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Week - 991

Knight & Squire: Unwilling
by terpsichorean_writer
Description: "...Lisha shouted as she dashed after a little Green Ogrin. She had to get it back. She had to! That Wand of Ultranova had been hers for as long as she could remember. It was as much a part of her as her ears."

Week - 992

Knight & Squire: Unwilling (Resubmitted)
by terpsichorean_writer
Description: "Small rays of morning sun gleamed through the castle windows, suffusing the red and gold carpet with warmth and radiance..."

Week - 994

Knight & Squire: Unwilling
by terpsichorean_writer
Description: "Jeran couldn’t help himself. His knightly composure evaporated. Whipping his head to the left he gawked with wide eyes at Rowan..."

Week - 993

Knight & Squire: Unwilling
by terpsichorean_writer
Description: "'Time to wake up,' an armoured, White Ixi kicked the lower bedframe of Rowan’s cot..."

Week - 995

Knight & Squire: Unwilling
by terpsichorean_writer
Description: "The second hawker, a Yellow Lupe, stomped over to the first, a Red Shoyru, and punched him in the face. A crowd quickly gathered as nearby knights rushed in to break up the scuffle..."

Week - 996

Knight & Squire: Preface
by terpsichorean_writer
Description: “Hrgh!” Rowan hissed through gritted teeth. “This sucks. This officially sucks.”

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