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Week - 980

Just One Snack
by prulletje1852
Description: "I'm hungry..."

Week - 981

Neopian Groceries
by prulletje1852
Description: Let's get some groceries!

Week - 982

Full Safety Deposit Box
by prulletje1852
Description: Secure those special items fast!

Week - 983

Upsetting Food Club Day
by prulletje1852
Description: Gooblah always seems to get beaten by an unlikely other pirate!

Week - 984

Take A Break With Queen Fyora
by prulletje1852
Description: Have you taken a break today? Collab with hansy900

Week - 985

Pick Your Petpet
by prulletje1852
Description: I need to pick a Petpet...

Week - 986

Heat At The Auction House
by prulletje1852
Description: Be careful with your battledome items, guys! //no pets were harmed in the production of this comic//

Week - 988

What Are Those?!
by prulletje1852
Description: "Can you believe this..." Collab with i_love_shoyrus4

Week - 989

A Wise King's Torment
by prulletje1852
Description: Is this why it is difficult to get a trophy or an avatar?

Week - 990

Expensive Adventures
by prulletje1852
Description: Sometimes you should spare your Neopets the trip to Moltara and use Shop Wizard, instead!

Week - 993

Home Cooked Meal
by prulletje1852
Description: Let's make some ourselves!

Week - 994

Not Easily Scared
by prulletje1852
Description: Some fears are different to others, maybe it is better to not ask a Grey Neopet to scare you...

Week - 996

Easy Cornflake Cookie Recipe
by prulletje1852
Description: Something sweet to celebrate Neopets! Collab with retro_bombb

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