eyrie had come here for. He had to have his blade unsheathed and thrown her axe in front of her for a good reason.

Week - 891

The Violet Assassin
by fallingdaybreak
Description: Hoping to seek revenge against a traitor, Galem Darkhand and Masila seek the help of an infamous assassin.

Week - 904

The Prince's Decision
by fallingdaybreak
Description: An unhappy prince of Brightvale makes a choice that would forever decide his future and freedom.

Week - 906

A Song for You
by fallingdaybreak
Description: An annual Shenkuu festival brings both delight and sadness to a lone draik.

Week - 928

The Little Voice
by fallingdaybreak
Description: Everyone has a little voice in the back of their head. This one happens to drive a yurble towards her inner darkness.

Week - 941

A Fervent Desire
by fallingdaybreak
Description: A stranger at a Meridell campsite brings intrigue to those who rest for the night.

Week - 962

The Distorted
by fallingdaybreak
Description: Throughout history, some stories are prone to losing their meanings. The tale of Toumei the Distorted is no different.

Week - 965

Ghosts of the Past - Part 1
by fallingdaybreak
Description: “'What do you mean, your battle is nearing your end?' Torvald’s eyes were wide in confusion."

Week - 966

Ghosts of the Past - Part 2
by fallingdaybreak
Description: "The ride to Meri Acres Farm was surprisingly mundane."

Week - 967

Ghosts of the Past - Part 3
by fallingdaybreak
Description: "Sylvana led the Darigan trio to a barn behind the farmhouse, its once vibrant red paint now faded from time and the elements alike. Hay lay strewn rampant throughout the floor and the shelves above."

Week - 968

Ghosts of the Past - Part 4
by fallingdaybreak
Description: the final chapter!

Week - 997

At The Edge
by fallingdaybreak
Description: At the edge of life and death, a young Kyrii and the patron of life discuss the importance of the former's life.

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