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Week - 814

Need Help Picking a Neo New Year Goal?
by califorthehomeless
Description: Ahh a new year! I’m not sure why, but the thought of a new year makes people think of new beginnings or a fresh slate. But this year, you aren’t sure what you want! Well I’m here to help.

Week - 825

Neoquest 2: Meridell Sprint Through
by califorthehomeless
Description: Welcome to my Neoquest 2 sprint through guide! If you’re like me and are interested a couple of avatars and a trophy, trying out Neoquest is for you!

Week - 826

Neoquest 2: Terror Mountain Sprint Through
by califorthehomeless
Description: Part 2 of Neoquest 2: Meridell Sprint Through

Week - 827

Neoquest 2: The Lost Desert Sprint Through
by califorthehomeless
Description: Part 3/5 of Neoquest 2 series

Week - 828

Neoquest 2: The Haunted Woods Sprint Through
by califorthehomeless
Description: Part 4/5 of the Neoquest 2 series

Week - 830

Neoquest 2: Faerieland Sprint Through
by califorthehomeless
Description: The last chapter of then Neoquest 2 series

Week - 836

A Guide to the Faerieland Employment Agency
by califorthehomeless
Description: A Guide to the Faerieland Employment Agency

Is your pet bored? Saying there’s nothing to do this summer? Feeling like he or she has no purpose in the family? Feeling sorry for spending all your neopoints and never bringing any home?

Introducing the Faerieland Job Agency! While this agency has been around for a long time, people tend to forget about it.

Week - 985

A Guide to Spooky Petpets!
by califorthehomeless
Description: "Petpets are a great gift and companion to our Neopets. Do you have a spooky Ghost Neopet? How about a zombie Neopet?"

Week - 991

5 Places to Take a Neo-Vacation
by califorthehomeless
Description: "I am sure you are just dying to go on your annual summer Neo-Vacation! This year I have compiled a list of great spots for you and your pets to consider going on a getaway to!"

Week - 996

A Birthday Adventure
by califorthehomeless
Description: arvis frowned when staring at the date. November 14th already? Where had the time gone?

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